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Cancer Reporting Registration



The Texas Cancer Registry has developed a two-step Cancer Reporting Registration process for ambulatory or ‘non-hospital’ providers. If you are an Eligible Professional (EP) choosing cancer reporting as an option for Stage 2 Meaningful Use, this process will serve as your registration of intent to report to the Texas Cancer Registry.


Step 1: Create Reporting Entity Profile

Reporting screen shot

This step is completed through an online survey tool.


Step 2: Physician Listing Spreadsheet

Physician Listing screen shot

Download the Physician Listing Spreadsheet, review the instructions, and provide the requested information. When complete, email the spreadsheet as an attachment to CancerReporting@dshs.state.tx.us, and include "Cancer Reporting Registration Physician Listing" in the subject.


PLEASE NOTE: Your registration is NOT complete until the TCR receives your Physician Listing Spreadsheet. Once the spreadsheet is received, TCR staff will review and provide a TCR Cancer Reporting Registration Confirmation within 2 business days.


Coming Soon: TCR Cancer Reporting Registration FAQs


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Last updated March 12, 2014