Texas Board of Licensure for Professional Medical Physicists Apply for a New License - Temporary License



To be eligible for a temporary license, a person must meet the educational requirements set out in §601.8 of this title (relating to Eligibility For Examination).

A temporary license shall be issued for each specialty for a one-year period.

Each temporary license may be renewed annually up to three times. The licenses do not have to be for consecutive years.

Subsequent renewals may be granted by the executive secretary if the licensee requests the renewal in writing prior to the expiration of the temporary license.

The application for renewal of a temporary license shall include information regarding the experience in the medical physics specialty completed by the renewal applicant during the previous one-year period.

The work experience must be under the supervision of a licensed medical physicist holding a license in the specialty area.

To upgrade a temporary license to a medical physicist license in the same specialty, a licensee must file evidence of relevant work experience.

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Last updated April 16, 2010
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