Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Tools


Risk Communication Plan Guidelines

Writing a Public Health Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Plan (pdf file – 292 kb). The crisis communication plan must be planned with the worst care scenario in mind. An organization’s crisis communication plan should be fully integrated in the overall emergency response plan for the organization and the local, state, or national response plan. A public health emergency will involve a number of agencies and departments, and a good plan will reflect that coordination. An important benefit is the opportunity to mobilize shared resources. This is a template of such a plan.

Research Projects

Barriers to and Facilitators of Effective Risk Communication Among Hard-to-Reach Populations in the Event of a Bioterrorist Attack or Outbreak (pdf file – 1250 kb). This report was prepared to meet the specifications stated by the Texas Department of Health (now Texas Department of State Health Services) in conjunction with its efforts to improve communications with special hard-to-reach populations in the event of a public health threat or emergency.

Outlook on Bioterrorism: A Survey of Texans (pdf file – 334 kb). Outlook on Bioterrorism: A Survey of Texans: Report of a telephone survey of Texans looking at the respondents levels of awareness, perceptions, knowledge, and beliefs about issues relating to bioterrorism, infectious diseases and other public health threats and emergencies.

CERC Checklists

Last updated September 17, 2013