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Types of Primary Health Care Services Available

The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) helps to fund clinic sites in the 11 Health Service Regions within the state. Services are provided directly by DSHS regional health facilities and through contracts with a variety of organizations including local health departments, hospitals, private non-profit agencies, and community and rural health centers.

Priority is given to the following types of primary health care services:

Diagnosis and Treatment
Emergency Services
Family Planning
Preventive health services, including immunizations
Health education
Laboratory, x-ray, nuclear medicine or other appropriate diagnostic services

However, secondary health services such as nutrition services, health screenings, home health care, dental care, transportation, prescription drugs and devices, evironmental health services, podiatry services, and social services may also be availalble.

To learn more about the regulation of Primary Health Care services in Texas, visit the Secretary of State's Texas Administrative Code web site.

Primary Heath Care services are available to people who show unmet primary health care needs due to inaccessibility or unavailability of services. Unmet needs may be dertermined by:
geographic area
socio-economic conditions
cultural factors affecting health status
health problems
or, health resources available in community.

To learn more about the eligibility criteria for Primary health Care service click here to go to the PHC eligiblity page.

Note: external links are not endorsed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The Secretary of State's site may not reflect recent changes in the Texas Administrative Code.

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Last updated April 04, 2010