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Important issues concerning vital statistics partners.

The TxEVER Project

  • Information on the upcoming Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar system.

Changes to Marriage Applications

  • Additions to marriage applications, and standardization of the absent applicant affidavit, to meet new legislation requirements.

Birth Certificate for Election Identification

  • New rules waiving the fees charged for a birth certificate to obtain Election Identification Certificates.

Remote Birth Access System Update

  • New software will enable local regisrar offices to issue a birth certificate for election identification.

New Legislation

  • New bills and their impact on vital records.

NAPHSIS Passport Requirements

  • Requiring passport applicants to submit a photocopy of their birth certificate for Passport Services's records.

Search-to-Print Ratios

  • Using the Remote Birth Access system only to issue a certified copy of a birth certificate.

Voter Abstract Reporting

  • A new adhoc report—the "Voter Abstract Report"—can be run by local registrars.


Last updated February 12, 2014