Public Health Preparedness Program

Seasonal Influenza Surveillance:

Health Service Region 2/3 tracks and reports influenza activity throughout the year. Regional influenza surveillance relies primarily on voluntary reporting from schools, healthcare facilities, and labs. If you are interested in becoming an influenza reporter, or receiving the weekly influenza activity report, contact Scott Mize


          Weekly and Annual Influenza Surveillance Reports


Current Influenza Surveillance Reporting Forms:

School Flu Report Form 2015-2016

Healthcare Flu Report Form 2015-2016

LHD Flu Report Form 2015-2016

Reportable Influenza:

Although individual cases of seasonal influenza are not reportable in Texas, there are several situations in which influenza is reportable:

  • Influenza-associated pediatric mortality
    • Must include positive influenza test of either pre- or post-mortum specimen
  • Novel influenza A virus - Immediately reportable*
    • A case of human infection with laboratory confirmed novel influenza A virus (2009 H1N1 is no longer considered novel influenza A),
    • OR a clinically compatible case which is epidemiologically linked to a confirmed case of novel influenza A virus,
    • OR a clinically compatible case in which influenza A has been detected, but is awaiting laboratory confirmation. The patient must have had contact with ill animals known to transmit novel subtypes of influenza A (such as wild birds or poulty, swine or other mammasl), or a travel history, within 14 days, to a country where novel influenza A virus (such as highly pathogenic avian influenza A H5N1) has been recently identified in animals or people
  • Influenza-like illness (ILI) and influenza outbreaks
    • An unusual number of cases of ILI or confirmed influenza in an insitution like a school, long-term care facility, or hospital  

*To report a case of confirmed or suspected novel influenza A virus after business hours, or on a weekend or holiday, the 24/7 contact phone number for HSR 2/3 is (817) 822-6786.

Scott Mize, MPH

Influenza Surveillance Coordinator

Texas Department of State Health Services, Region 2/3

1301 S. Bowen Rd Ste. 200, Arlington, TX 76013

Office: (817)264-4706 Fax: (817)264-4557

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Last updated October 16, 2015