New Additions to Audiovisual Library - 2017-2019

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See also New Additions to Audiovisual Library - 2016

54321+8: Countdown to Your Health - DV1241
DVD 24 min. 2017 Junior High - Adult
This DVD gives an overview of six things teens and adults can do each day to stay healthy. Viewers will discover and learn about the importance of fruits and vegetables, drinking water, positive mental health, limiting screen time, getting physical activity, and getting enough sleep. Medical professionals share the facts behind the numbers and students share some practical advice about how to live the countdown.

Added Sugars: The Bitter Truth - DV0990
DVD 17 min. 2013 Senior High - Adult
This program defines “added sugars” and explains why they’re harmful to our health. Viewers learn how added sugars are different from naturally occurring sugars. The program shows where added sugars hide in our diet and suggests ways to reduce the amount we consume.

Addicted Teens: Heroin Addiction - DV1234
DVD 30 min. 2016 Senior High - Adult
Viewers learn why opioid use is so prevalent with today’s youth. They come to understand why some teenagers choose to take heroin and the harmful effects of heroin on the brain. This program highlights the signs of possible heroin addiction and how addiction is treated.

Addicted Teens: Legal Highs - DV1235
DVD 30 min. 2016 Senior High - Adult
Legal highs are achieved by human-made substances, chemicals, or strong stimulants that have similar effects to illegal drugs like cocaine, cannabis, or ecstasy. They are sometimes called club drugs or new psychoactive substances (NPS) and are marketed as a legal high. They range from plants, to synthetic drugs, to medicines you can buy from a pharmacy. There is often not enough research about these drugs to understand their potency or their adverse effects on humans. This program tries to discover why teens are motivated to try these dangerous drugs.

Addicted Teens: Molly Addiction - DV1236
DVD 30 min. 2016 Senior High - Adult
Ecstasy, also called Molly, is a man-made stimulant often abbreviated as MDMA that has hallucinogenic properties. The club drug called ecstasy is often adulterated with LSD, cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, methamphetamine, rat poison, caffeine, and dog deworming substances. Ecstasy most commonly comes in pill form but can also be injected and taken in other ways. Liquid Ecstasy is actually GHB, a nervous system depressant, a substance that can also be found in drain cleaner, floor stripper, and degreasing solvents. Viewers learn the short, mid, and long term effects of ecstasy use. The drug is compared to methamphetamine.

Administering Medications: Medication Safety and Oral Medications - DV0736
DVD 24 min. 2010 Professional
This program describes the safe administration of oral medications and demonstrates practices that are required in order to help prevent medication errors.

Alcohol, Drugs, and the Brain with Dr. Carlton Erickson - DV1211
DVD 40 min. 2011 Adult - Professional
Dr. Carlton Erickson of the University of Texas at Austin explains the difference between abuse and dependence, who is at risk for addiction, and how to get help. He uses animations to depict the neurochemical actions in the brain.

Alive Inside - DV0986
DVD 78 min. 2014 Adult
This DVD explores music’s ability to combat memory loss and restore a deep sense of self to those with dementia. People with dementia are shown responding with great joy to the music of their youth. The late Dr. Oliver Sacks and musician Bobby McFerrin explain how music awakens memories and spurs communication in those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Allergies: Respiratory System - DV0989
DVD 17 min. 2011 Adult
This animated video explains what allergies are, how they affect the respiratory system, and what you can do to control an allergy attack.

Assessing Nutrition in Older Adults - DV1202
DVD 34 min. 2009 Professional
Developed to assess nutritional status in older adults, the two-part Mini-Nutritional Assessment (MNA) is a valuable resource to identify older adults that are at risk for malnutrition.  This DVD demonstrates the assessment process, as well as, how to measure arm and leg circumferences, and compute body mass index.   The DVD also documents specific risk factors for older adults, and offers an accurate, age-appropriate assessment that care providers can use to develop an effective nutritional plan for the patient.

Auscultation of Breath Sounds: Abnormal Breathing Sounds - DV1213
DVD 19min. 2016 Professional
Breath sounds offer important and often diagnostic information about many health conditions related to pulmonary function. This program will cover the qualities of breath sounds, abnormal breath sounds and some of their associated conditions, and how to document your findings.  Because auscultation is a subjective assessment, breath sounds are described using terminology standardized by the American Thoracic Society.

Auscultation on Breath Sounds: Normal Breath Sounds - DV1212
DVD 19 min.  2016 Professional
This program identifies the components of a stethoscope, describes the anatomy of the respiratory system, differentiates tracheal breath sounds, bronchial breath sounds, bronchovesicular breath sounds, and vesicular breath sounds. Viewers will learn how to identify anterior and posterior landmarks for breath sounds.

Basic Clinical Skills: Urethral Catheterization - DV1217
DVD 27 min. 2010 Professional
This basic skills program demonstrates and describes the process for performing a urethral catheterization. Both intermittent straight catheters and indwelling retention catheters are shown and discussed. The need for patient education and patient support during catheterization is emphasized. The techniques for performing catheter care and removal of a catheter are also shown and discussed.

Basic Clinical Skills: The Bed Bath - DV1215
DVD 23 min. 2011 Professional
The bed bath not only helps keep the patient clean but also maintains healthy skin by providing stimulation and increasing circulation. It provides the patient with mild exercise and provides an opportunity for close observation of any skin condition. The time spent giving a bed bath is ideal for assessing the condition of the patient's skin, interacting with the patient and providing important emotional support. After watching this DVD, viewers should be able to describe the benefits of a bed bath, demonstrate the procedures for providing a bed bath, demonstrate providing perineal care to males and females, demonstrate the technique for providing a back rub, and describe after-bath grooming.

Basic Head to Toe Assessment with Geriatric Focus - DV1231
DVD 47 min. 2016 Professional
This video provides instruction on how to perform a comprehensive physical assessment for elderly patients. Body systems include: skin, head and neck, peripheral vascular system, abdominal, lower extremities, and musculoskeletal system.

Basics of Oxygen Administration - DV1196
DVD 12 min. 2011 Professional
This video demonstrates the use of both high and low flow oxygen delivery devices including: nasal cannulas, simple masks, venturi masks, non-rebreather masks, and oxygen concentrators. After viewing this program, the viewer should be able to describe components used to provide oxygen to patients, identify common high-flow delivery devices, identify common low-flow delivery devices, identify the signs and symptoms of hypoxia, explain precautions to take for fire safety when oxygen is in use, describe the preparation and process for administering oxygen to a patient, and describe the use of oxygen in the home.

Be Safe the Movie: How to Interact Safely with the Police - DV1313
DVD 60 min. 2013 Senior High - Adult
This DVD teaches people with autism how to interact with the police and with EMS.

Beyond The Music: The Power of Music with People Who Are Living with Dementia and Other Age-Related Conditions - DV1178
DVD 45 min. 2012 Adult
This program documents the power of music to transcend the challenges of dementia as it shows non-responsive, non-verbal residents suddenly smiling, singing, moving, and interacting with others when engaged with music.

Bloodborne Pathogens: Don't Take the Risk - DV1228
DVD 15 min. 2015 Adult
This DVD will introduce viewers to the different diseases caused by bloodborne pathogens, how to decrease their risk of becoming infected by these infectious microorganisms, and what to do if they come in contact with them.

"Bob, I'm Really Busy"": The Impact of Impersonal Care on the Well-Being of Persons Living with Dementia - DV1252
DVD 12 min. 2010 Professional
This DVD uses amateur actors to dramatize five short trigger scenarios involving assistance for persons living with dementia. The dramatized care situations will open up discussion on how best to provide resident-specific support and assistance. Each brief scenario is designed to demonstrate the impact of a caregiver’s tone, actions, and level of sensitivity to the resident’s needs. This up-close-and-personal look at caregiving will give caregivers a chance to dissect and analyze how they provide care, and foster a deeper understanding of how to interact positively with persons living with dementia.

Bystander Intervention: Putting a Stop to Sexual Assault - DV1179
DVD 21 min. 2017 Senior High - Adult
This program carefully explains the basics and principles of bystander intervention, a strategy that has proven effective in the reduction of sexual assault. The video begins by dramatizing the Kitty Genovese case where many observers did not step in to prevent an assault. This behavior came to be called the Bystander Effect. Bystander intervention is a powerful tool that arms bystanders with techniques to counter the bystander effect by getting witnesses to stop violent acts or sexual assaults by using their brains. Using dramatizations of sexual assault situations viewers are taught three ways to disrupt a sexual assault: intervene directly, create a distraction, or call for help from others nearby. Real teens who have successfully intervened in attempted sexual assaults describe how they followed the principles and foiled an attempted sexual assault.

Cannabinyzed: The Physical and Mental Effects of Marijuana - DV0988
DVD 26 min. 2016 Senior High - Adult
As the legal status of marijuana changes its perceived dangers are decreasing while the potency of the drug is increasing. This video covers marijuana as a psychoactive substance that induces its effects by manipulation of natural brain chemicals known as the endocannabinoids. The toxic and addictive impact that results from the drug’s disruption of natural endocannabinoids is characterized in this video by the testimony of those impacted by the drug and by the scientists studying its effects.

Caregiver Proficiency: Alzheimer's Disease - DV1232
DVD 90 min. 2015 Professional
This video for health care assistants discusses the stages of Alzheimer's disease and the modifications that can be made in the home to help these patients. It also addresses common issues that caregivers in a home setting face when treating a patient with Alzheimer's disease.

Chemical Highs: The Dangers of Synthetic Drugs - DV1180
DVD 19 min. 2016 Senior High - Adult
This program offers a sobering view of what happens when young people experiment with synthetic drugs like Flakka, K2, Molly, and bath salts. Substance abuse counselors, medical doctors, and former addicts all explain the dangers of synthetic drugs. Viewers learn that these synthetic drugs impact the brain, induce horrifying hallucinations and paranoia, and ultimately lead to addiction and even death.

Children Teaching Children About Military Families - DV1204
DVD 46 min. 2014 Junior High - Adult
What special burdens and challenges, especially emotional and psychological, are experienced by children with a parent in the military serving overseas? Fear, anxiety, loneliness, detachment? Children share their personal stories of what it's like. Stories focus on what deployment means to them, the struggles they have faced, and how they have worked through challenging times. The authentic advice they offer for other children will leave viewers with a sense of hope.

Client Relations: Effective Communication Skills - DV1275
DVD 50 min. 2015 Professional
This program presents strategies for effective communication in response to behavior changes brought on by aging and disease.

Clients' Rights: Home Health - DV1276
DVD 50 min. 2016 Professional
This program is intended to help home health aides understand and appreciate the significance of the responsibility they have when it comes to client rights. The clients' bill of rights.

Clinical Geropsychology; Mental Health Issues in Late Life with Patricia A. Arean, PhD - DV1253
DV 100 min. 2014 Professional
For older adults with mental health issues, problem-solving skills can weaken as a result of cognitive decline in late life. Problem-solving therapy is especially suited for work with older adults because it encourages the client to define his or her problems concretely in terms of the stimuli, responses, and consequences. In this video, Dr. Patricia Areán demonstrates the effective use of problem-solving therapy with a 62 year old retired woman who is the sole caregiver of her grandchild, as well as both of her parents. The client has been struggling with depression, severe mood swings, and sleeplessness for about five years.

Communicating with Persons with Dementia - DV1292
DVD 18 min. 2018 Professional
Viewers will learn how to recognize the difficulties in communicating with a person with dementia along with effective interventions to solve the problems created by these difficulties. Effective communication is crucial if people with dementia are to maintain their ties to social groups.

Conquer the Chaos: The Best Ideas in Time Management - DV1259
DVD 21 min. 2010 Adult
You can be successful at your job without working 60-hour weeks, straining your family life, or going home every night feeling exhausted and frustrated. This DVD shows how to manage your time effectively.

Controlando la Diabetes - DV1304
DVD 11 min. 2003 Adult
This DVD covers basic information on disease management. It explains the importance of regular check-ups, controlling sugar, eating healthy foods in healthy proportions, and exercise. It is intended for patients newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes

Controlling Diabetes (Vietnamese) - DV1305
DVD 11 min. 2003 Adult
Covers basic information on disease management. Explains the importance of regular check-ups, controlling sugar, eating healthy foods in healthy proportions, and exercise. Intended for patients newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes

Cultural Diversity and Nursing Practice - DV1266
DVD 23 min. 2010 Professional
This program was filmed in Australia. Professionalessional nursing requires a highly sophisticated set of communication skills. Every day, nurses must effectively communicate with people of differing religions, ages, sexes and cultures. To deliver the most appropriate and effective medical treatment to such a broad spectrum of people, nurses must have an understanding of the way different cultures interact. Framed as a discussion forum, this program offers a starting point for training in transcultural nursing. We discuss the aspects of transcultural nursing, the dangers of cultural conflict, and effective multicultural communication methods.

Cultural Diversity in Health Care: Assisted Living - DV1274
DVD 35 min. 2015 Professional
Culturally competent care adapts care interventions to the cultural needs and preferences of diverse clients. This program provides practical and effective methods of recognizing and dealing with the special needs of different cultures.

Danger Behind the Wheel: The Facts about Distracted Driving - DV1243
DVD 26 min. 2010 Senior High - Adult
This powerful program emphasizes the dangers of driving distractions, applying makeup, eating, changing radio channels but most of all, talking or texting via cell phone while driving. Viewers hear from ordinary people whose lives have been forever changed because of distracted driving. A young driver who crashed his car while texting describes how it feels to know that he caused the deaths of two innocent people. A young woman describes the severe injuries she endured, in addition to her parents’ deaths, as a result of a distracted teen talking on his phone while driving. Jennifer Smith, co-founder of the advocacy group FocusDriven, shares her story. David Strayer, a leading researcher explains that driving simulations in his lab have shown that talking on a cell phone, even with a hands-free device, is as dangerous as driving drunk. The program’s unforgettable stories and statistics make it clear that no cell phone call is worth losing a life. 

Danger of Marijuana Substance Abuse Powerpoint Presentation - CD0034
CD Senior High
This CD-Rom contains 24 full-color PowerPoint slides for classroom use. It covers an overview of the various forms of marijuana, the social and legal ramifications of marijuana use, and an analysis of the long and short-term effects of marijuana.

Dangers of Alcohol Substance Abuse Powerpoint Presentation - CD0032 CD Senior High
This CD-Rom contains 24 full-color PowerPoint slides for classroom use. The slides cover the topics of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), the long-term damage caused by alcohol abuse and more.

Dangers of Smoking Substance Abuse Powerpoint Presentation - CD0033
CD Senior High
This CD-Rom contains 24 full-color PowerPoint slides for classroom use. This CD-Rom delivers information about the dangers of smoking tobacco and the damage to the body’s systems. The twenty two slides offer details on addiction, secondhand smoke, bidis, herbal cigarettes, and more.

Dead End Diets: Why Fad Diets Don’t Work - DV1193
DVD 17 min. 2016 Senior High - Adult
There are dozens of quick-fix diets from eating only grapefruit, to detox cleanses, to chili pepper concoctions, to eating the way some celebrity recommends for instant weight loss. These fad diets do not work and may be harmful to your health. This program looks at the science of weight loss and dieting and contrasts it with the billions of dollars spent by the fad diet industry to hook you on one scheme or another. Katrina Schroeder, a nutritionist, explains how people get fooled into thinking a fad diet is good, only to find out that it has bad health consequences. She gives tips for healthy food prep and healthy eating habits.

Dementia Behavior Management - DV1293
DVD 30 min. 2018 Professional
This program teaches nurses and other healthcare workers to identify problem behaviors in long-term care settings and presents techniques for effectively intervening. It identifies reasons for disruptive behavior, including medical problems and stressors, and discusses sundowning and its symptoms. The program also considers what prompts a catastrophic reaction and lists six ways to defuse and de-escalate potential danger.

Disaster Preparedness in Home Health - DV1189
DVD 22 min. 2014 Professional
This video teaches home health aides how to respond quickly and appropriately to fires and natural disasters. They will learn how to react to the three classes of fires, how to use a fire extinguisher, and what steps can be taken to keep fires from happening.

Display Screen Equipment - DV0985
DVD 12 min. 2016 Adult
All workplaces make use of some sort of Display Screen Equipment (DSE). Display Screen Equipment, sometimes referred to as DSE, is any device, or piece of equipment that has an alphanumeric or graphic display screen. Equipment categorized as display screen equipment include: desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, cash register displays, LCD monitors, and all varieties of touchscreens. Tasks requiring prolonged use of display screen equipment can present hazards to users. Use of that equipment requires proper management to control the hazards and reduce the risks to users. This program aims to raise awareness of DSE issues in the workplace. By paying close attention to the requirements of the job and the design of the workplace, the impact on individuals’ health and safety at work can be made as small, and the workplace experience made as comfortable, as possible.

Drug Abuse Beyond Marijuana and Alcohol: Crossing the Thin Line - DV1239
DVD 18 min. 2017 Senior High - Adult
"Today’s teens are more likely to abuse prescriptions and over the counter medications than many illegal drugs. This is often referred to as ""pharming."" This program examines how these drugs effect the user. It defines street names for GHB & Rohypnol and explains the effects of MDMA, methamphetamines, and inhalants."

Dying High 2: Real Stories of Drugged Driving - DV1242
DVD 24 min. 2012 Senior High - Adult
This program moves onto the nation’s highways, where viewers follow an ambulance as it responds to a multi-vehicle accident involving teens and drugs. Viewers learn the driver severed his spinal cord and is now a quadriplegic. Viewers are briefed on the range of devastating outcomes resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. Teens who faced the horror of a drugged driving crash are interviewed. This DVD urges students to think about the impact their actions have on loved ones and friends when making decisions about drugs and driving.

Effective Psychotherapy with Men - DV1272
DVD 77 min. 2006 Professional
This program consists of a dramatic recreation of key moments in a 12-session course of therapy with Raymond, a man who at mid-life cannot feel excitement at the prospect of his impending fatherhood. Dr. Levant helps Raymond understand the socio-cultural forces that restrict the emotional lives of men, and in doing so creates a strong therapeutic bond. Then he gradually helps Raymond experience and appreciate the breadth and richness of his emotions. With these fuller resources at his disposal, Raymond is able to use Dr. Levant's support to make rapid and meaningful changes in his life.

El Sexo Puede Eesperar: Hable Con Sus Hijos - DV1306
DVD 24 min. 2004 Senior High – Adult
This DVD stresses the importance of talking to your children about sex. It suggests what information to give children at different ages and how to start a conversion. Parents should talk to children at an early age and continue to communicate with them as the issues become more serious.

Emergency Preparedness Step-by-Step: A Planning and Implementation Framework for Medicare and Medicaide Programs - DV1203
DVD 26 min. 2017 Professional
This video provides a framework for emergency readiness planning by senior living and senior care provides so they can understand the preparedness requirements of the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. 

Ethics Series with Dr. Marianne Jennings - DV1271
DVD 13 min. 2011 Adult
Dr. Marianne Jennings examines pressing topics, including the flaws of the gray-area myth, a lack of understanding why ethics matters, the culture of silence and fear of retaliation, and the pressures that compromise ethical decision-making.

Evacuation Procedures - DV1183
DVD 18 min. 2015 Adult
Would your employees be ready to clear the building safely during a crisis? Dealing with an emergency is never easy. Neither is evacuating a facility when one is happening. Very few people can think clearly or act logically in a crisis, often leading to a panic. The result can be a stampede that causes injuries and property damage. This program trains your employees how to evacuate in a calm and orderly fashion. It provides the information employees need to learn to act quickly and safely during a crisis.

Every Face Tells a Story: Jacqui's Story - DV1307
DVD 29 min. 2010 Senior High – Adult
This documentary tells the story of a deadly drunk driving crash that killed two young women and burned Jacqui Saburido, a college student, beyond recognition. Reginald Stephey traded college for the penitentiary when he decided to get behind the wheel after he had been drinking.

Everything You Need to Know About E-Cigarettes, Vaping, and Hookahs - DV1181
DVD 20 min. 2016 Senior High - Adult
This program challenges the belief that e-cigarettes and hookahs are risk-free healthy alternatives to traditional cigarettes. It shows how in a typical hookah session a smoker inhales 100 times the amount of toxin-laden smoke that is inhaled smoking a cigarette. While e-cigarettes don’t contain the carcinogens that come from burning tobacco, the vapor does contain highly addictive nicotine as well as other chemicals whose health risks we are only beginning to understand. Viewers also learn that teenagers who start vaping e-cigarettes are more likely to later smoke regular cigarettes. The program looks at how e-cigarettes have become a multi-billion dollar industry controlled largely by tobacco companies, who use the same deceptive advertising techniques they have used with cigarettes.

Ex Memoria: Some Memories Fade Others Keep Returning - DV1199
DVD 15 min. 2006 Professional
This dramatized story of a woman with Alzheimer's disease was filmed in England. Viewers experience the world through the eyes of a character named Eva, a woman who sometimes confuses the past with the present.

Exercise and Mental Health: The Mind-Body Connection - DV0991
DVD 83 min. 2012 Adult
Professor Terry Eckmann lectures about the mind-body connection. She explains the positive impact exercise has on anxiety, ADHD, depression, and stress. 

Facing Fears in Recovery - DV1291
DVD 59 min. 2017 Adult
Recovering addicts discuss their fears, their initial reluctance to attend AA meetings, their feelings about intimacy, physical health, the 4th and 5th steps, and their criminal pasts.

Fire Safety - DV1191
DVD 25 min. 2015 Professional
Fire safety involves everyone in your facility, including residents, nursing staff, housekeeping and visitors. This video explains OSHA standards that require employers to provide proper exits, fire fighting equipment and employee training to prevent fire deaths and injuries in the workplace.

Fire Safety for Office Workers - DV1247
DVD 16 min. 2010 Adult
While office workers often don't think much about the potential for fire while performing their jobs, there are more than 1,000 fires in office environments each year. This program discusses how to eliminate the factors that contribute to the ignition of fires and how to respond if a fire were to break out. Topics covered also include: good housekeeping, controlling electrical fire hazards, emergency action plans, evacuation procedures, classes of fire and their extinguishing agents, the importance of using the appropriate fire extinguisher, using the PASS system to extinguish a fire, and treating fire-related injuries.

Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis: A Daily Battle - DV1207
DVD 13 min. 2015 Professional
This program explores the importance of students with allergies having an emergency care plan. Teachers and nurses are urged to modify their classroom practices to accommodate students with allergies. It shows them the symptoms of anaphylaxis and how to administer an EpiPen.

Food Safety: It's In Your Hands DV0993
DVD 21 min. 2015 Senior High - Adult
Discover the steps to keeping food safe from foodborne illness by joining a chef in the kitchen along with a microbiologist to learn what you need to know for clean and safe food storage and preparation. This program reviews common foodborne illnesses, proper hand washing technique, preventing cross-contamination, the time and temperature danger zone, and keeping the kitchen clean.

Forget Me Not - DV1318
DVD 44 min. 2017 Adult
This program was filmed in Australia. Three families tell their stories about adjusting to life with the disease. Two of the patients have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's.

From Top to Bottom: The Front Line of Infection Control - DV1245
DVD 12 min. 2006 Professional
This video discusses common microorganisms, where they are found, and how they can cause infection and illness. It demonstrates the methods of proper and effective hand hygiene and describe the kinds of personal protective equipment that should be worn during cleaning and disinfecting tasks. It also hows cleaning and disinfection solutions and procedures for their use and demonstrates how to mix, store and dispose of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals. This video reviews the best practices for working with sharps, waste and other hazards to ensure worker safety.

George Albee on Prevention DV1273
DVD 71 min. 2007 Professional
Dr. Carlos Zalaquette interviews pioneer of preventive psychology Dr. George Albee. Dr. Albee explains how counseling and therapy focus on victims and survivors of a system that constantly injures the human psyche without addressing causes of that distress. Ethical psychology and counseling, on the other hand, emphasizes prevention. Albee shows the why and how of prevention and what it can do to make a difference to the study of psychology. He discusses his interest in community psychology and the importance of looking at the interaction of societal factors and mental health.

Geriatric Depression Scale Short Form DV1201
DVD 28 min. 2009 Professional
This training DVD demonstrates the importance of improving quality of life by assessing and treating depression in older adults. It provides potential ways to treat the depression, as well as, how to recognize the range of symptoms, and properly interpret the assessment (when dealing with very withdrawn or hesitant persons). The DVD also discusses how multidisciplinary staff can communicate and adapt these findings toward an effective plan of care.

Get Off the SoFAS DV1258
DVD 36 min. 2012 Senior High - Adult
Viewers learn what SOlid Fats and Added Sugars have in common, and why new nutritional guidelines say to avoid these calorie nightmares. But are other fats and sugars really any different? They are! This program explains the why, what, and how of it all.

Get Wise to Portion Size - DV0994
DVD 18 min. 2014 Senior High - Adult
Viewers learn more about why portion size matters and how to eat the right amount. Short segments and an interview with a registered dietitian explain the issues with portion sizes.

Great Nursing Assistant: The Resident's Perspective - DV1311
DVD 17 min. 2005 Professional
Long term care residents urge nursing assistants to listen and communicate with them, try to understand and meet their needs, and to show patience and kindness at all times. Residents of long term care ask to be treated as individuals with individual needs and want choices about their daily care and routines. Nursing assistants should communicate the needs of the residents to the next shift person and respond to call bells in a timely manner.

Hand Protection: Lessons for a Lifetime - DV1229
DVD 22 min. 2010 Adult
Viewers watch workers recount their gripping experiences with hand injuries and learn how their mishaps, involving tools, machines, ergonomics and electricity, occurred. Viewers learn about the different glove types, what they are, how they are used, and when they are used.

Hand, Wrist, and Finger Safety - DV1285
DVD 15 min. 2018 Adult
Your employees’ hands are their most valuable tool. Every day their hands, wrists, and fingers are exposed to many different hazards, including cuts, bruises, burns, and crushing injuries. To work safely, employees need to understand the hazards they could encounter in their workplace, and know the equipment and safe work practices they can use to prevent injuries.

Healthy Eating on a Budget - DV0995
DVD 20 min. 2011 Senior High - Adult
This program reviews the basics of healthy nutrition and gives lots of tips on how to feed a family plenty of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, while minimizing saturated and trans-fat, and save money in the process. Tips for meal planning, shopping, and cooking are included.

Healthy Eating on a Budget for Singles and Couples DV0992
DVD 19 min. 2010 A
Singles don't like to cook for themselves and couples wonder how they can take advantage of savings that seem geared to larger families. This program will help both shop for, prepare and enjoy healthy meals and still save money.

Help I Have to Give a Speech! - DV1312
DVD 425 min. 2006 Adult
Patricia Fripp explains how to design a presentation to be persuasive and memorable. She gives tips on connecting with every audience with confidence.

The HIPAA Rule: Healthcare, Privacy, Security, and Enforcement - DV1246
DVD 17 min. 2013 Professional
This video reviews the main points of the HIPAA privacy & security rule, including modifications made by the HITECH Breach Notification Rule. Viewers learn who must comply with HIPAA. They also become familiar with strategies for applying the rule and the definition of Protected Health Information (PHI). The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) is reviewed. Health care staff must de-identify health information.

Home Health Care Abuse and Neglect - DV1284
DVD 12 min. 2018 Adult
Learning to recognize elder or child abuse and neglect is a very important and unfortunate part of being a Home Health Care Worker. It can be hard to spot the more subtle forms of neglect and abuse and many cases go unnoticed or unreported. Help train your Home Health Care Workers so they will know what to do in these situations. This video comes with both English and Spanish on one DVD.

Hooked on Painkillers - DV1244
DV 30 min. 2015 Senior High - Adult
This program from England investigates the increasing number of opioid painkillers being prescribed by family doctors, with one leading pain specialist now seeing patients at pain clinics on doses well above the amount believed to be effective. The rise in the use of these painkillers, which come from the same chemical family as heroin, could be putting these patients at higher risk of side effects, including addiction, with potentially little effect on their chronic pain. The film makers travel to Kentucky to look at the effect opioids have had on areas there, finding that many people are abusing prescription medications. They also meet a person who became addicted after being prescribed opioids following surgery.

How Addiction Hijacks the Brain - DV1194
DVD 24 min. 2016 Senior High - Adult
This program drives home the message that drug addiction is a disease of the brain and that teens are at highest risk for acquiring this disease. Leading scientists detail how drugs like heroin, nicotine, cocaine and marijuana change the brain, subvert the way it registers pleasure and corrupt learning and motivation. Young recovering addicts describe how addiction involves intense craving for a drug and loss of control over its use. Viewers also learn that the brain’s plasticity, or ability to change, offers hope for addicts that they can turn their lives around.

How to End Unhealthy Relationships - DV1278
DVD 16 min. 2016 Senior High
This program offers teens insight on how to honestly assess the health of relationships particularly romantic relationships and intense friendships, and then presents concrete steps to help viewers end unhealthy relationships.

How to Give Effective Performance Feedback to Employees - CD0036
CD 78 min. 2011 Adult
Drew Stevens explains how to give employees clear, positive, constructive feedback in this webinar with PowerPoint slides.

I Remember Better When I Paint: Treating Alzheimer's Through the Creative Arts - DV1308
DVD 55 min. 2009 Adult
This internationally-filmed DVD documents the use of creative workshops, artistic expression classes, and trips to the museum as an effective therapy for persons with dementia. As it explains what happens in the brain of a person with Alzheimer’s and highlights research, it shares real examples of persons with Alzheimer’s who “come back to life”, and experience elevated self-esteem and positive mood changes when engaged in art and other creative outlets.

Impact of Stress, Exercise, and Lifestyle on the Immune System - DV1265
DVD 24 min. 2008 Adult
Professor Connie Rogers lectures on the components of the immune system. Professor Rogers defines the basic cell types of the immune system and explains their function. She talks about the specific effect of stress, exercise, and lifestyle on the immune system and provides guidelines for incorporating exercise and healthy lifestyle practices into daily life.

In the Heat of the Moment: Making Difficult Decisions about Sex - DV1279
DVD 16 min. 2018 Adult
College students and older teens are confronted with difficult and complex choices when it comes to making important sexual decisions. This program features real people in their late teens and early twenties describing their personal experiences with issues such as communication and consent. The program is divided into 3 sections: Are you ready? Is your partner ready? and Consenting or not consenting. This program should be previewed before showing.

Infection Control in Long Term Care - DV1294
DVD 15 min. 2014 Professional
This program provides healthcare professionals working in long term care with background information on the development of infection control techniques, and reviews the fundamentals of pathogen transmission, which serves as the basis for strategies to interrupt that transmission.

Infection Control in Long Term Care: Protect Your Residents, Protect Yourself - DV1223
DVD 23 min. 2010 Professional
This program can help your staff keep residents in long-term care facilities infection-free. It covers the identification of common infections, factors that increase susceptibility, and various practices that can help control and prevent disease.

Infection Control in the Home Setting - DV1286
DVD 25 min. 2013 Professional
This program explains how to manage laundry, dispose of waste, and use disinfectant to prevent the spreading of infection in a client’s home.

Intravenous Therapy: Basics and Venipuncture - DV1295
DVD 26 min. 2016 Professional
This program describes the basics of intravenous (I.V.)  therapy and demonstrates the correct technique for performing a venipuncture to initiate intravenous therapy.

Is it the Right Time: The Nursing Home Decision - DV1198
DVD 13 min. 2010 Adult
The family of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease struggles with the decision to place their loved one in a long term care facility. The family members participate in a social worker-facilitated discussion of how the decision was made and how the communication regarding the decision might have been better handled.

Is Mrs. Jones Okay? - DV1208
DVD 19 min.   2010 Senior High - Adult
When staff members look in on a resident, how do they determine whether the resident is truly okay? This DVD identifies what to do and look for when performing routine resident checks. It encourages taking time to look, listen, ask questions, take vital signs, and document any mental or physical changes that may signal a change in health status. The ‘checklist’ of areas to consider include: skin color, facial expressions, body positioning, body temperature, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. The video also discusses the importance of knowing each resident and looking for communication cues from residents who are non-verbal or have dementia, so the caregiver is equipped to recognize the onset of any potential health problems.”

Keep Your Cool Stress Management for Nurses: Key Stressors and How to Deal with Them - DV1257
DVD 36 min. 2017 Professional
This video explores common stressors within the nursing Professionalession. Learn the symptoms of stress in patients, conflict resolution strategies, and coping with your own anxiety or grief.

Keep Your Cool Stress Management for Nurses: Stress and the Nursing Profession - DV1256
DV 36 min. 2017 Professional
Three out of four nurses cite stress as an adverse side effect to the Profession. Learn what causes stress, its symptoms, and how to reduce it.

Keys to Improving Employee Accountability - CD0035
CD 71 min. 2006 Adult
Deidre Dutcher urges managers to set clear performance expectations and to deliver constant feedback in this webinar with PowerPoint slides.

Leadership at Every Level - DV1314
DVD 24 min. 2011 Adult
Imagine if all your good managers became great leaders. Learn how setting and subordinates determine which management style is most appropriate for your situation.

Learn to Lead: Lessons with Captain Sully Sullenberger - DV1221
DVD 20 min. 2012 Adult
Captain Sully Sullenberger, the heroic pilot who safely landed a crashing passenger plane into the Hudson river, explains his five principles of leadership. These principles are: have a clear set of values and consistently live them, care deeply, create a sense of shared responsibility and then empower employees, make a life-long commitment to learn and grow, be a realistic optimist.

Living with Hospice - DV1264
DV 28 min. 2005 Adult
This documentary uses a story- telling approach to capture family experiences with hospice. It touches people that are famous and ordinary, old and young, black and white, patients and caregiver, living their final days in a meaningful way with loved ones close at hand.

Lung Diseases and Asthma - DV1315
DVD 28 min. 2016 Adult
This lecture with respiratory therapist Christi Leichty examines the causes and common symptoms of lung disease including smoking, radon, and asbestos. Leichty also discusses various lung diseases and the affected area of the respiratory system and shares information on several lung diseases that affect the airways, air sacs, interstitium, pleura, and chest wall.

Measuring Vital Signs Part 1: Temperature, Pulse, Respiration - DV1296
DVD 20 min. 2017 Professional
Temperature measurement is demonstrated using electronic, aural (tympanic), and temporal thermometers. Techniques and sites used for measuring the pulse are shown, and assessment of the rate, depth, rhythm and quality of respiration is demonstrated.

Measuring Vital Signs Part 2: Blood Pressure and Pain - DV1297
DVD 17 min. 2017 Professional
This program demonstrates and describes how to accurately measure blood pressure and assess pain in a patient.

Medical Aspects of Substance Use Disorders: The Neurobiology of Addiction - DV1255
DVD 25 min.  2016 Senior High - Adult
Medical experts provide information on the neurobiology of addiction, explaining how alcohol and other drugs affect brains and bodies, and why, because of changes in brain chemistry, it is so difficult to overcome a severe substance disorder. This DVD provides the facts about synthetic drugs, alcohol, amphetamines, club drugs, cocaine, hallucinogens, heroin, inhalants, marijuana, methamphetamine, nicotine, prescription, synthetic, addiction.

Modeling Person-Centered Care in Practice - DV1200
DVD 27 min. 2014 Professional
The DVD documents real people with dementia as they spend their day at an adult day care center. It shows how the Professionalessional caregivers and an art therapist interact with them to create a life-affirming environment that boosts their self-esteem and honors their individual needs. Viewers will learn a variety of person-centered techniques for preventing boredom and defusing challenging behaviors through engagement and personalized activities.

Move it Safely: Avoiding Injury While Moving Materials - DV1254
DVD 10 min. 2013 Adult
Workers struggle to lift and carry materials which are too heavy and should not be carried alone. In order to move objects safely, employees must be well trained in safe material handling techniques while also maintaining the proper attitude and state of mind to use their training each time they lift or move an object. This program discusses the techniques, precautions and safe work practices you can follow so that when an object must be moved, you are able to move it safely.

New Dietary Guidelines: The Top 9 Things You Need to Know - DV1240
DVD 19 min. 2017 Senior High – Adult
This program focuses on the USDA’s dietary guidelines. Students examine how diet relates to health and disease and learn that a nutrient-dense diet includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The program stresses the importance of limiting added sugars, sodium, and saturated fats and eliminating trans fats altogether. The program shows how small dietary shifts can lead to significant benefits; and it highlights physical activity as a critical component of a healthy lifestyle. Finally, students learn how the guidelines offer students individualized suggestions based on their own specific needs.

Nursing Assistant: Documentation - DV1298
DVD 15 min. 2014 Professional
Documentation serves as a legal record of the care received by a resident. The primary form of documentation that nurse aides are responsible for is the Activities of Daily Living sheet. The information on an ADL sheet can help a caregiving team find out if a resident’s condition is remaining the same, getting worse or improving. A nurse aide’s documentation can be critical to the development of an ongoing care plan that addresses a resident’s individual needs. Other types of documentation that may be expected of nurse aides include charting vital signs and recording whether or not a resident is experiencing pain.

Nursing Assistant: Incontinence Care - DV1197
DVD 18 min. 2014 Professional
This program reviews two basic types of incontinence care: toileting assistance and perineal care. The program also discusses three types of problems often associated with incontinence: urinary retention, urinary tract infection and constipation.

Nursing Assistant: Moving and Turning Skills - DV1299
DVD 10 min. 2013 Professional
Nursing assistants learn how to use a lift sheet to move a patient up in bed, to the side of a bed and to perform a log roll. They also learn how to move a patient to the side of the bed without a lift sheet and how to turn a patient towards them and away from them.

Nursing Assistant: Understanding and Caring for Residents with Depression -DV1300
DVD 24 min. 2014 Professional
This program provides caregivers with an understanding of depression and its impact on the lives of elderly individuals. It also describes ways in which caregivers can assist residents who may be experiencing depression.

Office Ergonomics - DV1184
DVD 17 min. 2015 Adult
One size does not fit all, and sometimes that's a real pain. The places where we work and the things we work with (our desks, chairs, computers, and other tools that we use) do not fit everyone equally. For many of us efficiency, comfort and safety in the office can often be hard to come by. However, it can be done using ergonomics! This training program addresses how to recognize ergonomic problems, the potential for adverse effects if our offices are not set up ergonomically, and practical solutions employees themselves can use to do that.

One Nation, Overdosed - DV1290
DVD 19 min. 2017 Adult
Reporters for the Nightline program explore the opioid addiction epidemic that kills at least 91 Americans every day. They follow along on a DEA drug bust and watch as EMS revives people who overdose.

The Opioids Epidemic: How I Became a Heroin Addict - DV0987
DVD 22 min. 2017 Senior High - Adult
This video looks at the opioid epidemic through the eyes of 4 recovering, young addicts, Jesse, Peter, Cindy and Sam. By revealing their stories, viewers will learn how quickly and easily it is to transition from pain pills to shooting up heroin. The young users talk about how they stole money from their friends and family members to get enough money to feed their habit. Two of them, Peter and Sam attempted suicide They also talk about hope, hope to not use again, hope to get through the pain of detox, and the hope of a better, sober life ahead.

OSHA Standards Bloodborne Pathogens - DV1188
DVD 31 min. 2015 Professional
This video for health care assistants discusses infection transmission, prevention, and current treatment modalities. It explores infection control and current procedures for care that comply with OSHA standards for bloodborne pathogens.

Pathophysiology: Neurological System: Acute Brain Injuries - DV1214 
DVD 28 min 2016 Professional
This program focuses on acute injuries to the brain. Beginning with a brief discussion of increased intracranial pressure and cerebral edema, both of which are common in brain pathologies, it describes traumatic brain injuries, concussions, skull fractures, and stroke.

Personal Hygiene in the Workplace - DV1261
DVD 6 min. 2011 Adult
Personal hygiene can make or break a person's success at a job. It can cause discomfort and embarrassment that results in a breakdown of communication and productivity. This program has been developed as a tool for employers to be proactive in addressing the subject, as well as an aid to those managers and supervisors that find themselves in the position of needing to react and take action in the event of a complaint.

PPE: Inspect and Respect - DV1230
DVD 17 min. 2013 Adult
Employees must maintain safety by wearing their PPE and caring for it, cleaning it, and maintaining it. This DVD helps heighten employee awareness of the importance of PPE and shares important information on the types of PPE and how to properly inspect and care for it. This DVD teaches viewers about protective equipment for the head, hand, eyes, face, and lungs.

Preventing Medication Errors Part 1: General Recommendations for System-Wide Change - DV1218
DVD 23 min. 2016 Professional
This program details the scope of medication errors and lists the five rights of medical administration. It also explains additional safety practices often considered to be medication rights. It also describes safe medication administration practices that are part of the Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals.

Preventing Medication Errors Part 2: Sources of Errors and Basic Safety Principles - DV1219
DVD 24 min. 2016 Professional
This second program in a 3-part series will define the different events that may result from drug-related errors and identify the common sources of these mistakes.  In addition, the eight rights of medication administration, which are the foundation for safe practice, will be described.

Preventing Medication Errors Part 3: What Nurses Can Do - DV1220
DVD 23 min. 2016 Professional
This final program in a three-part series on preventing medication errors describes best practice recommendations from the Joint Commission that nurses can put in place in their own day-to-day activities. This includes ways to increase patient involvement and education so that they can make a difference and protect themselves from medication errors.

Promoting Independence for Persons with Dementia - DV1301
DVD 19 min. 2018 Professional
After viewing the program, nursing assistants will be able to assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) while promoting resident independence and dignity. They will be able to recognize care strategies for dressing, grooming, toileting, bathing, and eating for people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Protection from Heat Related Illnesses - DV1260
DVD 22 min. 2011 Adult
For workers who are outdoors in the summer or workers who are indoors in a hot workplace there can be a significant risk of heat-induced disorders. This training program goes over several issues relative to working in high temperatures and trains employees on the different types of heat related illnesses, how to recognize them, and what to do if they or a co-worker experiences a heat related illness. Workers learn how to prepare for working in the heat and what to do if they experience or witness a heat related illness.

Reading and Understanding the New Food Label 2nd ed. - DV1287
DVD 30 min. 2017 Adult
This program highlights changes in the new food label, which will be required after 2020. Viewers learn how the label will be simplified for the consumer and modernized based on contemporary nutrition science.

Recovery Basics: How to Start Strong and Keep Going - DV1249
DVD 60 min. 2016 Adult
This DVD helps smooth the transition from addiction to recovery by equipping those in recovery with the strategies and tools needed when small choices can have big consequences. A mental health expert discusses six basic topics: starting your recovery; preventing relapse; managing your day; managing thoughts and feelings; building healthy relationships; and keeping it going. Specific techniques that address cravings, triggers, negative influences, conflicting emotions, shame, guilt, and relapse are all presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Responsible Business Communication - DV1222
DVD 21 min. 2016 Adult
In a world where virtually anything scribbled or typed may be considered business-related, it is critically important to follow some basic rules of business correspondence. Failure to do so could result in far-reaching, often unforeseen legal implications. Any email, handwritten note, calendar entry, or even an annotation in the margins can be archived and become part of a communication chain that can cost your company time, money and even its reputation. Viewers will learn how to identify the risks of irresponsible business communication and avoid communication mistakes.

Restraints: Alternatives to Restraints - DV1190
DVD 15 min. 2014 Professional
Over the last two decades, the use of restraints has declined dramatically in acute, long term care and psychiatric healthcare settings. The pressure to reduce the use of restraints has been driven by both patient advocacy groups and Professionalessional healthcare organizations. This program will discuss finding alternatives to restraints in any medical facility. Other programs in this series discuss the legal issues involved in using restraints, and the safe use of restraints when they are necessary.

Restraints: Safe Application of Restraints - DV1195
DVD 15 min. 2014 Professional
The use of restraints in healthcare has declined dramatically in acute, long term care and psychiatric healthcare settings as alternatives have been developed and pressure has mounted to reduce their use. However, the use of restraints cannot be eliminated, and their safe use is often required to ensure the safety of both patients and healthcare Professionalessionals. The purpose of this program is to provide nurses and other healthcare Professionalessionals with guidance on the safe application, use and monitoring of restraints when alternatives are inappropriate or have proven ineffective.

Right/Wrong to Win/Win Peer-to-Peer Conflict Resolution - DV1280
DVD 12 min. 2018 Adult
This DVD will not play on a computer. It will only play in a DVD player. Using a dramatized scenario, this program explains a five step conflict resolution process. The characters of Izzy and Rob resolve to step away from the conflict, prepare for a meeting to discuss the conflict, focus on the problem, meet face to face and seek a win/win solution.

Safety Matters: Active Shooter Preparedness - DV1225
DVD 8 min. 2016 Adult
This DVD addresses how to report suspicious activity as well as how to respond in an active shooter incident by determining when it's best to run, hide or fight. The course will conclude by mapping out what to expect and how to respond when law enforcement arrives at the scene.

Safety Matters: Fire Safety - DV1224
DVD 9 min. 2016 Adult
This DVD covers important safety matters like how fires start, how to prevent them, and how to fight a fire if you ever find yourself face-to-face with the flames.

Safety Matters: Personal Protective Equipment - DV1226
DVD 8 min. 2016 Adult
This DVD shows employees the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to use for the various hazards they may face in their workplace. It discusses the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee for wearing, maintaining, and replacing appropriate PPE for specific tasks.

Sensory Loss and Aging - DV1233
DVD 19 min. 2015 Professional
The decline or total loss of any of the five senses has an enormous impact on an older person's independence and the quality of life they enjoy. One of the key responsibilities for caregivers in an aged care setting is to identify signs of sensory loss and develop a range of techniques to assist the client's day to day needs in areas including communication and personal safety. This interview led program outlines the difficulties and behaviors a CNA may encounter as a result of a client's sensory impairment as well as providing practical strategies and management plans to assist caregivers in meeting the needs of clients with sensory impairment.

Setting Clear Goals and Performance Expectations for Employees - CD0037
CD 78 min. 2013 Adult
In this webinar, Ray Santerini teaches techniques for clearly communicating expectations and effectively following up with the employee after the supervisor and employee have agreed upon goals.

Severe Dangers of Opioid Painkiller Fentanyl - DV1288
DVD 8 min. 2016 Adult
More powerful than morphine or heroin, Fentanyl killed pop star Prince and the DEA is issuing a warning to its agents about handling the deadly drug.

Show Me Science: Blood Vital to our Existence - DV0996
DVD 14 min. 2012 JrH
This program explores the composition of blood and looks at the heart and circulatory system. It features animated graphics that demonstrate the pumping of the heart, how red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells and remove carbon dioxide and how white blood cells protect the body.

Show me Science: Skin Our Largest Organ - DV0997
DVD 14 min. 2012 JrH
This program takes a close look at the epidermis, which provides the first line of defense against the outside world and delves into the mysteries of the dermis. This program explains how the body fights off infections and the damaging effects of the sun.

Show Me Science: The Spine and Spinal Cord - DV0998
DVD 15 min. 2012 JrH
This program looks at the design of the spinal cord and the medical advances in treating spinal cord injuries.

Show Me Science: Trip Through the Circulatory System - DV0999
DVD 12 min. 2012 JrH
This program explores two different physiological systems that work together in order to keep our bodies running efficiently. Students will learn how our respiratory system processes oxygen and how oxygen is used within our bodies. Well also learn about the circulatory system and how it transports oxygen throughout our bodies.

Skin and Wound Care: Treatment and Prevention - DV1192
DVD 20 min. 2015 Professional
This video will explain the major causes of skin disorders in long-term care settings, what you can do to prevent them. Viewers will learn how to use the S.K.I.N. check to identify possible wounds or skin disorders and assess skin disorders that may already be present.

Stages of Labor 3: A Visual Guide - DV1270
DVD 35 min. 2013 Adult
This DVD uses 3D animation to show the anatomy of pregnancy, pre-labor signs, onset of labor, and the four stages of labor.

Stop Bullying with Mike Hall - DV1248
DVD 22 min. 2014 Junior High - Senior High
Kids who are the victims of bullying are given a proven method for disarming perpetrators; a method simply called the four C’s. Victims of bullies must be calm, connected, confident, and last but not least compliment the bully. Kids are urged not to fight back with violence but to use the four C method instead.

Stranger Danger Awareness: The Five Traps - DV1182
DVD 10 min. 2015 Elementary
Through acted out dramatic vignettes this program demonstrates 5 traps that are commonly used by child abusers to lure children away from their surroundings and into harms way. Your viewers will see how strangers they encounter on the street, in stores, or on the way to school, or out in cyberspace can be dangerous regardless of their appearance. The traps are the pet trap, the playmate trap, the car trap, the tech trap, and the authority trap.

Strategies for Sobriety - DV1251
DVD 40 min. 2009 Adult
Dr. Bill Loving of Austin Texas explains why alcoholism and drug addiction are referred to as diseases. He lectures about how the brain is affected and how the reward center of the brain is hijacked. He also gives practical, effective, and hopeful guidance for dealing with the problem. An appendix includes information on the evolution of AA, AA tips, dual diagnosis, family involvement, prescription medicines, and drugs that stimulate the reward center.

Supervisor on the Scene: Teamwork - DV1206
DVD 12 min. 2014 Adult
This DVD helps supervisors set goals that are specific, challenging but realistic, and understood and agreed upon. Team leaders learn how to specify the role and importance of every employee and sustain teamwork through communication, conflict resolution, and celebrations of succes. This DVD may not play in a computer DVD drive.

Teens in Treatment: Life Beyond Getting High Rehab - DV1238
DVD 30 min. 2017 Senior High - Adult
This program teaches teens that a life of addiction can be changed. Personal accomplishments can be achieved and a healthy successful life without dependence on drugs or alcohol is possible. Viewers learn the steps involved in rehab and recovery. They learn of the potential success of the multi-systemic approach and the joys of life after treatment.

Teens in Treatment: The Warning Signs of Addiction - DV1237
DVD 30 min. 2017 Senior High - Adult
This program explores the traits associated with an addictive personality and warning signs of addiction. The desire to belong, to be accepted, and to be popular often makes drugs attractive. Boredom, depression, low self-esteem, and peer pressure can also make teens susceptible to using drugs. This program addresses the physical, mental, and behavioral effects of drug abuse and explores effective treatment options.

To the Point About Back Safety - DV1262
DVD 12 min. 2016 Adult
This program trains employees on the mechanics of how the back operates along with proper lifting techniques and other steps they need to take to prevent back injuries. This program quickly gets to the point about the important topic of back safety and explains OSHA’s required training points to your employees. This DVD contains both English and Spanish versions.

Tracking Zika - DV1289
DVD 54 min. 2017 Adult
Zika: the name of a forest in Uganda where the virus of the same name was first identified in 1947. Virtually forgotten at the far end of the world, Zika was thrust into the spotlight in 2013. This video highlights the difficulties of stopping this deadly virus, tracking its movements, and the effects of Zika.

Tuberculosis - DV1187
DVD 38 min. 2015 Professional
This program contains the latest CDC guidelines and the requirements of OSHA and is intended for all health care workers. Learn what TB is, how it is transmitted and how to prevent transmission.

Understanding Birth: A Comprehensive Guide, 3rd ed. - DV1268
DVD 146 min. 2015 Adult
This comprehensive guide has the following chapters. Pregnancy: fetal development, emotions, anatomy, discomforts, nutrition, preterm labor, hazards, exercise. Labor: onset, stages. Brandy’s Birth Story: unmedicated birth story shows stages of labor, comfort techniques, and partner support. Comfort Techniques: support team, massage, visualization, vocalization, breathing, relaxation, hydrotherapy, labor positions, pushing positions, pushing techniques. Medical Procedures: birth plans, BRAIN acronym, induction, monitoring, analgesics, epidurals, augmentation, 2nd stage interventions. Cesarean Birth: reasons for cesareans, risks, surgery preparation, anesthesia, surgery animation, breastfeeding, recovery. Newborns: appearance, procedures, first feeding, senses, crying, abusive head trauma, sleep, SIDS safety. Postpartum: involution, lochia, perineum care, emotions (PPD), support, healthy habits, breastfeeding.

Understanding Breastfeeding: Your Guide to a Healthy Start - DV1263
DVD 32 min. 2013 Adult
Mothers learn how breastfeeding works, the importance of breastfeeding and the different breastfeeding positions. Mothers see hunger and satiation cues and some typical feeding patterns. They also learn how to feed a sleepy baby. This video shows how to make sure a baby is getting enough milk, recognize the signs of milk transfer, keep a feeding and diaper log, and where to go for help. They view segments on caring for their own bodies and expressing and pumping breast milk. Tips are given about involving their partners in the process and how to breastfeed after they return to employment.

Understanding Cesarean Birth - DV1267
DVD 19 min. 2015 Adult
Through two cesarean birth stories, one planned and one unplanned, this DVD helps teach essential information about cesarean birth. The DVD explains why cesareans are performed, the risks to mom and baby, the benefits of skin to skin, breastfeeding, and recovery tips. Expectant moms learn how to reduce the chances of having a cesarean. The medical procedure is shown through 3D animation.

Understanding Why Elder Abuse Happens: How Institutional Circumstances Get Out of Control - DV1310
DVD 20 min. 2006 Professional
Long term care staff take a realistic look at many of the institutional challenges that can cause abuse. They offer practical suggestions to help staff handle stressful situations like working double shifts and dealing with frustrated residents and family members.

Understanding Your Newborn: The First Six Weeks and Beyond - DV1269
DVD 40 min. 2016 Adult
This DVD provides comprehensive, evidence-based education about baby care in the first six weeks and beyond. It covers the importance of baby cues, early brain growth, and bonding. Viewers learn about newborn traits and behaviors, crying and comforting, feeding, diapering, bathing, and how to keep newborns healthy and safe.

Values and Ethics: Situations for Discussion - DV1205
DVD 12 min. 2001 Adult
Is it wrong to...? Should I or shouldn't I....? Your employees may not have a clear understanding of ethical and unethical issues at work. Be their moral compass and lay down a solid foundation for workplace ethics. In this program, learn from short dramatic vignettes that illustrate ethically questionable behaviors and use them as a springboard for sound ethical policies.

Violence in the Long Term Care Workplace: Protecting Ourselves and Our Residents - DV1302
DVD 33 min. 2018 Professional
Long term care staff will learn how to recognize different forms of workplace violence and the risk factors that can increase the likelihood of an occurrence. They will understand what to do to help prevent violence and how to respond if violence does occur.

Why Are We Getting So Fat? - DV1317
DVD 51 min. 2016 Adult
This program was filmed in the United Kingdom. We are in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Over 60% of adults in the UK are currently classed as overweight or obese, and this figure is set to rise. Is it really as simple as eating less and exercising more? Cambridge geneticist Dr Giles Yeo meets some of Britain’s largest people to find out. From rare genetic mutations to the prevalence of energy-dense foods, our experiences in the womb to our early childhood, Giles uncovers the factors that could play a part in weight gain.

Winning Presentations for Make or Break Moments - DV1282
DVD 23 min. 2014 Adult
This DVD will not play on a computer. It will only play in a DVD player. This program teaches story structure as it relates to giving engaging presentations. It follows two business professionals as they craft their message and improve their delivery style to better reach their audiences.

Workplace Stress - DV1185
DVD 14 min. 2015 Adult
"This DVD explains the difference between positive and negative stress. Viewers are taught to recognize the symptoms of stress and its effects on the mind and body. They are shown how to relieve stress on the body through exercises they can perform at their desks."

Workplace Violence - DV1186
DVD 14 min. 2015 Adult
This training program explores the underlying causes of workplace violence and teaches employees how to spot the early warning signs of potential violence. They also learn what to do and what not to do when confronted with an armed assailant.

Workplace Violence in Healthcare Facilities -DV1283
DVD 15 min. 2017 Adult
This program reminds workers of the hazards associated with aggressive behavior, the importance of an effective workplace violence prevention program, common locations, situations, and types of people often involved in violence, safe practices to prevent violent behavior, and what actions to take if violence occurs.

Worlds Apart: Four Part Series on Cross Cultural Healthcare - DV1303
DVD 48 min. 2003 Professional
This film follows four patients and their families as they are faced with critical medical decisions. Mohammad from Afghanistan is diagnosed with cancer. Justine is a 4-year old from Laos with an atrial septal defect. Robert is an African-American man with renal disease. Alicia is a woman from Puerto Rico with hypertension and asthma.

Yes, Lives in the Land of No - DV1281
DVD 8 min. 2007 Adult
This DVD will not play on a computer. It will only play in a DVD player. It's no secret that we live in a world full of negativity. It surrounds us; in our workplaces, in our communities, even in our families. But sometimes it's our own negativity that stands between us and success.

Your Body and Your Health: The Impact of Alcohol and Drugs - DV1216
DVD 36 min. 2011 Adult
Dr. Carlos Tirado, addiction psychiatrist, explains the health consequences of the risky behavior of addicts. Addicts often contract other diseases such as STD's, including hepatitis and HIV/AIDS because of their risky behavior. They smoke more and have more accidents. This glimpse at an often overlooked aspect of substance abuse and addiction is presented an s an interview.

You're Looking at Me Like I live Here and I Don't - DV1250
DVD 53 min 2011 Adult
This documentary was filmed in an Alzheimer’s unit and is told from the perspective of Lee Gorewitz, a woman with Alzheimer’s disease. Gorewitz wanders on a personal odyssey through her Alzheimer’s care unit. From the moment she wakes up, she is on a quest for reminders of her past and of her identity. This film provides a total immersion into the fragmented day-to-day experience of dementia while challenging our preconceptions of illness and aging.

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