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Preparing for an Inspection of Medical X-Ray Machines


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It will be necessary to have a credentialed operator available to operate the machines during the inspection. Time should be allowed for the inspector to discuss the inspection findings with the radiation safety officer at the conclusion of the inspection.

The inspector may ask to review the following records during the inspection:

  • Your current Certificate of Registration.
  • The regulations applicable to your Registration.
  • Operating and Safety procedures.
  • Prior Notices of Violations and your reply to these.
  • Annual evaluations of protective devices and a record of those evaluations.
  • Equipment Performance Evaluations.
    • Veterinary facilities will be required to have Equipment Performance Evaluations only in conjuction with remote inspections.
  • Record of proper credentialing for operators of x-ray equipment. Not Applicable for Veterinary facilities.
  • Personnel monitoring records. Not Applicable for Dental facilities.
  • Documentaion showing the dose limits to the public are not exceeded.
  • Records of film processing equipment maintenance.
  • Records of receipt, transfer, and disposal of x-ray machines.
  • U.S. F.D.A. (Food & Drug Administration) variances for certain x-ray machines.
  • For fluoroscopic machines: the last annual radiation output measurement performed by a licensed medical physicist.
  • For C.T. machines: the dose measurements performed by the physicist.
  • For linear accelerators: radiation therapy surveys and calibrations performed by the physicist.



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Last updated May 19, 2010