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WIC Wellness Works ... a journey



  • Statewide worksite wellness program for Texas WIC employees
  • Goal = enable WIC staff to incorporate wellness activities into their work and daily lives
  • Provide educational materials and environmental supports
  • Focus areas:
    • Nutrition
    • Physical activity
    • Stress management

For Information about the WIC Wellness Works Program please contact:
For Information about the WIC Wellness Works Program please contact:
Debbie Lehman: Debbie.Lehman@dshs.state.tx.us, 512-341-4517

Download WIC Wellness Works Program contact details (51 kb, PDF)


WIC Wellness Works publications
WIC Wellness Breaks

Answering the Call to a Healthier You (478 kb, PDF)

WIC Wellness Break iPhone

WIC Olympic Games

Team Captain Instructions (1.6 mb, PDF)

WIC wellness works Olympic Captain Booklet

Employee Training Guide (2 mb, PDF)

WIC wellness works Olympic Employee Guide

Poster (207 kb, PDF)

WIC wellness works Olympic Poster

Medallions (214 kb, PDF)

WIC wellness works Olympic Medals

30-Day Wellness Challenge

Coordiantor Packet (1.7 mb, PDF)

30 Day Challenge Coordinator

Employee Packet (1 mb, PDF)

30 Day Challenge Employee

Calendar (513 kb, PDF)

30 Day Challenge Calendar

Dining In–Fast, Easy, Healthy!

Coordinator Packet (3.5 mb, PDF)

Dining In coordinator packet cover

Black and white version (1.6 mb, PDF)

Employee Packet (3 mb, PDF)

Dining In employee packet cover


Poster (843 kb, PDF)

Dine In poster

Activate My Day–Where Easy Movement is No Sweat!

Coordinator Packet (2.1 mb. PDF)

Activate My Day Coordinator Cover

Text Only Coordinator Packet (25 kb, DOC)

Employee Packet (570 kb, PDF)

Activate my day employee packet COVER

Text Only Employee Packet (24 kb, DOC)



Getting Started with WIC Wellness Works

Getting Started with Healthy Eating

Getting Started with Healthy Eating Coordinator Packet

Healthy Eating Cover for Coodinators

Getting Started with Healthy Eating Employee Packet

Healthy Eating for Employees Cover


Stress management

Stress Management --Coordinator Packet

Stress Management Coordinator Cover

Stress Management -- Employee Packet

Stress Management Employee Cover


Taking Care of You!

Taking Care of You!

Taking Care of You!–Coordinator

Taking Care of You Coordinator Packet

Taking Care of You!–Employee

Taking Care of You Employee cover

Taking Care of You Self-Screening Poster

Taking Care of You!–
Employee Self-Screening Poster

Taking Care of You poster cover

Ready, Set, Go–Clinic Packet

Ready, Set, Go--Clinic Packet

Your Team's New Year's Resolutions!

Ready Set Go Cover


Smart Choices, Healthy Staff

Smart Choices, Healthy Staff

Smart Choices–Coordinator

Smart Choices Coordinator

Text Only Coordinator Packet 

Smart Choices–Go with the Grain

Go With The Grain

Text Only Packet

Smart Choices--Brighten up with more fruits and vegetables

Smart Choices–Brighten Up With
More Fruits and Vegetables 

Smart Choices Fruits and vegetables

Text Only Packet

Smart Choices–Mooving to Low Fat Milk


Smart choices Mooving to low-fat milk

Text Only Packet


Smart Choices--Pass it On

Smart Choices–Pass It On

smart choices pass it on

Text Only Packet

Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide
Coordinator Survival Packet

Holiday Survival Coordinator

Employee Packet

Holiday Survival Employee Packet


Quotes from our Participants: "In Their Own Words..."

  • “The key to a successful wellness program is to be accountable to each other and to motivate each other. It is also important to keep wellness alive by talking about it, making it part of your staff meetings, and part of your daily routine.”

  • “I had a lot of stress – everything from moving, to losing a family member, to getting into a car accident – but the [Highway to Health walking challenge] program kept me moving and gave my mind something positive to focus on.”

  • “My blood sugar went up over 200. I made excuses and figured it was just something I ate. But after the wellness program started, I realized that I needed to do something. I needed to start walking again. Once I started walking again, it (blood sugar level) fell back within the normal range, and it has stayed there.”

  • “Seeing your coworkers exercise and actually enjoy it motivates other staff to join in.There’s increased awareness amongst staff about fitness and health and more conversation about who is losing weight and how they are eating better and exercising more!”

  • “Sometimes they (her colleagues) would start off by saying, ‘I’m too tired. It’s been a long day.’ But then, they would see me walking and they would say ‘Well, she works the same long hours we do, and she gets out there and does it – so we can too!’”

  • “Everyone’s lost a few inches. Two have had pretty dramatic results. They’re feeling a lot better, shopping for new clothes, and it’s motivating them to continue. We do the walking video, people have been bringing their own lunch instead of eating out, and we cut our lunch a little bit short so that we have time to exercise. It’s definitely helped with our stress too! We’re all feeling better!”



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Last updated July 02, 2014