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Industrial Radiographer Certification - Radiation Control Program


Exam Schedule, Information and Forms

Certification Requirements

Other Accepted Radiographer Certifications

Radiographer Certification Contact Numbers

Industrial Radiographer Certification

Title 25 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Section §289.255 requires that individuals who use radioactive material or x-ray machines during nondestructive testing activities have:

  • an acceptable knowledge of radiation safety practices and principles

  • met minimum training requirements

Exemptions from the certification requirements are listed in 25 TAC §289.255(d).

Radiographer Certification Requirements

The Radiation Control Program issues industrial radiography certification identification (ID) cards to individuals who successfully complete and document on appropriate forms the following:

  • complete a radiation safety course accepted by Texas, another Agreement State, or the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission that consists of at least 40 hours on the subjects in 25 TAC §289.255(x)(1).

  • view the list of Accepted Radiation Safety Training Courses. The list is useful to verify previous training documentation for new radiography employees. A completed RC Form 255-E must be submitted for trainee status.

  • document on-the-job training (OJT) as a trainee supervised by one or more radiographer trainers authorized on a Texas license or certificate of registration.

    * 200 hours of active participation in radioactive material operations

    * 120 hours of active participation in x-ray machine operations

    * 320 hours of active participation in radioactive material and x-ray machine operations

  • A completed RC Form 255-R must be submitted for radiographer status. OJT hours do not include safety meetings, film interpretation, darkroom activities, travel, classroom training, or use of cabinet x-ray systems
  • NOTE: One year of industrial radiography experience using radioactive material and/or x-ray machines with a company outside of Texas may be substituted for the OJT hours. Complete and submit RC Form 255-OS for radiographer status.

  • pass the appropriate Radiation Control Program accepted written examination. Exam information.

Once the above requirements are met, the individual will receive a certification ID card that is good for five years. The ID card authorizes the radiographer to work with radioactive material, x-ray machines, or both radioactive material and x-ray machines. At the end of five years, the radiographer must retest in order to renew the certification.

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Trainer Qualifications

Radiographer trainers personally supervise trainees during on-the-job training. Documentation of one year experience as a certified radiographer must be submitted on RC Form 255-T to be qualified as a trainer.

Other Accepted Certifications

Texas will accept an individual's radiographer certification if the individual or company submits a clear, legible copy (front and back) of the valid certification from an entity recognized by Texas in accordance with 25 TAC §289.255(h)(5). No forms need to be completed. List of accepted certifications.

Certifying Entities Outside of Texas

A list of other states and/or organizations that offer industrial radiographer certification.

Exam Schedule, Information and Forms

Form Number

Document Name

PDF File

2016 Exam Schedule
2016 Industrial Radiography Examination Schedule
2015 Exam Schedule 2015 Industrial Radiography Examination Schedule

2015 Exam Schedule  171KB

2015 Exam Schedule  171KB

RC Form 255-3

Application for IR Exam

255-3.pdf   30KB

255-3.doc 55KB

RC Form 255-1

Request for Disability Accommodation for IR Exam

255-1.pdf  73KB

255-1 34KB 

RC Form IR-1


IR Replacement ID Card Application

ir-1 Instructions.pdf  46KB

ir-1form.pdf  29KB

ir-1 Instructions.pdf 34KB

ir-1form.doc  54KB

RC Form IR-2

IR Second Certification ID Card Procedures

ir-2.pdf  27KB

ir-2.doc   210KB

RC Form 255-E

Trainee Qualification

255-e.pdf  27KB

255-e.doc  38KB

RC Form 255-R

Radiographer Qualification - OJT (Hours)

255-r.pdf  36KB

255-r.doc  53KB

RC Form 255-OS

Radiographer Qualification - OJT (Years)

255-os.pdf  35KB

255-os.doc  52KB

RC Form 255-T

Trainer Qualification

255-t.pdf  65KB


RC Form 255-C

Accepted Radiation Safety Training Courses

255-c.pdf  66KB

255-c.doc  497KB
Exam Schedule, Information and Forms


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Last updated September 04, 2015