Medical Radiologic Technologist Certification Program Renew Your License-Requirements



The department shall send each applicant whose application has been approved for the temporary certificate (general or limited) an appropriate temporary certificate which shall expire one year from the date of issue.

The department shall send with the temporary certificate information regarding examinations and examination application deadlines.

All temporary certificates are not subject to renewals or extensions for any reason. A person whose temporary certificate has expired is not eligible to reapply for another temporary certificate.

The initial general or limited certificate is valid through the medical radiologic technologist's (MRT's) or limited medical radiologic technologist's (LMRT's) next birth month; however, when the next birth month occurs within six months, the certificate shall be issued for that period plus the next full year in order to establish a staggered renewal system.

Each MRT or LMRT shall renew the certificate biennially on or before the last day of the MRT's or LMRT's birth month.

Each MRT is responsible for renewing the certificate before the expiration date and shall not be excused from paying late fees. Failure to receive notification from the department prior to the expiration date will not excuse failure to file for renewal or late renewal.

At least 60 days prior to the expiration of an MRT's or LMRT's certificate, the department shall send notice to the MRT or LMRT at the address in the department's records at the time the notice is sent, of the expiration date of the certificate, the amount of renewal fee due, and a renewal form which the MRT or LMRT must complete and return to the department with the required renewal fee.

The renewal form shall require the provision of the MRT's or LMRT's preferred mailing address, primary employment address and phone number, information regarding misdemeanor and felony convictions (if any since initial certification or last renewal), and continuing education completed in accordance with §143.11 of this title. The renewal form must be signed and dated by the renewal applicant.

The MRT or LMRT has renewed the certificate when the renewal form and required renewal fee are mailed on or before the expiration date of the certificate and received by the administrator. The postmarked date shall be considered the date of mailing. The processing times and procedures set out in §143.6(e) of this title shall apply to renewals.

The department is not responsible for lost, misdirected, or undelivered renewal application forms, fees, renewal certificates, or renewal identification cards.

The department shall issue renewal identification cards for the current renewal period to an MRT or LMRT who has met all the requirements for renewal. The cards shall be sent to the preferred mailing address provided on the renewal application form. The renewal cards shall be issued for a two-year period except when a certificate is renewed.

The department shall deny renewal of a certificate if required by the Education Code, §57.491, concerning defaults on guaranteed student loans.

To obtain an application packet, click on the left hand menu, titled, "Applications/Forms".

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Last updated August 07, 2014