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Officials Looking for Stolen Containers of Radioactive Material


News Release
March 24, 2010

(Update: The missing lead containers filled with radioactive material were located that evening by the City of Alice Police Department in conjunction with a search by DSHS.)

The Texas Department of State Health Services is looking for six small lead containers filled with a potentially dangerous radioactive material that were stolen late Friday night from a private company’s pickup truck parked outside the Walmart store in Alice.

The containers were in a clear plastic bag that was taken from a toolbox in the back of the truck. Each metal container is shrink-wrapped and contains a glass vial of ceramic granules called radioactive tracer “sand,” used in the oil and gas industry.

A person handling the containers or the sand could be at risk of radiation exposure.

DSHS officials said anyone who has information about the containers should call their local police or sheriff’s department or DSHS at (512) 458-7460.

The truck is owned by ProTechnics, a Houston-based company. The company is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the containers.

A photograph of the bag is available here: www.dshs.state.tx.us/news/images/Ir-192-Six-Pack.jpg.


(News Media Contact: Carrie Williams, Acting Press Officer, 512-458-7119.)

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