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Data & Surveillance(3)


Cardiovascular Health and Wellness ProgramThe following is a directory of publications/pages providing statistics regarding chronic disease prevalence and indicators. Most reports are produced by the Chronic Disease Prevention Branch/Health Promotion Unit, Texas Department of State Health Services, and the Texas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. Where indicated, reports are PDF files (pdf viewing information).



Cardiovascular Disease in Texas Poster
(98 kb)  Publication Number: E81-11271
11 X 17 poster with CVD data for Texas, including heart disease and stroke mortality trends, trends in selected risk factors and mortality rates by county.
Publication Date:  2008

High Blood Pressure Prevalence and Mortality in Texas Poster (101 kb)

(501 kb) Updated data for August 2010
(603 kb) Updated data for August 2010
High Blood Cholesterol in Texas (88 kb)
Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke Poster(47 kb)
Current Toll on Texas TODAY (304 kb in PowerPoint) NEW
Last updated January 19, 2011