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Publications - Radiation Control Program


Links to:
2014 Texas Radiation Regulatory Conference Slide Presentations
2010 Texas Radiation Regulatory Conference Slide Presentations
General Publications
Environmental Monitoring Summaries
Radiation Report Archives


Report on Regulation of Laser Hair Removal (PDF file 68KB)
Attachment A - Table of States Regulation (PDF file 27KB)

Increased Control Brochure for Industrial Radiographers
Viewing File: For viewing brochure in sequential order. (PDF File 42KB)
Printing File: Print front and back (flip on short edge) then fold into tri-fold brochure. (PDF File 42KB)

Final Report of the Texas Indoor Radon Survey, June 1994, TDH BRC, 44 page booklet. This booklet contains results of a statewide radon survey conducted in 1991. (PDF Large File, 2.49MB)

Texas Radiation Control Program, Comparative History 1990-2004 -- Published April 2004, TDH BRC, 19 pages. This report contains an Executive Summary and Comparative History of the TDH Bureau of Radiation Control from 1990 - 2004. (PDF 121KB)

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Environmental Monitoring Summaries

Reporting of environmental monitoring results of data collected from monitoring points at several facilities throughout Texas.

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2014 (PDF 7,005 KB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2013 (PDF 7,438 KB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2012  (PDF 9MB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2011 (PDF 8.21MB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2010 (PDF 7MB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2009   (PDF 515KB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2008   (PDF 559KB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2007   (PDF 595KB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2006  (PDF 588KB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2005   (PDF 587KB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2004   (PDF 926KB)

Environmental Monitoring Summary for 2003    (PDF Large File, 1.06MB)

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Radiation Control has ceased publication of our newsletter, "Radiation Report."







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2014 Texas Radiation Regulatory Conference Slide Presentations

AAPM Standard of Practice-CT Protocol Review (PDF 1.2MB)
ACR Dose Index Registry (PDF 1.42MB)
CRCPD Initiatives 2014 (PDF 1.64MB)
DSHS Rulemaking Process & X-Ray Rule Updates (PDF 501KB)
FGI - CT Radiation Protocol Committees (PDF 1.9MB)
Global Threat Reduction Initiative (PDF 1.57MB)
Industrial Radiographer Certification Exam Failure Analysis (PDF 4.24MB)
Industrial Radiography Certification-Mastering the Exam (PDF 3.21MB)
Industrial Radiography Incident Investigations (PDF 1.89MB)
Machine-Produced Incidents (PDF 1.05MB)
Part 37 Stakeholder Meeting (PDF 418KB)
Railroad Commission-Oil & Gas Radiation Regulation (PDF 205KB)
RAM Incidents and Investigations (PDF 1.28MB)
RAM Rules Update (PDF 339KMB)
RAM Violation Trends & Enforcement Cases (PDF 452KB)
Safety Culture-A Continuous Journey (PDF 1.4MB)
X-ray Violation Trends & Enforcement Cases (PDF 104KB)

2010 Texas Radiation Regulatory Conference Slides

Main Session - Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introduction   (PDF 2.2MB)
Administrative Announcements   (PDF 555KB)
Dr. Dale E. Klein, University of Texas at Austin   (PDF 1.70MB)
Medical Events   (PDF 58KB)
Medical Events: Radioactive Materials and Machine-Generated Radiation - Lynne Fairobent  (PDF 6.75MB)
US NRC Initiatives(PDF 175KB)
DSHS Updates - Standards(PDF 65KB)
DSHS Updates - Licensing(PDF 50KB)
DSHS Updates - Inspection(PDF 26KB)
TCEQ Updates(PDF 96KB)
RRC Updates(PDF 202KB)
Increased Controls Compliance Trends(PDF 70KB)
Change in Radiation Protection Standards (PDF 577KB)
National Source Tracking System(PDF 802KB)
DOE Off-Site Source Recovery Project (PDF 1.11MB)

Waste - Friday, September 3, 2010

Introduction(PDF 2.16MB)
Administrative Announcements   (PDF 531KB)
Status of Waste Management and Disposal   (PDF 237KB)
Waste Disposal Rate Setting Activities  (PDF 1.08MB)
Waste Disposal Exemption Options   (PDF 70KB)

CT and Fluro - Friday, September 3, 2010

Introduction  (PDF 4.33MB)
Administrative Announcements  (PDF 530KB)

X-Ray Service Provider Session - Friday, September 3, 2010

Introduction  (PDF 4.33MB)
Administrative Announcements  (PDF 530KB)
Texas Department of State Health Services, Objective for Service Companies   (PDF 213KB)
Equipment Performance Evaluations, Panoramic, Cephalometric & Misc.   (PDF 5363KB)

Mammography Session - Saturday, September 4, 2010

Introduction  (PDF 4.33MB)
Administrative Announcements  (PDF 530KB)
Monticciolo Breast Imaging Issues in Screening  (PDF 12KB)
Full-Field Digital Mammograpy Inspections (PDF 852KB)
ACR Full-Field Digital Mammo QA Manual(PDF 1.70MB)
A Brief History of Breast Cancer(PDF 5.09MB)
Certifying Body Overview(PDF 155KB)
Mammography Inspection Trends(PDF 2.80MB)

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