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Development of Stroke Committees in Regional Advisory Councils (RAC)



Stroke Systems of Care should ensure the direct involvement of emergency physicians and stroke experts in the development of stroke education materials, communication and field assessment protocols, treatment protocols, and transport protocols for EMS providers.   

The Governor’s EMS and Trauma Advisory Council (GETAC) Stroke Committee of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) recommends that RACs should create a committee of stakeholders with diverse backgrounds related to stroke prevention, care, treatment or rehabilitation.

A. Stroke Committee could include the following members: 

  1. A licensed physician, accreditation in vascular neurology
  2. A licensed interventional neuroradiologist
  3. A neurosurgeon with stroke expertise
  4. A neuroscience registered nurse
  5. Members of nonprofit organizations specializing in stroke treatment, prevention, and education such as community members, local health department personnel, etc….
  6. Persons who have suffered a stroke or family caregivers
  7. Emergency Responders

Duties of a Stroke Committee include development of a stroke emergency transport protocol.  The stroke committee can develop a regional stroke emergency transport plan following recommended criteria from the GETAC Stroke Committee.   

Last updated September 26, 2012