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Information Required for Reciprocity
Conditions of Reciprocity
Who to Contact
Mailing Address

Reciprocity, also known as reciprocal recognition, is a required authorization to perform licensed activities in Texas for any person who holds a valid specific radioactive material license or certificate of registration. The license must be from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or any other agreement state or licensing state from the jurisdiction where you maintain an office and conduct the licensed activity.

In other words, we will accept or recognize a license or certificate of registration from another jurisdiction as meeting our licensing/registration requirements and allow the licensee/registrant to work in Texas once all the following requirements are met.

Information Required For Reciprocity

Do not wait until the last minute to request reciprocity. If you know you have a job in Texas give yourself, and us, enough time to process your request. We are aware that there are situations in which the time between the notification of a job and start date of a job is short. We will try to process your request, in as timely a manner as possible.

To help us process your request quickly, be sure to include all of the following information and submit it together. Where to mail info.

  • Check or money order for the appropriate fee, in accordance with Title 25 Texas Administrative Code Chapter §289.204. The reciprocity fee is equal to what is charged Texas licensee's authorized for the same use;

  • A copy of a valid license or certificate of registration which authorizes the use of radioactive material/radiation machines at temporary job sites;

  • Current operating, safety and emergency procedures used to establish your license or registration;
  • Licensee/registrant is required to notify this Agency three days prior to entering Texas by completing and submitting RC Form 252-3. This form can be faxed if details of the job are not know at the time of application; and
  • Complete the front and back of the RC Form 252-1 being sure to sign the front.

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Conditions of Reciprocity

  • Licensee/registrant is required to notify this Agency three days prior to entering Texas by completing and submitting BRC Form 252-3.
  • Reciprocity is valid for two years from the month you were granted the authorization. Authorization must be renewed every two years.
  • There is no limit to the number of days you can work in Texas during the year. However, if you establish a permanent location or site in Texas, you will need to apply for a Texas Radioactive Material License.

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Whom To Contact with Questions

Reciprocity for Radioactive Material

Keith Smith
(512) 834-6688 ext. 2215
FAX: (512) 834-6690


Jackie Pursley
(512) 834-6688 ext. 2060
FAX: (512) 834-6716

Submission of Notifications of Intent to Work in Texas - BRC Form 252-3

Patricia Mackey
(512) 834-6770 ext. 2000
FAX (512) 834-6654

Reciprocity for X-Ray Machines

Shannon Dove-Edson
(512) 834-6688 ext. 2243
FAX: (512) 834-6716

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Where to Send Your Request

Licensing and Reciprocity Issues:

Regular Mailing Address:

Radioactive Materials Licensing Group
Texas Department of State Health Services
P. O. Box 149347, Mail Code 2835
Austin, Texas  78714-9347

To Expedite Your Request, Via Overnight/Express Service
(We cannot accept any checks at this address):

Texas Department of State Health Services
Radioactive Materials Licensing Group
8407 Wall Street
Austin, TX 78754

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Last updated November 01, 2013