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Physician Reporting | Stage 2 Meaningful Use | Cancer Reporting Registration | Cancer Reporting Certification Criteria Check

The Texas Cancer Registry has developed a two-step Cancer Reporting Registration process for ambulatory or ‘non-hospital’ providers. If you are an Eligible Professional (EP) choosing cancer reporting as an option for Stage 2 Meaningful Use, this process will serve as your registration of intent to report to the Texas Cancer Registry.

Please Note:

In order to meet the cancer reporting objective and measure, an EP must use the capabilities and standards of CEHRT 45 CFR 170.314 (f)(5), and (f)(6). The TCR will not invite providers to onboard whose EHR product does not meet certification criteria § 170.314(f)(5) Cancer case information AND § 170.314(f)(6) Transmission to cancer registries.

Please visit our informational Cancer Reporting Certification Criteria Check page for intructions on determining if your EHR meets the criteria for cancer reporting or contact your vendor for more information.


Step 1: Create Reporting Entity Profile

Step 1
Reporting screen shot

This step is completed through an online survey tool.


Step 2: Physician Listing Spreadsheet

step 2
Physician Listing screen shot

Download the Physician Listing Spreadsheet, review the instructions, and provide the requested information. When complete, email the spreadsheet as an attachment in Excel format (.xlsx) to CancerReporting@dshs.state.tx.us, and include "Cancer Reporting Registration Physician Listing" in the subject.

PLEASE NOTE: Your registration is NOT complete until the TCR receives your Physician Listing Spreadsheet. Once the spreadsheet is received, TCR staff will review and provide a TCR Cancer Reporting Registration Confirmation within 2 business days.



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Last updated January 09, 2015