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2014 Texas Expected Numbers of Cancer Cases and Deaths


Projected numbers of new cancer cases and deaths for 2014 in each Texas county with more than 100,000 residents, each Public Health Region, and statewide are available.

A spatio-temporal autoregressive method was used to project the number of new invasive cancer cases that will be diagnosed in 2014. This method accounts for expected delays in case reporting and considers geographic variations as predictors of incidence. Projected numbers of cancer deaths for 2014 were estimated by applying 2009-2010 Texas age-, sex-, and racial/ethnic-specific mortality rates to the corresponding 2014 Texas population projections.

The sum of male and female expected numbers may not always equal the total due to rounding. Texas 2014 population projections (for the mortality estimates) were provided by the Center for Health Statistics, Texas Department of State Health Services, and were current as of February, 2014.




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Last updated December 30, 2014