Waiting List Summaries


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The documents below contain summary data on both adult and child/adolescent waiting lists for Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHAs). The data represents those underserved due to resource limitations in addition to those waiting for all services.

Please note that the waiting list is not cumulative; it is a “point in time” measure taken on either the last day of the month, or the last day of the month in a state fiscal quarter. The number of persons waiting on the last day of one month cannot be added to the number waiting on the last day of the following months in a state fiscal year, as these may be the same persons, and in which case, duplicative.

For additional information, the DSHS Behavioral Health Databook is published quarterly and is available at http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/mhsa/databook/.

FY 2014

June 2014 (MS Excel)
May 2014 (MS Excel)
April 2014 (MS Excel)
March 2014 (MS Excel)
February 2014 (MS Excel)
January 2014 (MS Excel)
December 2013 (MS Excel)
November 2013 (MS Excel)
October 2013 (MS Excel)
September 2013 (MS Excel)

FY 2013

Waiting List Summaries
August 2013 (MS Excel)
July 2013 (MS Excel)
June 2013 (MS Excel)
May 2013 (MS Excel)
April 2013 (MS Excel)
March 2013 (MS Excel)
February 2013 (MS Excel)
January 2013 (MS Excel)
December 2012 (MS Excel)
November 2012 (MS Excel)
October 2012 (MS Excel)
September 2012 (MS Excel)

FY 2012

August 2012 (MS Excel)
July 2012 (MS Excel)
June 2012 (MS Excel)
May 2012 (MS Excel)
April 2012 (MS Excel)
March 2012 (MS Excel)
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Last updated June 26, 2014