State Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology FAQ's-Fitting and Dispensing of Hearing Instruments


I've had an offer to go to work for a company that uses audiology & hearing aid center in their name with offices in different cities. I will be the sole audiologist for the company. Will my license be in jeopardy if I work for them since they will not be able to cover all offices a significant amount of time?


The Board has considered this issue. Misleading representation is an issue when a licensed audiologist is not readily available to assist clients. The audiologist in such a situation must keep the ability to serve the client(s) as the paramount consideration, and follow best practice policies and the Board's Code of Ethics.


A patient has requested a refund under our 30-day return policy. Is there a rule as to how soon, or when, I have to return the money?


An audiologist or intern in audiology who dispenses a hearing instrument is solely responsible for ensuring a refund is given within 30 days of the request for a refund. The licensee cannot delegate the refund responsibility to one of their office staff.

Do I have to have a separate registration in order to fit and dispense hearing instruments?

As of February1, 2005, the board no longer requires a separate registration in order for a licensed audiologist or audiology intern to fit and dispense hearing instruments. These registrations will no longer be issued or renewed.

The audiology license in and itself, constitutes authorization to fit and dispense hearing instruments in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and rules.

Texas Occupations Code, §401.403, requires Audiologists and Interns in Audiology to comply with federal Food and Drug Administration guidelines for fitting and dispensing hearing instruments. Please refer to Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Food and Drugs, Part 801, Subpart H, Sections 801.420 and 801.421.

To view, go to

Select "Retrieve by Citation"
Enter: Title - 21 Part - 801 Subpart - H
Then click "retrieve"
Scroll down to Sections 801.420 and 801.421



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Last updated May 07, 2010
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