State Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology FAQ's-Continuing Education


What are the continuing education requirements for licensure in Texas?

Twenty clock hours of continuing education are required to renew a two-year license. The holder of dual licenses, meaning both a speech-language pathology license and an audiology license, must earn 30 hours to renew a two-year license.

When my initial license was issued, it was issued between 13 – 24 months (the difference between issue date and my birth month). How many hours of continuing education must I earn to renew my license?

When renewing an initial license, the licensee must earn 20 continuing education hours, even if the initial renewal period is less than 24 months.

What kind of activities will count for continuing education (CE) credit in Texas?

Continuing education activities are planned learning experiences beyond the basic educational program which has led to a degree or which qualifies one for licensure. The topic of a continuing education activity must relate to basic communication processes or to the practice of speech-language pathology and audiology. CE activities can be conferences, workshops, or staff development sessions provided by an approved CE sponsor (e.g., TSHA, ASHA).
Course work from an accredited college or university may be approved for 10 continuing education clock hours per semester hour, if the content relates to the licensee’s area of practice and the course is completed with a grade of at least a "C". University course work in a related area and events approved by the American Medical Association may be approved if the activity furthers the licensee's knowledge of speech-language pathology or audiology or enhances the licensee's service delivery. A licensee must obtain licensure board approval in advance for university coursework or AMA-approved events. Partial credit may be awarded if only portions of a course are deemed applicable to the licensee’s area of practice.

Are all hospitals, schools, and Education Service Centers board-approved sponsors of continuing education?

No. While a hospital, school, or ESC might serve as the host site for a continuing education experience, all CE events must be sponsored by TSHA, ASHA, or another board-approved CE sponsor.

What does CE “rollover” mean?

Continuing education hours in excess of the number needed for the current renewal period (i.e., more than 20 for a two-year renewal) can be applied to the next consecutive renewal period. A maximum of 10 additional clock hours can be carried forward to the next renewal period.

Can extra CE hours earned be “rolled over” if the licensee gets a new license?

No. CE hours can only be used to renew the license an individual held when the hours were earned. For example, if an intern or assistant earns excess hours, those hours cannot be used to meet the continuing education requirement to renew a speech-language pathology or audiology license once issued. Continuing education hours must be earned after the effective date of the license being renewed.

What is considered acceptable documentation of a CE experience?

Documentation must include the name of the licensee, the board-approved CE sponsor for the event, the title and date of the event, and the number of continuing education hours earned. Examples of acceptable verification include:

1. a letter, form, or certificate of completion bearing a valid signature or verification from the approved sponsor;
2. an original or certified copy of a university transcript and documentation of prior approval from the board.
3. a copy of your TSHA CE Registry.

How long do licensees need to keep CE records?

Licensees are responsible for maintaining documentation of continuing education experiences for a period of at least three years.

Do licensees need to submit CE records each time the license is renewed?

No, the board selects a random sample of renewals for audit each month. A licensee who is selected for continuing education audit may renew through the online renewal process. However, the license will not be considered renewed until required continuing education documents are received, accepted and approved by the board office.

I am an intern. Must I earn continuing education hours?

If you complete the internship before the intern license expires, you are not required to earn continuing education hours. However, if you need to renew the intern’s license, 10 hours of continuing education will be required.

I earned continuing education hours while I was an intern. Can I use these hours to renew the speech-language pathology license that I now hold?

No. Any hours earned during the period of time an intern license was held may not be used to meet the continuing education requirement to renew a speech-language pathology or audiology license once issued. Continuing education hours must be earned after the effective date of the license being renewed.

For more information, see: State Board of Examiners Rule Title 22 TAC, Chapter 741.162.

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Last updated July 31, 2013
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