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Webinar Information


Webinar Information

The Texas Cancer Registry (TCR) sponsors two types of live broadcast webinars: North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) and National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA).  For an overview of the webinar administration process click here.

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The North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR)

  • The Texas Cancer Registry (TCR) facilitates a series of web seminars (Webinars) for cancer reporting professionals.
  • NAACCR Webinars address cancer data collection for specific sites and include information on anatomy, multiple primary and histology coding rules, collaborative staging, and treatment data items.
  • Didactic exercises are completed and answers with rationale are presented.
  • Webinars are broadcast at host locations across Texas at no cost to participants.
  • You are welcome to attend any of the locations listed. Registration is not required.
  • NAACCR requires successful completion of the post-webinar quiz to obtain a Continuing Education Certificate.
    Upon the completion of the quiz, attendees will be able to print a Continuing Education Certificate. Please note as this is new.
  • Previous NAACCR webinar material can be found on http://www.naaccr.org.


2014-2015 NAACCR Webinar Schedule
10.02.14 Directly Coded Stage Data: Using the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual 7th Ed. and Summary Stage 2000
11.06.14 Collecting Cancer Data: Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Neoplasms
12.04.14 Using the Multiple Primary and Histology (MP/H) Coding Rules
01.08.15 Collecting Cancer Data: Testis
02.05.15 Collecting Cancer Data: Uterus
03.05.15 Abstracting and Coding Boot Camp: Cancer Case Scenarios
04.02.15 Collecting Cancer Data: Stomach and Esophagus
05.07.15 Collecting Cancer Data: Larynx and Thyroid
06.04.15 Collecting Cancer Data: Pancreas
07.09.15 Survivorship Care Plans
08.06.15 Collecting Cancer Data: Central Nervous System
09.03.15 Coding Pitfalls

Please see link to the NAACCR Broadcast Locations for times and locations near you.


The National Cancer Registrar's Association (NCRA)

  • NCRA is committed to assisting its members in preparing for the transition to TNM and Summary Stage by providing high-quality education.
  • NCRA will present live webinars and online courses on TNM and Summary Stage that will focus on both general education and site-specific training.
  • The live webinars will be archived to create learning modules, so that registrars can access the training 24-7 in order to accommodate busy schedules.
  • CEs will be available for these educational products.
  • These live webinars are designed to provide a review of the general staging rules for both TNM and Summary Stage, along with specific sites such as Colon, Breast, Colon/Rectum, and Gynecologic Cancers.
  • All webinars are scheduled for 2:00 PM ET (1:00 P.M. Central Time) on the dates noted below.
  • The webinar series will be broadcast at locations across Texas.
  • Each of the site leads will receive the webinar log in instructions and the handouts to distribute to the attendees. Each site lead person will also receive an administration code to distribute to the attendees that will allow the attendees to go to the Center for Cancer Registry Education (CCRE) to take the quiz and claim their CEs.
  • After the webinar, each attendee will go to the CCRE and to their “Learning Activities” folder, log into their account using their member number (or they will create an account if they are not a member) take the quiz and evaluation and claim the CEs.  They will be able to print out a certificate or they can retain the information in their “Learning Activities” folder. It will be a record they can refer to at the end of their reporting cycle.
  • The webinars are appropriate for all registrars seeking competency in both TNM and Summary Stage methods in preparation for the transition in 2016.


2014 NCRA Webinar Schedule
Summary Staging and TNM Staging: Skills for the Cancer Registrar
10.01.14 Summary Stage: General Rules
10.14.14 Summary Stage: Staging the Colon
10.15.14 Summary Stage: Staging the Breast
10.22.14 TNM: General Rules
11.06.14 TNM: Staging the Colon/Rectum
12.10.14 TNM: Staging Gynecologic Cancers

To view/listen to webinars requires WebEx media player.  You can download it for free here.

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If you have questions, please contact the TCR e-Reporting and Training Team.


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