DSHS Internships

Thank you for your interest in DSHS internships. The Spring 2022 internship application is now available.. You will find available internships below, click on the position title to find a detailed description of the position. New internships will be posted as they become available, so please check this page regularly for new positions. 

Positions are open until filled and will be removed once a candidate has accepted the internship offer. If you have any questions, please email internships@dshs.texas.gov

How to apply About DSHS Internships

Community Health Improvement

 Position Location Expected Hours
 Environmental Epidemiology (2 positions available) Austin or Remote 20 hrs/wk
 Environmental Health Education Austin or Remote 20 - 40 hrs/wk
 Environmental and Poison Epidemiology Austin or Remote 20 - 40 hrs/wk
 Oral Health Improvement Austin or Remote 20 hrs/wk


Infectious Disease Services

 Position  Location Expected Hours
 HAI Epidemiology Austin or Remote 15 - 30 hrs/wk 

Regional and Local Health Operations

 Position  Location Expected Hours
 Public Health Finance (2 positions available) Remote 10 - 20 hrs/wk
 Worksite Wellness (2 positions available) San Antonio or Remote 15 - 20 hrs/wk
 Public Health Nursing San Antonio or Remote 20 - 30 hrs/wk

Deputy Commissioner Division

 Position  Location Expected Hours 
 Data Analyst  Remote 10 - 20 hrs/wk
 Financial Analyst Remote 10 - 20 hrs/wk
 HIV Fiscal Monitoring Remote 10 - 20 hrs/wk
 Digital Communications Austin or Remote 15 - 25 hrs/wk
 University Engagement Remote 10 - 20 hrs/wk

Last updated October 19, 2021