Texas Board of Licensure for Professional Medical Physicists Renew Your License-Requirements



The medical physicist license shall be valid through the licensee’s next birth month; however, when the birth month occurs within four months, the license shall be issued for that period plus the next full renewal period in order to establish a staggered renewal system. The renewal date of a medical physicist license shall be the last day of the licensee’s birth month.

The renewal date of a temporary license shall be one year from the date of issuance. Each licensee is responsible for renewing a license in each specialty and paying the renewal fee before the expiration date and shall not be excused from paying penalty fees.

At least 45 days prior to the expiration date of a license, the board will send notice to the licensee of the expiration date of the license, the amount of the renewal fee due, and a license renewal form which the licensee must complete and return to the board with the required fee.

The license renewal form shall require the licensee to provide current addresses, telephone numbers, and information relating to the type of practice.

The completed license renewal form and the renewal fee must be postmarked or delivered on or before the expiration date of the license. You can obtain the renewal form by clicking on the left hand side menu, titled, Application and Forms".

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Last updated April 16, 2010
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