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2007 DIN Presentations

The presentations from the 2007 James Steele's Conference on Diseases in Nature Transmissible to Man (DIN) are indexed by day and divided between morning and afternoon sessions. All are Power Point presentations of various sizes.

Monday Morning 

  • Dog Bites (PPT) Crider
  • Epi Response (PPT) Felkner
  • Disease Outbreak (PPT) Herford
  • Overview of ATCHHS (PPT) Lurie

Monday Afternoon 

  • Enteric Parasites in Refugee Populations (PPT) Blackstone
  • Leishmanisis Investigation (PPT) Glowicz
  • Clues in Texas (PPT) Hanford/Chagas
  • Human Rabies and the use of Incident Command Structure (ICS) (PPT) Kilborn
  • Chagas Survelliance in Texas (PPT) Kjos
  • Rabies Specimen Submissions (PPT) Mayes
  • Texas ORVP ( PPT) The Battle of the Bulge - Oertli
  • Cannie Rabies Elimination in the U.S. (PPT) Velasco/Villa

Tuesday Morning

  • Q Fever in Texas (PPT) Alexander
  • Ecoli O157H7 (PPT) Field
  • MRSA Spider ( PPT) Pagac
  • Tularemia Outbreak at an International Airport ( PPT) Pierce
  • Rabies - An Overview (PPT) Wright

Tuesday Afternoon

  • Avian Influenza Surveillance in Texas (PPT) Morrison
  • Military West Nile Virus Surveillance (PPT) Pagac
  • Rabies Outbreak in a Texas County (PPT) Parker
  • HPS Clusters in Texas (PPT) Pierce
  • Predicting WNV (PPT) Ward
  • Presistence of Regional Differences in WNND (PPT) Warner

Wednesday Morning

  • Texas Medical Rangers (PPT) Bogard
  • Vector Control Issues after Katrina and Rita (PPT) Burton
  • Shifiting Paradigms in Epidemiology (PPT) Gaul
  • Preparedness-Its all One Medicine (PPT) Herbold
  • Emergency Management Assessment of Preparedness (PPT) Hillard
  • Animal Health Commission in Disasters (PPT) Tompkins
  • TXSART (PPT) Tompkins
  • Reptile Safety and Bite Prevention (PPT) Wisser
  • Dangerous Reptiles and Hurricanes (PPT) Wozniak
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