Awards for Excellence in Texas School Health – 2002-2003 Cash Award Winners


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Bluebonnet Elementary, Lewisville ISD - Healthy Care Bears Week

Bright Elementary, Frisco ISD - The Lunch Bunch

MacArthur High School, Northeast ISD - Mac CPR Club


Kountze ISD - Kountze ISD Fitness Center

Hirsch Elementary, Spring ISD - Planet Health: An Intergalactic Health Game

Lubbock ISD Head Start Program - Five Healthy Habits


West Orange-Cove CISD - Piecing Together Healthy Lives

St. Mark Catholic School - Safety + Wellness = Happiness



Fort Bend ISD


EXCELLENCE AWARDS     $1,500 each

Bluebonnet Elementary, Lewisville ISD
Principal: Sharon Burris
Superintendent: Dr. Jerry W. Roy

Healthy Care Bears Week
School nurse Judy Keown, RN, created Healthy Care Bears Week when teachers made numerous requests for her to teach health related issues in the classroom. Although in years past she had held health fairs in the evening, it was directed more toward the parents and less to the children. She wanted to expand the ability to teach on a variety of needed health areas in an environment conducive to learning.

To increase the student's overall knowledge of choosing healthy lifestyles, she teamed up with the Fine Arts teachers to offer a week long health fair covering the following areas: poison dangers, water safety, playground safety, car safety, CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, how and when to call 911, importance of exercise using Step Aerobics, five risk factors for heart attack, smoking dangers, sun/skin damage, dental health, hand washing and making good nutritional choices. Incorporated in the lesson plans for each day was art, music and PE health related type activities to further impact the student's learning. Students met for one hour Monday - Thursday during their Fine Arts times in the gym for activities utilizing coloring sheets, videos, special speakers, games, songs, demonstrations, making dental and hand washing pledges, using the wireless laptop computer to play germ terminator games, and heard lessons taught by the school nurse and PE teacher. A school-wide walk-a-thon was held on Friday to help raise awareness of physical fitness and to earn money for a much needed obstacle course.

Fun morning announcements by the nurse explained the daily activities to students and faculty. Teachers received an itinerary a week in advance to enable classroom curriculum adjustments to coordinate with the daily activities of Healthy Care Bears Week. Thursday evening was the Spring Open House in which parents could see the results of their children's activities throughout the week.

Parents and teachers alike were impressed with the learning process. Students demonstrated their understanding of what they had learned by verbalizing information learned to their teachers, parents and loved ones. Many students were instrumental in asking their parents to quit smoking. Teachers have seen an increase in good nutritional choices in the cafeteria, playground safety and hygiene. When asked, the students overwhelmingly stated they enjoyed Healthy Care Bears Week and wanted to participate in another one next year.

For more info contact Judy Keown, RN at (972) 355-3696 /

Bright Elementary, Frisco ISD
Principal: J'Lynn Anderson
Superintendent: Dr. Rick Reedy

The Lunch Bunch
We have introduced a program to help equip our students to recognize and implement basic care of their bodies. We have found that simply providing facts and verbal instruction is not enough to insure compliance. We want to involve all of the senses on a personal level in order to achieve a greater retention. Our goal is to promote a regular hygiene routine performed daily at school that becomes a habit.

Students from each grade level (K-5) meet after lunch every day. Students learn to properly perform the basics of tooth brushing, flossing, hand washing, nail and hair care. The students are provided a toothbrush and a comb in a labeled bag. Points are earned by completing the daily routine. Points can then be redeemed for hygiene supplies and a plastic case that will be taken home at the end of the school year.

The effectiveness of our program is evident in a noticeable improvement in basic hygiene maintenance. When students feel better about themselves they perform better. We hope to see fewer clinic and dental referrals resulting in fewer absences. The collective population of the school will benefit through enhanced performance and improved attendance.

For more info contact Karen Ross, RN, at (469) 633-2708 or

MacArthur High School, Northeast ISD
Principal: Wendell Watson
Superintendent: Dr. Richard Middleton

Mac CPR Club
Mac CPR Club is an after school activity for students grades 9-12 that provides an opportunity for MacArthur High School students to become certified in CPR and First Aid, and to learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Student members are trained by fellow students to become American Heart Association (AHA) CPR Instructors. These students then go out into the community and teach CPR, First Aid, and Child Safety and Injury Prevention courses to hundreds of people in our school and community. Our mission is to provide free or affordable CPR and First Aid training to our community at large, while at the same time giving students an opportunity to learn about health, the healthcare field, and ways of interacting with a diverse community in a productive way. Our objectives are as follows:

1) Provide all students opportunities to learn the causes, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and childhood injuries that occur in the community.

2) Provide all students the knowledge to recognize signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

3) Provide affordable CPR and First Aid training to all students and faculty at MacArthur High School and our community-at-large.

4) Provide affordable AHA CPR Instructor-Trainer Courses to students.

5) Interact on a professional level with other members of the healthcare profession to give students an opportunity to be mentored by more experienced adult members of the healthcare field.

The CPR Club meets regularly, two-three hours per week, after school, for training and education. We spend some evenings and many weekends providing training for our community. The MAC CPR Club is affiliated with and mentored by an American Heart Association Training Center here is San Antonio. The students purchase all their own equipment through donation and CPR classes. CPR equipment is quite expensive, so it has taken us four years to purchase the thousands of dollars worth of mannequins and materials necessary to provide high quality training. We teach CPR in local schools, hospitals, Boy/Girl Scout troops, camps for disabled children, and in our yearly Grand Finale - the San Antonio City-Wide CPR Day. We average about 600-700 instructed students per year, so far, and this year we should surpass that number. The Mac CPR Club has also produced nearly 80 AHA CPR Instructors, and 5 CPR Instructor-Trainers. Instructor-Trainer is the highest level of CPR teaching certification obtainable through the AHA. There are few, if any kids in the nation with this training.

For more info contact Kevin Roche at (210) 650-1100 x813 or


Kountze ISD
Superintendent: Larry Dickerson

Kountze ISD Fitness Center
The Kountze ISD Sent a strong message to its students and staff on their commitment to develop and graduate healthy students when they joined forces with the National School Fitness Foundation. The main objective of our program at KISD is to make fitness a lifetime activity for the students and staff in our district. Another one of our program objectives is to increase the education of our students about the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle practices. A third objective of our program is to begin producing a healthier student body, which will correlate to better academic achievement, and hopefully, lower the students' stress level. Finally, the Kountze ISD wants to provide a safe and well-supervised environment for our students to begin their journey to a lifetime of fitness.

For more info contact James Stevenson at (409) 246-3474 or

Hirsch Elementary, Spring ISD
Principal: Marsha Warken
Superintendent: Dr. M. Hinojosa

"Planet Health - An Intergalactic Health Game"
PURPOSE: To provide an entertaining venue to improve the overall health, fitness, educational performance, and psychosocial skills of the elementary age school population.

OVERALL PROGRAM: Planet Health is an ongoing program for the entire school year. The "Game Board" is an entire wall in the student clinic and each class has a game piece that is moved weekly.


To improve the Nutritional Status of school age children through a) series of activities called "5 alive" to ensure intake of 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables; b) series of activities called "Do you know your label I.Q.?; and c) breakfast report card for 6 weeks.

To enhance the student's overall fitness through activities that include a) walking club activities; b) sleep diary and 6 week sleep report card; and c) smoking prevention.

To reduce preventable student accidents and injuries by a) rules of safe play/playground play contest; b) bicycle helmet count at bike rack.

To improve overall student hygiene and decrease the spread of communicable disease by a) hand washing training and experiments using "Glogerm program; b) tooth brushing report cards.

To emphasize the importance of self-responsibility and citizenship to include a) weekly awards for 100% homework completion; b) incentives for classes with lowest number of conduct marks; and c) school wide contest for community blood drive.

OVERALL OUTCOMES: The first semester of 2002-03 demonstrated the following: a) 40% reduction in clinic visits for routine illness; b) 31% reduction in first aid visits for injuries; c) overall improvement in test scores (DATA preliminary; and d) 14% increase in homework completion.

For more info contact Terry Travieso, RN, MSN, at (832) 249-2324 or

Lubbock ISD Head Start Program
Superintendent: Dr. Jack Clemmons

Five Healthy Habits
Ongoing health education beginning at an early age is the most effective way to promote healthy behavior. Responding to health needs of the preschool population, school nurses developed an ongoing health education curriculum centered on five basic health habits. The narrator is a teddy bear puppet named "Beary" that uses songs and manipulatives to teach nutrition, exercise, dental hygiene, hand washing and personal hygiene, and rest. Bi-weekly lessons address "Beary's Five Healthy Habits" which promote a healthy lifestyle. Opportunities are taken to encourage dialogue between the parent and child regarding the "Five Healthy Habits." Over 800 children on the early childhood campuses have completed the curriculum. Children, parents and teachers have responded positively to the program. Objective criteria indicate improved health habits among this group as observed by reduced absenteeism.

For more info contact: Jane Allen, Lubbock ISD Head Start Program at 806-766-1881 or


West Orange-Cove CISD
Superintendent: Andrew Hayes

Piecing Together Healthy Lives
The award winning employee health and wellness program, "Piecing Together Healthy Lives" is continuing to address the health and safety needs of the West Orange Cove CISD. Our objective and goal is to promote healthy lifestyles. Our program has changed from being event oriented to a year approach to health and wellness to facilitate us achieving our goal of healthy lifestyles.

National Employee Health and Fitness Day is May 15th. We use that date to kick off our physical activity promotional program for the summer. When the employees return to school in August we host a giant health fair. At this time our employees are encouraged to turn in their tally sheet of their physical activity they participated in over the summer vacation. All employees who turn in their tally sheets are eligible for a special drawing for health promoting door prizes and savings bonds. The health fair is our opportunity to provide many different types of screenings and information to all of our employees. Our district administration demonstrates its dedication to our program by utilizing one of the staff development days prior to school starting for the health fair. The health fair is in the morning then in the afternoon the nurses present material on Blood Borne Pathogens, and health issues specifically for that campus. In the early fall, we begin our education regarding the importance of the flu vaccine. Our district then contracts with a local hospital to administer the vaccine at a reduced price to our employees and a discounted price for their families. We also provide the Hepatitis B Vaccine for those employees whose job description indicates exposure to possible Blood Borne Pathogens. The week before Thanksgiving we kickoff our Maintain, No Gain Program. This promotes physical activity and good nutritional habits. Upon returning from the Christmas holidays, prizes are awarded to those employees who met the goal of maintaining and not gaining weight during the holidays. In the spring we have another afternoon dedicated to health education and healthy lifestyle promotion through games, dramatic presentations, and screenings. The school year is concluded with the National Employee Health and Fitness Day, which will once again kick off the summer program. There are many different programs/events that occur in addition to these throughout the school year.

The consistency and continuity of our program has promoted greater employee participation in many of the events/activities and an increase in the amount of time and resources dedicated to health services in our district. We also have become recognized as a leader in our region and are frequently approached by other districts to assist in the development of their programs or to answer questions regarding our "Piecing Together Healthy Lives."

For more info contact Kelly Meadows, RN at (409) 882-5605 or

St. Mark Catholic School
Principal: Suzanne Bacot
Superintendent: Dr. Charles LeBlanc

Safety + Wellness = Happiness
St. Mark Catholic School aims to educate staff and students regarding safety, good health practices, and injury prevention, with the desired result of creating a continuously safe environment for all. Safety + Wellness = Happiness, our school health program, continues to be developed and refined to meet these objectives. Our objectives remain focused and strive to increase the involvement of students, staff and faculty, parents, and our community. For the past eleven years, Safety + Wellness = Happiness has strived to provide the students with the tools they need to make safe and responsible choices in their daily lives in regards to their healthy, safety and well-being.

Ongoing programs at St. Mark that serve to meet our objectives include: Community First Aid and Safety Course, mandatory for all faculty and staff, Classroom and Staff Education Courses, Classroom Health Curriculum, Crisis Management Team, yearly visits by Police and Fire Departments, Drug Awareness Week, and Scream Out Against Smoking. These programs were presented and discussed in our previously awarded application. New programs initiated to further meet our objectives and will be the focus of this application include: Middle School Health Information Fair, Back Pack Safety, American Red Cross Babysitter's Course Elective, Growth and Development Presentation for 5th and 6th Grade Girls, and Food Allergy Awareness. These new programs enhance an already solid health program that is continually a work in progress. We incorporate all of these programs into our health program each year. Our students expect and look forward to our programs and we are continually striving to keep them fun, informative and interesting.

Due to the implementation of all these programs and activities, the number of yearly accident reports filed continues to decline, in spite of the continued increase in our student population. School daily absenteeism, due to illness, has remained less than 6% of our enrollment for the last two years. Our school Customer Satisfaction Survey of 2001-02 continues to rank Health Services highest among the many areas of our school that were surveyed.

Although the focus of this application in the new programs added to our school-wide health program, Safety + Wellness = Happiness, we have made some improvements to our previous programs. In addition to our mandatory CPR and First Aid Course, the school nurse has been trained to certify staff members in the use of the AED machines, recently purchased for our church and school. A Summer Safety Program is now included in our classroom education for third through fifth grades to supplement the First Aid for Little People taught in kindergarten through second grades. The Diocesan Health Curriculum has been revised and expanded since our last application and award.

For more info contact Sharon Allen, RN, at (972) 578-0610


Superintendent: Dr. Marvin Crawford

Hays CISD Coordinated School Health Program
The Hays CISD Coordinated School Health Program is a multi-faceted, innovative attempt to improve the health and quality of life for our students and our community. This program has been guided by the district Health Education Advisory Council and supported by the Hays CISD School Board.

Objectives: 1) to ensure that all students (K-12) receive a minimum of 10 hours per semester of high-quality health education instruction. 2) To ensure that students, in grades K-6, receive a minimum of 135 minutes each week of well-planned, aligned physical education instruction. 3) To ensure that on a daily basis students are offered a minimum of 2 fresh fruit options, 2 fresh vegetable options, and low-calorie options through the school nutrition menus. 4) To ensure that students have daily access to counseling, social work, and psychological services. 5) To ensure accessible health services for students and families are available and affordable on school campuses. 6) To ensure a minimum of 2 district-wide opportunities to involve family and community in school health promotion activities.

Activities: 1) Revised health education curriculum, trained teachers in use of curriculum, and implemented a monitoring system to ensure se of curriculum. 2) Created a district-wide physical education team leader position to coordinate and align physical education curriculum and instruction. Developed required district PE schedule to ensure all elementary campuses were compliant with 135 minutes/week requirement. 3) Worked with district Health Education Advisory Council's Subcommittee on Child Nutrition to revise menus and food offerings to include healthier options. 4) Applied for and received a federal Safe Schools, Healthy Students Grant to provide increased social workers and add mental health workers to selected campuses. 5) Applied for an received a Department of State Health Services School-Based Health Center Grant that created school-based health centers on two elementary campuses. 6) Worked with the district Health Education Advisory Council and multiple divisions within the HCISD to offer a number of family/community health events.

Outcomes: 1) Increased student awareness/academic performance related to health education topics. 2) An aligned and implemented physical education curriculum based on the "new approach" to physical education. 3) Expanded healthier options and elimination of "junk food" in school cafeterias. 4) Increased access to social workers and mental health workers on school campuses. 5) Improved student performance, improved student attendance, and a significant reduction of emergency room visits by families residing in the school district because of the school-based clinics. 6) Hosted a very well attended Health Fest involving multiple health care providers, vendors, and emergency services personnel. Hosted school nutrition family nights.

For more info, contact Steven Ebell, Ed. D., Assistant Superintendent, at (512) 268-2141 or

Fort Bend ISD
Superintendent: Dr. Betty Baitland

Project TARGET
Teens Acting Responsibly Graduate and Embrace Tomorrow (TARGET) is a comprehensive abstinence program for middle and high school students in Fort Bend ISD. Project TARGET combines alcohol, drug and delinquency prevention components with the eight abstinence guidelines. Two abstinence education facilitators are responsible for coordinating and implementing the program for the district.

The four goals of TARGET are: 1) to empower teens aged 12-18 to make positive life choices through abstinence by creating a permanent support structure from sexual activity, 2) to help students develop the skills and emotional resilience necessary to promote abstinence through the commitment of parents, peers, teachers and community, 3) to utilize developmentally appropriate abstinence curriculum based upon age and gender, and 4) to increase student and school connectedness for all students ages 12-18.

A few of the objectives are: to increase the number of students who complete or remain enrolled in an abstinence education program, to reduce teen pregnancy, to implement during and after school programs that focus on research-based abstinence education activities for the middle and high school students and parent in Fort Bend ISD. Some of our activities include the training of all health teachers in our abstinence curriculum, implementing "Choosing the Best" curriculum in the seventh and ninth grade health classes, establishing clubs for girls and boys at all middle and high schools, creating a Teen Panel to conduct peer presentations, offering seminars for parents, and utilizing community organizations and agencies in providing activities that promote abstinence education. The desired outcomes are the prevention of teen sexual activity and helping students become successful in school so they can graduate and embrace tomorrow.

For more info contact James Beam at (281) 634-1426 or

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