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Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Topics
(Animals, Animal Control, Animal Shelters, Animals in Disaster, Animals in Public Places,
 Animal Friendly Program, Animal Ownership, Animal Bites)

Q: What is the purpose of the Animal Friendly Fund?
: Stray dogs and cats not only cause disfiguring and life threatening injuries to humans but also cost taxpayers over $20 million a year for animal control. Unwanted dogs and cats are killed in Texas animal shelters at the rate of over 1 per minute, 365 days a year. Much of this needless human and animal suffering could be prevented by owners spaying and neutering their pets.

You can order the plate online or via mail. You may also contact the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles at (512) 374-5010 for more information.     

Q: How does my purchase of an Animal Friendly License plate help?
: Animal Friendly plates cost $30. $8 covers administrative costs with the remaining $22 going to the Texas Department of State Health Services Animal Friendly Fund to provide grants to eligible organizations to provide low-cost spays and neuters.

Q: Who is eligible to apply for Animal Friendly grants?
: Eligible applicants are:

  1. a private or public releasing agency (animal shelter);
  2. an organization that is qualified as a charitable organization under Section 501c(3), Internal Revenue Code, that has animal welfare or sterilizing dogs and cats owned by the general public at minimal or no cost as its primary purpose; or
  3. a local nonprofit veterinary medical association that has an established program for sterilizing animal owned by the general public at minimal or no cost.
Last updated March 5, 2021