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Tarrant County Public Health



Nutrition, Physical Health, and Obesity Prevention Program Scale Rows of crops child in straw hat

In an effort to increase fruit and vegetable intake, Tarrant County Public Health has established farmer’s markets. As an incentive to continue shopping at the markets, shoppers receive cookbooks and reusable tote bags for Tarrant Towercarrying produce. Additionally there are plans to help initiate and support community gardens at the Resource Connection of Tarrant County and Amos Elementary School in Arlington. Success will be measured by redemption of the WIC farmers’ market vouchers, participation of the general public in the farmers markets and community, or school, participation at the gardens. Messaging about fruit and vegetable intake will be produced for the general public throughout the year.

Tarrant County Public Health has over 375 employees located at the main campus at 1101 South Main Street in Fort Worth and the 21 community locations. These community locations offer at a minimum WIC services and, at many locations, immunizations, screenings, and health education. This full service public health department is very active in the community through providing health education in schools, businesses, and churches. Over 60,000 persons are services by the WIC program monthly. WIC has partnered with the master gardeners to encourage WIC participants to container garden with herbs and vegetables. The Chronic Disease Prevention Division provides classes targeting obesity and diabetes prevention. A new program at Tarrant County Public Health addressing health equity awareness, education, and policy development began this fall.

Tarrant County, Texas, has a population of 1.7 million with most of the population located in the two largest cities: Fort Worth and Arlington. The county is predominately urban and includes 42 municipalities and 17 independent school districts. The major industries are technology, defense, and energy. There are a number of private hospitals and one publicly funded hospital, John Peter Smith Hospital. The major concerns addressed by the county include the environment, transportation, and health care. The third-largest airport in the United States, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, is located in Tarrant County. The population is 57 percent white, 14 percent black, and 24 percent Hispanic, with other ethnicities comprising less than 5 percent of the population.

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Last updated November 13, 2012