• Prepare for an Emergency

    Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Floods. Wildfires. These and other disasters frequently occur in Texas. It’s too late to plan for these emergencies once a storm approaches. Now is the time to get yourself and your family ready for any emergency.

    • Ready or Not?

      When disaster hits, Texans need to be ready. Use our online resources to build your plan - including family strategies, handy checklists, and special needs considerations for people with disabilities, the elderly and pets.

    • Emergency Preparedness

      Get ready for and respond to emergencies, prepare a supplies kit, make a disaster plan.

    • Health Emergency Preparedness and Response

      DSHS serves as the primary state agency for coordinating state responsibilities in disaster response. The Health Emergency Preparedness and Response section has links to guidance documents and programs.

Last updated August 31, 2017