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March 2014

The Center for Health Statistics (CHS) has released the new Texas Health Data web-based query system.  This interactive site allows users to query DSHS public health datasets to obtain statistical reports and summaries.

Texas Health Data (THD) is currently available with a limited number of updated datasets, including population, birth, hospital quality indicators, and the Health Facts Profiles. Additional datasets will be added over the coming months.  THD will ultimately consolidate many of the current CHS query systems including the legacy Texas Health Data , Indicators of Inpatient Care, and the Behavioral Risk Factor and Youth Risk Behavior query systems. While current data are being added to THD exclusively, existing systems and the historical data they contain will remain available to users until the data have been moved to the new query system.

CHS is actively seeking feedback about the new Texas Health Data site and would like users to send comments, suggestions, and/or questions via email.
Texas Health Data Announcement

December 2014

In December 2014, the Department of State Health Services completed an update of Texas Health Indicators, an online collection of data displays exploring priority health trends in Texas over the last decade.  The update included more recent data added to existing indicators and the addition of several new indicators.

This site provides access to data from public health datasets and information on Texas priority health issues. For each indicator, the information provided follows a simple structure:

  • A description of the disease or health issue.
  • A description of the risk factors associated with that disease or health issues
    (if known or appropriate).
  • A summary of recent trends.
  • Comparisons to national trends and benchmarks where appropriate and/or available.
Health Status Indicators

For more information, please contact the Center for Health Statistics at (512) 776-7261 or e-mail

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October 2014

A major new report quantifying significant disease trends in Texas has been released. The Health Status of Texas 2014 (PDF, 12.7MB) estimates the disease burden across major population groups and describes trends over time that impact efforts to protect the health of millions of Texans.

The latest version contains 100+ graphs and charts, 50+ new maps, and a new data tables and trends section. In addition, a downloadable Health Status of Texas Supplement (Excel, 210KB) provides data from a majority of the charts and graphs throughout the report.
Health Status 2014 cover art
Health Status of Texas Report 2014

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