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Statistical Reports


Texas Health Care Information Collection
Center for Health Statistics

Statistical briefs are a series of simple, descriptive statistics on specific, focused topics.


  • Coming Soon: Brief Outpatient Procedures Report.  A short version reporting the 2012 outpatient procedures with the most common five procedures and their demographic characteristics.  It is  a simplified version of the full report with more charts.
  • Coming Soon: Full outpatient Procedures Report.  A detailed version reporting the 2012 outpatient procedures, containing up to 100 most common procedures and their demographic information.






Reports on Hospitals by Area

Preventable Hospitalizations, 2011 reports on hospital admission rates for 3 adult medical conditions that could be treated in an outpatient setting. These conditions include common health occurrences such as perforated appendix, uncontrolled diabetes and lower-extremity amputation among patients with diabetes.  The report also includes 6 measures of potentially preventable hospital admissions of children.  The report is a window into primary and preventive care in Texas.

Utilization of Specific Inpatient Procedures by Texas Hospital Referral Region, a set of reports on the utilization of specific inpatient procedures in 24 Texas regions in 2010.

Facts and Figures: Statistics on Hospital-Based Care in Texas, 2009  includes tables and charts of diagnoses, procedures and charges for hospital stays. It also includes an overview of the uninsured. Released February 2012 (PDF format, 203 KB). The overview of hospital care in Texas, provides answers to such basic questions as:

  • What are the most frequent reasons for hospitalization?
  • What are the characteristics of the patients treated?
  • What were the most expensive conditions treated?
  • Who is billed for hospital services?

Download Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

If you have suggestions or comments, please submit them to THCIC

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Last updated February 05, 2015