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Tour - Adoption

Animal Topics  Virtual Tour: Adoption
(Animals, Animal Control, Animal Shelters, Animals in Disaster, Animals in Public Places,   
 Animal Friendly Program,  Animal Ownership, Animal Bites) 

If you thinking about getting a friend-for-life,Adoption2

here are some things that you should consider:

  • The main reason you want a pet;
  • The breeds or mixes you like best;
  • The age of the animal you would like to take home;
  • Your experience living with a pet;
  • How you will afford routine and emergency medical care;
  • The other occupants in your home or on your property;
  • The time your pet will spend alone during the week and on weekends;
  • Where the pet will be when people are home and when no one is home;
  • How you will train the pet;
  • How you will exercise the pet; and
  • How you will prevent the animal from getting bored while it is alone.

Almost all shelters charge an adoption fee for animals. Some people feel that shelters should give away animals; however, shelters need to recoup their costs if they are to stay in business. Also, some people think that an item received free-of-charge is worth exactly that - nothing. If a person makes a monetary investment in a pet, he or she is more likely to value and take care of that animal. Adoption fees typically range from $15 to over $100 and include a variety of goods and services.

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Last updated March 5, 2021