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 Texas Health Steps is for children from birth through 20 years of age who have Medicaid. Texas Health Steps provides regular medical and dental checkups and case management services to babies, children, teens, and young adults at no cost to you. If your child's doctor finds a health problem during a checkup, he or she can make sure your child gets the medical care that is necessary to help prevent problems that could make it hard for your child to learn and grow.

Texas Health Steps will:

  • Help you find a doctor, dentist, or case manager.
  • Help you make an appointment for a checkup.
  • Help you get a ride to the doctor or dentist.

Call Texas Health Steps toll-free 1-877-847-8377 (1-877-THSTEPS) Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Central Time.
Relay Texas Dial 7-1-1

Flu Information

Go to to learn more about Medicaid and Texas Health Steps.

E-mail Texas Health Steps

Department of State Health Services
Texas Health Steps Branch
Mail Code 1938
PO Box 149347, Austin, Texas 78714-9347
1701 North Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701
Phone 512-776-7745, Fax 512-776-7256

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Last updated April 17, 2014