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Emergency Medical Services Training


Emergency Medical Services Training ensures that EMS responders use and are trained on validated scales to aid the rapid and accurate identification of stroke patients. To promote on-line training tools and provide education materials on stroke for EMS service responders. The DSHS CHW Program is offering the American Heart Association Online Training to assist EMS providers in meeting training recommendations.

The Governor's EMS and Trauma Advisory Council (GETAC) Stroke Committee of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is cognizant that training and oversight of EMS personnel can be time and resource intensive, and so recommends the following minimal additions be added to Emergency Medical Service Provider's licensure detailed in the Texas Administrative Code.

  1. That all EMS personnel be trained and use the "Cincinnati Stroke Scale" in the assessment of possible stroke victims.
  2. That all certified or licensed EMS personnel receive training in the recognition and emergency care of stroke, equivalent to training received in the current "ACLS Case 10 stroke scenarios."
  3. That EMS providers have documented familiarity with the Stroke Center Certification and the Emergency Transport Protocol in their RAC.
  4. That recognition and documentation of stroke training be overseen by the Medical Director supervising the EMS personnel.
  5. That current ACLS successful course completion be recognized as documentation of that training or that alternatively the supervising Medical Director be responsible for the oversight, documentation and attestation of equivalent training on a yearly basis.
  6. As practical EMD (911) dispatch shall receive training and made aware of emergent nature of stroke and Cincinnati Stroke Scale (FAST).

Free Online Training:

Stroke Care for EMT's and Paramedics

National Stroke Association's Stroke Nurse Education Modules

NIH Stroke Scale Course 

Last updated October 30, 2014