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Address Change

Both Temporary and Respiratory Care Practitioners can change their mailing addresses online. Applicants cannot change their mailing addresses online.

Select this link change your address

Live Online Search Verification!
Now available is a live online search verification. You can also print a verification on any licensee. On the left hand side menu, select the link "Find a Licensee", then select the drop down box "Live Online Search Verification". This will bring you to the search verification homepage.

Online Applications Now Available Through Texas Online!
You can now apply for a new registration, or apply for registration renewal, through Texas Online! See the menu to the left for the links.

HIPAA Notice
Click the link below to read an important message about HIPAA Privacy Standards for providers and entities that submit protected health information to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Click here to read on HIPAA Privacy Standards

CE Extension No Longer Available

Due to rule changes effective immediately, all continuing education must be completed prior to renewal (through TexasOnline or by submission of a paper renewal form and fee). If you have not completed your ce on or before your expiration, you must apply for late renewal and pay the late renewal fee. There are no exceptions to this rule change.

External email links are provided to you as a courtesy. Please be advised that you are not emailing the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDH) and TDH policies do not apply should you choose to correspond.

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Last updated February 25, 2013
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