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NEW ONLINE VIDEOS - December 11, 2012

This service focuses on all areas of the library’s collections. The subject areas include long term care; rehabilitation; early childhood; physical disabilities; mental health; applying, interviewing and keeping a job; and much more.  Register and Log in for your own personal account in this service. It’s all free. (Limited to Texas residents) Call toll free (888) 963-7111 ext. 7260 or e-mail for more information about library services.


Alcohol and Alcoholism

Hope for the Alcoholic:Scientific Breakthroughs
Driving and Choosing to Drink: Think About It


Dealing with Bullying

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dementia and Long Term Care

Alzheimer's Today: A Caregiver's Guide
Emotional Needs of the Resident

Early Childhood

Read My Lips: Learning Language
The Social Toddler

Food Safety and Nutrition

Food Allergies
Food Poisoning
Nutrition and Weight Management
Nutrition and Eating Disorders

Hearing Loss

Conquer Silence: Restore Hearing

Job Searching and Etiquette

Answering Interview Questions
Common Job Interview Mistakes: What NOT to Say or Do
Job Search: Busting the Myths

Effective Job Search for People with Disabilities
Job Interview Essentials for People with Disabilities
Smart Resumes and Applications for People with Disabilities

Business Etiquette: Professionalism 101
Professional Image: Professionalism 101
Working Together: Professionalism 101

Applications: Job Search Success
Interviews: Job Search Success
Research: Job Search Success

Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease: Are You at Risk?
End-Stage Renal Disease and Hemodialysis

Mental Health

Bipolar: Life between Two Extremes
Depression: Out of the Shadows
Happier Women: 25 Ways to Reduce Stress Video Clip Collection
Hypochondriacs: Inside Health Anxiety Disorder


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New Titles @ the Library - October 26, 2012

The following titles are new to the Texas Dept of State Health Services Health and Saftey Audiovisual Library and the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services Early Chilhood Intervention and Rehabilitation Library. You’ll find many helpful and informative items including materials on Cancer, Lockout/Tagout, Diversity, Child Development, Brain Injury, Motivational Interviewing and Autism. Reply to this e-mail to check out these DVDs and CD-ROMs. Include in your e-mail the items you would like to borrow and your correct physical address and phone number. You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation of your order. More selections are available in the library online catalog at

Health and Safety Titles

Cancer in the Workplace - DV0754
DVD 44 min. 2005 Adult
This DVD covers the employee’s perspective, commonly asked questions by coworkers, absenteeism, how to find support in the battle against cancer and the benefits of a positive attitude.

Abstinence Comes to Albuquerque - DV0755
DVD 45 min. 2006 Senior High – Adult
Filmmakers document the implementation of abstinence education in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the controversy that ensued. Parents, public health officials, educators, state officials and national advocates on both sides of this important issue are interviewed.

Lock Out Tag Out Basic Training - DV0758
DVD 10 min 2011
During maintenance or repair, a piece of equipment must have its energy source isolated and disabled through proper lockout/tagout procedures. This overview of the lockout/tagout process will insure that everyone in your facility is aware of what to do when working on machinery. (TNN)

Confined Spaces Permit Required - DV0759
DVD 20 min. 2011
This training program is designed to provide employees with the safety basics and necessary skills involved in confined space entry necessary to comply with 29 CFR 1910.146.

Protecting Yourself And Your Community From West Nile Virus - DV0757
DVD 23 min. 2003 A
West Nile virus, a mosquito-borne virus, is a health threat for people, horses and other animal species. This program introduces the viewer to the disease and explains how it is transmitted. Steps in order to prevent infection are recommended. (CDC)

Early Childhood Intervention Titles

Supporting Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education (closed captioned) - DD0502
DVD 106 min. 2011 Professional
This DVD contains 4 sections that cover issues professionals will encounter as they work with culturally and linguistically diverse children and families. Plan Activities and Routines That Reflect the Diversity of Children in the Class (144 min.): Educators work together to embed children's home languages in everyday routines. Partner with Families to Support Dual Language Learning (30 min.): Viewers see first-hand how bilingual parents support children's dual language development at home. Conduct culturally responsive early intervention: Four culturally and linguistically diverse early interventionists share their experiences working with families of different backgrounds and give viewers practical guidance on helping families promote early language development. Collaborate with interpreters: Viewers learn the characteristics of effective interpreters and how teachers and interventionists can partner with them. Printable forms can be accessed on the DVD by double clicking on the DVD icon CLD.pdf in the printable forms folder.

Early Intervention in Action: Working Across Disciplines to Support Infants with Multiple Disabilities and Their Families (closed captioned) - CR0044
CD-ROM 2009 Professional
This interactive textbook with video clips covers working with families, home visiting approaches, early communication development, sensory processing, motor development and physical disabilities, visual impairment and hearing loss. It also covers infusing interdisciplinary intervention with the daily routine. (PBP)

Beginnings of Life: Newborn Development(closed captioned) - DD0504
DVD 42 min. 2011 Adult
This program follows the many physical, cognitive, and social changes that newborns experience during early infancy. It shows how professionals use the Apgar test to assess a newborn’s health and the significance of the first interaction between parent and newborn. It also discusses the importance of sleep and nutrition.

Language is the Key: Talking and Books; Talking and Play - DD0506
2 DVDs 44 min. 2006 A
These DVDs address the needs of professionals and paraprofessionals who work with young children with language disorders. They are particularly helpful for programs that serve children from linguistic minority backgrounds and their families. The program and strategies are also appropriate for teachers and parents of children who are typically developing (2-4 age range). Talking & Books shows how to use picture books to promote language development and early literacy. It teaches dialogic reading strategies. Talking & Play shows how to promote language and literacy when children are engaged in play or everyday activities. The program reinforces the dialogic reading strategies taught in Talking & Books and helps trainees transfer the strategies to different settings.

In Harm’s Way: Traumatic Brain Injury in Young Children: Brain Injury Awareness for Head Start Providers - DD0507
DVD 39 min. 2009 Adult
Viewers will learn about the definition, causes and incidence of traumatic brain injury in young children; the importance of early identification and effects of delayed diagnosis; shaken baby syndrome; common signs and symptoms and the prevention of traumatic brain injuries.

Rehabilitation Titles

Motivational Interviewing Training Videos: A Tool For Learners - DD0503
3 DVDs 240 min. 2009 Professional
This program provides information on the background, principles, and core skills of motivational interviewing. Twelve clinical vignettes demonstrate motivational interviewing for a range of problem areas including alcohol and substance abuse, eating and exercise, smoking, pregnancy and drug use, and hepatitis. Each vignette is followed by a clinical analysis.

Essential Telephone Skills - DD0505
DVD 20 min. 2008 Adult
This DVD addresses ten simple yet crucial skills which form the very foundation for delivering exceptional customer service on the phone. Topics include answering a business call, placing callers on hold, offering spoken feedback signals, avoiding excuses, being aware of mouth noises and regaining control of the conversation. (TDI)

Silent Epidemic: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - DD0508
DVD 106 min. 2009 A
This program is divided into two parts. Part one covers the identification and diagnosis of traumatic brain injury (60 min). It covers the definition, causes, incidence and effects of traumatic brain injury. Part two (46 min.) covers management of mild traumatic brain injury, the role of primary care providers, and return to work.

Multicultural Perspectives on Adults with Developmental Disabilites - DD0509
DVD 33 min. 2002 A
This program examines how, within Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American cultural contexts, the needs of high-functioning members of this population are being met through the empowering assistance of their families and through healthcare- and employment-related programs that promote self-determination. The importance of service providers who share their clients’ respective cultures and, where necessary, speak Asian languages or Spanish is underscored.

Positively Autistic (closed captioned) - DD0510
DVD 21 min. 2008 A
Since the early 1990's, an autistic rights movement has challenged accepted views of autism, and worked to change how the world sees people with autism. Meet some of the people at the forefront of this growing movement, and find out what they see as the positive aspects of living with autism.


New Titles @ the Library - February 28, 2012

The following are new titles at the Texas Dept of State Health Services Audiovisual Library. They include many subjects including back safety, hygiene, delerium, food safety, diabetes, fire safety for children, tuberculosis, cancer screening, depression and weight control. In the DARS Rehabilitation and Early Childhood Intervention collection are materials on brain development, Down syndrome, job searching and interviewing and skills on the job. Other titles are available in the online catalog at If you’d like to check out any of the items listed here or in the catalog, please reply to this e-mail or call toll free (888) 963-7111 ext. 7260. Please feel free to share this information with others in your organization.

DSHS Health and Safety Titles

  • Back in Action (English/Spanish)(closed captioned) - DV0708
    DVD 20 min. 2010 Adult
    Using a humorous approach, this DVD helps improve awareness and cultivate individual responsibility when it comes to back safety issues. It is intended for use in general industry. It covers basic anatomy of the back, warning signs of potential injury, risk factors, and preventative measures. It shows employees how proper lifting techniques and a pro-active health regimen can go a long way toward maintaining a properly aligned spine, a strong core and better quality of life.
  • C.A.T.C.H. onto Good Hygiene (closed captioned) - DV0701
    DVD 16 min. 2009 Junior High
    Adult host Rachel and two young teens demonstrate and share the fundamentals of hygiene including hand washing, acne, dental care and care for the body, skin, nails and hair.
  • Cleaning and Sanitation in the Food Industry(closed captioned) - DV0703
    DVD 24 min. 2009 Adult-Professional
    This program was filmed in Australia. It guides viewers through sanitation tools and procedures that are essential to the management of any food-related enterprise, including both food service outlets and food manufacturing facilities. Incorporating interviews with a café chef, a quality manager at a condiment factory, and the manager of a cleaning fluid distribution company, the film shows the proper steps for sanitizing dishes, utensils, floors, counters, culinary appliances, and assembly areas. Waste disposal and the storage of loose food items are also covered.
  • Delirium in the Older Person: A Family Guide - DV0700
    DVD 27 min. 2007 Adult
    This DVD follows the experience of two families when a loved one develops delirium. It includes information and advice from health care professionals and medical experts. A family's ability to recognize delirium can be of life-saving importance. Getting prompt assessment and treatment for the underlying cause can mean the difference between returning to normal life or being confined to increasing levels of care, or even death.
  • Essential Telephone Skills - DV0714
    DVD 20 min. 2000 Adult
    Restricted to employees of the Texas Health and Human Services agencies and their contractors. This DVD addresses ten simple yet crucial skills which form the very foundation for delivering exceptional customer service on the phone. Topics include answering a business call, placing callers on hold, offering spoken feedback signals, avoiding excuses, being aware of mouth noises and regaining control of the conversation.
  • Food Poisoning: Prevention Is Better Than Cure(closed captioned) - DV0702
    DVD 24 min. 2008 Senior High - Professional
    This program was produced in Australia. It explores the causes of food contamination, the symptoms and ailments it produces, and the methods for preventing it. Viewers are introduced to bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and yeasts that threaten unsuspecting consumers, as well as dangerous cooking temperature ranges, proper time frames for food disposal, and common incubation periods for several microbe strains. Food allergens and non-microbial sources of contamination, such as pesticides and industrial waste, are also studied. This DVD reviews sources of food poisoning: Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria, E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium boltulinum, and Clostridium perfringes.
  • Hazard Communication For Public Employees(English /Spanish)(closed captioned) - DV0710
    DVD 18 min 2007 Adult
    Viewers will learn how to work with hazardous substances safely. They will also learn about physical and health hazards, how exposure occurs, personal protective equipment, MSDS and chemical containers warnings and labels. This resource complies with OSHA standard 1910.1200.
  • Introduction to Diabetes: The Game Plan – DV0705
    DVD 13 min. 2009 Adult
    In this program, a likeable coach invites patients to play an active role in the diabetes management team. He explains that diabetes is manageable and that by working with the healthcare team people with diabetes can develop a personal plan to successfully manage their diabetes for a lifetime. This DVD covers the basics of the game plan: eat right, exercise, take medications, monitor blood glucose, and keep healthcare appointments. The coach goes on to explain that without good diabetes management, high blood glucose can cause damage throughout the entire body.
  • Just the Facts: Food Safety(closed captioned) - DV0706
    DVD 15 min. 2007 Adult
    This program reviews the key processes to keep food safe: clean, separate, cook, and chill. Chef Jonathan Locke shares his knowledge of safe food preparation, handwashing, proper clean-up, and sanitary storage in this DVD. Foodborne illness is discussed as well.
  • Listening Skills (closed captioned)- DV0712
    DVD 14 min. 2000 Adult
    Restricted to employees of the Texas Health and Human Services agencies and their contractors. Listening is a critical component when determining the needs of your customer. Hearing is a physical process but listening required mental involvement. This DVD introduces six steps to help team members become better listeners.
  • New Employee Orientation - DV0711
    DVD 23 min 2000 Adult
    Restricted to employees of the Texas Health and Human Services agencies and their contractors. The first few weeks at a new job can be challenging and every organization has its own set of rules and procedures. The eight vignettes in this program will help new team members avoid problems early on. Topics covered include dress code, personal phone calls, tardiness, office politics, internal jargon, becoming too familiar too fast and more.
  • Obesity in a Bottle: Understanding Liquid Calories and Nutrition (closed captioned) - DV0696
    DVD 21 min. 2008 Senior High
    This program covers the effect of beverages on weight gain, beverage size, the dangers of both regular and diet sodas, a comparison of sports and energy drinks, a nutritional breakdown of other popular beverages, the benefits of drinking water, and growing concerns over diabetes. Brand name sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, vitamin water and a variety of bottled teas are featured.
  • Observation, Reporting and Documentation - DV0718
    DVD 13 min 2011 Professional
    This program emphasizes the importance of good observation skills. It explains the types of observations and what must be reported. It gives the definition of documentation. It also explains the guidelines when documenting, flow sheets and check off sheets.
  • Prescription Drug Update (English/Spanish closed captioned) - DV0716
    DVD 17 min. 2011 Senior High
    This program introduces a diverse group of young people who share their experiences about their prescription drug abuse addictions and the consequences they have suffered. The participants abused various prescription drugs: pain relievers (OxyContin and Vicodin), depressants (Xanax and Valium) and stimulants (Concerta and Adderall). Information and statistics on many commonly-abused prescription drugs are provided. Their stories include their efforts to seek help and pursue recovery from addiction.
  • Proper Body Mechanics and Back Safety - DV0717
    DVD 8 min. 2011 Professional
    This program teaches home care personnel and family caregivers the principles of body mechanics and the importance of learning to move correctly in order to avoid injury. Topics include the definition of posture, proper posture when standing and lifting, the principles of body mechanics, body mechanics during wheelchair transfers, loading and unloading a wheelchair from a vehicle, the importance of patience and planning to prevent injury.
  • Questioning Techniques (closed captioned) - DV0713
    DVD 15 min. 2000 Adult
    Restricted to employees of the Texas Health and Human Services agencies and their contractors. Proper questioning techniques are key when gaining needed information from a caller or customer. High level questioning techniques are a learned skill. This DVD introduces seven types of questioning situations and illustrates how and when to employ them. Improving questioning techniques will expand one’s ability to effectively obtain valuable information to become a better problem solver.
  • Rainbow Valley Fire Department Vol. 1: The Fire Station - DV0719
    DVD 10 min. 2007 Elementary
    In this animated program, viewers are introduced to Rusty the Fire Chief and Pam the Paramedic and the rest of the crew. Kids will learn about the life of a firefighter while living in the fire station.
  • Rainbow Valley Fire Department V. 2: Fire Equipment - DV0720
    DVD 10 min 2007 Elementary
    Children learn about firefighting equipment as well as various jobs within a fire department. This animated program helps to establish trust between children and firefighters at work.
  • Rainbow Valley Fire Department V.3: Fire Trucks - DV0721
    DVD 10 min. 2007 Elementary
    Children will learn to use caution around approaching emergency vehicles. They will also learn to stop and wait, far out of the way, until an emergency vehicle passes safely. This animated program also reinforces that children must wear a helmet while riding a bike.
  • Rainbow Valley Fire Department V. 4: What Causes Fire - DV0722
    DVD 10 min. 2007 Elementary
    Children learn what causes fire, how it spreads and how firefighters put them out. Kids will also learn some real life statistics to help drive home the importance of fire safety.
  • Rainbow Valley Fire Department V.5: Home Fire Prevention Safety Tools - DV0723
    DVD 10 min. 2007 Elementary
    Children learn about three important fire safety tools: fire sprinklers, exit signs and smoke alarms. Fire extinguishers are only to be used by adults. Exit signs point the way to get outside. Smoke alarms need their batteries checked every month. Children can remind adults to do their smoke alarm homework.
  • Rainbow Valley Fire Department V.6: Home Fire Escape Plan - DV0724
    DVD 10 min. 2007 Elementary
    The Rainbow Valley Fire Department crew demonstrate how to create a home escape plan, how to conduct a fire drill in the home. They also explain why a fire drill is an essential tool in helping to prevent injury and preserve lives.
  • Rainbow Valley Fire Department V.7: Fire In Your House Pt.1 - DV0725
    DVD 10 min. 2007 Elementary
    Children see a fire escape plan in action and learn how to respond to a fire in their home. They learn that fire is fast, dark, hot, and makes dangerous smoke. This program stresses the importance of feeling doors with the back of your hand before opening, and knowing two ways out of every room. Getting down low wand crawling under smoke is reinforced throughout the program.
  • Rainbow Valley Fire Department V.8: Fire In Your House Pt.2 - DV0726
    DVD 10 min 2007 Elementary
    After reinforcing the key components of a home escape plan, Rusty the Fire Chief and Pam the Paramedic discuss what happens once someone escapes a burning structure. They remind children to never go back into a burning building. Children learn what happens when a 911 call is made. This animated program shows what firefighters do when fighting a fire and explains what happens after the fire is out.
  • Rainbow Valley Fire Department V.9: If Fire Gets On Your Clothes - DV0727
    DVD 10 min. 2007 Elementary
    Pam the Paramedic explains the dangers of playing with matches and lighters. Rusty points out the dangers of wearing loose fitting clothing around open flames and teaches children what to do if their clothes catch fire. Children learn to stop, drop, cover their face, and roll to put out a fire.
  • Recognizing Depression(closed captioned) - DV0698
    DVD 16 min. 2010 Adult
    Through the invaluable experiences of other people with depression, this program helps viewers understand what depression is and how it may be affecting their lives. They learn that having depression isn’t something they can control, but it is treatable. It covers the signs and symptoms of depression as well as the possible risks for developing depression. It encourages people to seek appropriate treatment and avoid negative coping behaviors, like alcohol abuse.
  • Screening for Colorectal Cancer with Colonoscopy(closed captioned) - DV0704
    DVD 13 min. 2005 Adult
    This DVD emphasizes colonoscopy as the recommended screening tool for colorectal cancer. It explains how a colon polyp can change over time and develop into colorectal cancer. The program reassures patients that they are taking the right steps to prevent colorectal cancer by having a colonoscopy and having any polyps removed. It also covers preparation methods, possible complications, side effects and recovery.
  • Treating Depression (closed captioned) - DV0699
    DVD 15 min. 2009 Adult
    This program lets viewers know that depression is a chronic disease that requires appropriate treatment. It emphasizes importance of finding the correct treatment: medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of both. Actual patients share their own experiences throughout the program. It covers positive lifestyle changes to help relieve depression and the importance of getting support from friends and family.
  • Tuberculosis Awareness (closed captioned) (English/Spanish) - DV0707
    DVD 17 min 2005 Adult
    This program shows viewers how TB is contracted. It also describes the symptoms of TB infection and what happens if you are infected with TB. It also details who is at risk for contracting tuberculosis.
  • Weight Control: Losing Weight and Keeping It Off (closed captioned) - DV0697
    DVD 13 min. 2009 Adult
    This program explains why quick fix diets don't work, and shows the basics for gradual weight loss. It emphasizes that weight control is a lifestyle change, it is not dieting. The video presents the foundations of weight loss to be what we eat, how much we eat, and how much we move. It will help viewers see that even small weight losses will benefit their health.

Rehabilitation Titles

  • Getting Good Answers to Tough Interview Questions - DD0481
    DVD 25 min. 2011 Adult
    Viewers learn successful interview strategies. They also learn to answer the ten questions that most frequently cause job candidates trouble. The more prepared job seekers are the better their chances of succeeding and landing the job.
  • Getting It Right at the Interview (closed captioned) - DD0485
    DVD 24 min 2009 Adult
    This program was filmed in Australia. It illustrates the basic interview format that most applicants can expect and the best way to deal with each phase of it. Featuring a dramatized case study, the DVD follows a discouraged young woman who has gone through a series of disastrous interviews. With help from an interview coach, she learns how to identify her strengths, practice with mock interviews, implement listening and communication skills, adopt a professional appearance, use appropriate body language, and convey potential.
  • Getting to Keep the Job You Find - DD0480
    DVD 25 min. 2011 Adult
    This DVD gives practical, time-tested advice for keeping a job. Viewers are advised to take initiative, arrive on time and take on additional work duties. Being an ethical employee by following the written and unwritten rules of the workplace can improve the chances of retaining a job.
  • Good First Impressions: Proven Tips and Techniques for Successful Job Interviews - DD0482
    DVD 25 min. 2011 Adult
    This DVD teaches viewers about the importance of appearance, confidence, maturity, emotional stability, and enthusiasm, and reveals how to improve upon these areas before an interview. It also covers interview taboos, such as being late, answering cell phones, and revealing tattoos. Group interviews, bad interviewers, and phone interviews are also covered.
  • The Seven Competency Skills for the Workplace(closed captioned) - DD0484
    DVD 21 min 2009 Senior High
    This on the job documentary follows teens as they tackle jobs as waiters, grocery clerks, ice cream shop scoopers, cashiers, and garden nursery workers. Good communication skills, leadership, adaptability, problem-solving, negotiation, computer literacy and the ability to juggle multiple demands are skills that will take teens from their first jobs through a lifetime of working. Each teen models these skills on the job; each boss talks about how mastery of these skills can help an employee move quickly up the ladder of success. Viewers also learn why these skills are fundamental to success in any job and how they can be further developed, strengthened and transferred from beginning jobs to more complex jobs. Although teens are featured in this program, workers who are not teenagers will also find it helpful.

Early Childhood Intervention Titles

  • The Brain: Developing Memory In Developing Brains Birth To Five Years (closed captioned) - DD0470
    DVD 21 min 2010 Adult
    Viewers will discover how the basic workings of the brain influence our memory and what can be done to encourage healthy brain development in children. This program presents practical approaches parents and caregivers can take to promote learning.
  • The Brain: Activity, Sleep and Boredom (closed captioned) - DD0471
    DVD 20 min. 2011 Senior High - Adult
    This program explains why physical activity is important for the development of children’s brains. It briefly explains the stages of play and their meaning. The stages of sleep are also explained. Parents are urged to foster constructive boredom such as naps, quite time, and free play.
  • The Brain: Pattern, Structure and Novelty - DD0472
    DVD 21 min. 2011 Senior High - Adult
    Human brains are wired to perceive patterns and structure in the world. Viewers will discover how to give young children the structure that they need to set up a strong foundation for learning, and how to add new activities and ideas in ways that nurture their hunger for learning.
  • Kids with Down Syndrome: Staying Healthy and Making Friends - DD0483
    DVD 120 min. 2008 Adult
    This program brings together parents and professionals to give a guide to the years when kids learn to walk to just before adolescence. Along with the joys of childhood come the everyday challenges of parenthood, such as toilet training and behavior issues, and the demands of caring for a child with special needs, including IEP preparation and working with health care professionals. Children with Down syndrome may also have medical concerns that require close attention, such as sleep apnea and issues related to hearing, nutrition, and exercise.

iconNew Titles @ the Library - January 19, 2012

The Department of State Health Services Audiovisual Library has added a variety of new materials to its collections. Below you will find information on family caregiving, bullying, epilepsy, tuberculosis, lab safety, fire safety for children, ATV safety, stroke, and anger. In the Rehabilitation and ECI collections you’ll find materials on Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, childhood illnesses, spina bifida, body language, credit cards, interviewing, and rehabilitation counseling. If you would like to borrow materials from this list or if you have any questions about the library please call the library toll free at (888) 963-7111 ext. 7260.  The full library catalog can be found at

AV Library Health and Safety Titles

  • At the Breaking Point: Emotions and Ethics in Family Caregiving - DV0685
    DVD   46 min.  2009 Adult
    This compilation DVD contains short excerpts (from 3 to 8 minutes each) that show families in the midst of dealing with the challenges of caregiving, having a parent in a long-term care facility, aging, Alzheimer’s Disease, and death. Excerpts from A Thousand Tomorrows (VC6283) and Into the Other Lane: Driving and Dementia are included (DV0669).
  • Bullying Behaviors: Investigating Myths and Facts - DV0693
    DVD   25 min 2005  Junior High 
    This program was filmed in Australia. This program explains to junior high students what bullying is and the many different forms it can take including cyberbullying. It also provides students with a range of coping mechanisms and strategies.
  • Childhood Epilepsy What You Need to Know - DV0679
    DVD   81 min.  2008 Adult 
    This film provides an overview of childhood epilepsy, including different types of seizures; diagnostic procedures; treatment options; the impact of epilepsy on development and learning; safety; epilepsy in the family and community; stigma; and the benefits of encouraging a child's unique interests and talents.
  • Diagnóstico: Epilepsia ¿Y Ahora Qué?  (Spanish) - DV0680
    DVD   93 min.  2010 Adult 
    This DVD was filmed entirely in Spanish. It provides an overview of childhood epilepsy, including different types of seizures; diagnostic procedures; treatment options; the impact of epilepsy on development and learning; safety; epilepsy in the family and community; stigma; and the benefits of encouraging a child's unique interests and talents. It also contains a bonus section of person on the street interviews and an appendix that illustrates and explains first aid for seizures.
  • Effective TB Interviewing for Contact Investigation - 7953 (VHS) DV0695 (DVD)
    VHS/DVD   67 min 2004 Professional
    This video demonstrates successful interviewing strategies with TB patients. It is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of health care workers who are responsible for conducting TB interviews with patients as part of contact investigations.
  • Fun with Chemistry - DV0683
    DVD   180 min.  2002  Professional
    This program provides a basic understanding of chemistry. Experiments cover all nine of the DOT hazard classes, demonstrating how chemicals within these classes, either by themselves or in reaction with other chemicals, can harm people or the environment. Concepts such as pH, BLEVE and flammability range are visually demonstrated. 
  • I Spot Something Hot! (English/Spanish) - DV0677
    DVD  25 min.  2010  Kindergarten-Adult
    These programs help teach preschoolers and their families about fire and burn safety.  Parents and their children can watch the segments with Rover the Home Safety Hound and Freddie Flashlight together. The DVD contains the following segments: I Spot Something Hot (8:30) Animated characters Rover and Freddie teach children to stay away from things in the home that can be hot and hurt; I Spot Something Hot Song Track (1:20);  Family Fire Drill (3:00) a family learns to make home escape maps and perform family fire drills; Cause for Alarm Will Smoke Detectors Wake Your Kids (5:40) NBC's TODAY Show segment about kids sleeping through smoke alarms, and how parents should plan for it; Can You Stop Children from Playing with fire (5:56) NBC's TODAY Show segment showing why parents should lock up matches and lighters. The TODAY show segments should not be shown to children.
  • Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test - DV0694
    DVD   29 min.  2003 Professional
    This DVD provides a clear, detailed demonstration of the steps involved in administering and reading the Mantoux tuberculin skin test. It also includes a tuberculin skin test ruler.
  • My Plate, My Health (closed captioned) - DV0682
    DVD   23 min  2011 Senior High
    The U.S. government has issued a new set of Dietary Guidelines as well as a brand-new visual icon, MyPlate, which replaces the old MyPyramid. This DVD helps viewers recognize how to develop a healthy lifestyle that combines sensible eating with regular exercise.
  • Preventing Contamination in the Laboratory - DV0678
    DVD   11 min. 2010 Professional
    This program on preventing contamination emphasizes the need to recognize situations that could lead to contamination, and discusses what can be done to prevent contamination from occurring. Topics covered in this program include how contamination occurs, general preventative measures, engineering controls, safe work practices, and personal protective equipment.
  • Professional Behavior in Healthcare Professions: Effective Communication with Patients (closed captioned) - DV0692
    DVD   23 min 2007 Professional
    This program shows how to establish therapeutic relationships and how to interview and assess patients. It also examines communication issues associated with specific patient groups, discusses Erikson's Stages of Life theory, considers communication with patients in pain or at the end of life, covers cultural and religious issues that affect communication, and introduces the phases of the nurse-patient relationship.
  • Ride Safe, Ride Smart - DV0676
    DVD   9 min.  2010  Senior High-Adult
    This  safety program profiles two families; one who rides for recreation only, the other who uses their ATVs first for working on the farm, then as camping and trail riding machines. Both sets of parents lead by example, emphasizing riding an ATV that is right for your age, wearing proper protective gear and respecting the environment. They also recommend taking an ATV Rider Course.
  • Start Safe: A Fire and Burn Safety Program for Preschoolers and Their Families (English/Spanish) - K0011
    1 DVD and 1 CD     105 min.  2010  Kindergarten - Adult
    This kit consists of resources to introduce and support this fire safety program for the preschool classroom. It consists of 1 DVD, 1CD, a 16 page educator guide, mini-story books, fire and burn safety booklets for parents, posters and safety tips for parents sheets. The DVD includes the I Spot Something Hot animated feature in English and Spanish.
  • Stroke Recovery: Taking Back Our Lives - DV0681
    DVD   60 min.  2010 Adult
    This DVD features the experiences and advice of stroke survivors, caregivers, family, friends, doctors, and other health professionals. Practical and inspiring, the message throughout the film is one of hope, with many of the film's subjects reiterating that improvement and recovery are ongoing processes.
  • Tuberculosis Awareness and Treatment (English/Spanish) (English/Vietnamese) (closed captioned) - DV0687
    DVD   19 min.  2008 Adult
    People from countries where tuberculosis (TB) is common should get tested for it. This disease is curable and preventable. It is important that people with TB take all of their medicine and follow the advice of a medical professional. Anyone can have TB so there is no need to be ashamed of the disease. The non-English versions are subtitled in English.
  • When Tempers Flare: A Guide to Understanding and Managing Anger - DV0686
    DVD   30     min.  2004 Adult
    This DVD explores why and how we experience anger and offers practical strategies for expressing anger in constructive, rather than destructive ways.
  • Writing Winning Federal and Foundation Grants - AC0027
    Audio Compact Disc   54 min 2011 Adult
    This audioconference presented on November 17, 2011 gives listeners guidance that will aid them in finding federal, private and corporate funding opportunities and in preparing high quality application packages. The lead presenter is Ray Sweeney, senior grant writer for Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor.  The co-presenter is Jim Rogers, publisher of Aging News Alert: the Senior Services and Funding Report, and the Directory of Grants for Aging Services.

ECI Titles

  • Boy in The World - DD0465
    DVD   44 min.  2007 Adult, Professional
    This documentary follows four-year-old Ronen, a young boy with Down syndrome. It demonstrates that inclusive preschool classrooms benefit both children with special needs and their typical peers. It also examines the nuts and bolts of successful inclusion as well as the challenges of educational practices that help all children to learn and to find their place in the world.
  • Common Childhood Illnesses: Diagnosis And Treatment (closed captioned) - DD0467
    DVD   28 min.  2008 Adult
    Drawing upon the knowledge and insights of two pediatricians, a pediatric nurse, and parents, this program will show viewers how to identify and deal with those common childhood illnesses and reduce the likelihood of future re-infection.
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice: A Focus on Intentionality and On Play Video Program - DD0469
    DVD   177 min     2009 Professional
    This DVD disc is meant to be played on a computer with a DVD drive. It contains two programs. Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) and Intentionality addresses ways in which teachers intentionally use a variety of learning formats and teaching strategies to support children’s learning. DAP and Play focuses on the characteristics and types of play and the teacher’s role in supporting high-level play.
  • Emma’s Gifts - DD0463
    DVD   46 min.  2004 Adult
    This documentary film follows the journey of Emma who was born with Down syndrome and her twin sister, Abigale who is a typically developing child. Viewers see the strategies used to include Emma in an inclusive school environment and witness the process of the Individual Education Plan meeting. Bonus features consist of an 8 minute version of the film, a clip of Emma’s speech evaluation, and a presentation from the Standford University Medical School Center for Research and Treatment of Down syndrome.
  • Growing Up with Spina Bifida - DD0466
    DVD   46 min.  2010 Adult
    This DVD, produced by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, follows the lives of children who have spina bifida. The medical, physical, intellectual, and social aspects of spina bifida are discussed.
  • The Happiest Baby on the Block (English/Spanish) - DD0462
    DVD   68 min   2006 Adult
    Dr. Harvey Karp regards the first three months of life as the fourth trimester. He discusses the calming reflex of the young infant, how to help young infants sleep and the advantages of swaddling. He also gives parents tips on dealing with colic.
  • Recovering Hope Mothers Speak Out about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders - DD0406
    DVD   color   60 min.  2005   Adult
    Eight mothers of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) share their stories. They speak of effective new ways to parent, and how they are recovering. One mother discusses the benefits of early childhood intervention for her child with FASD. The program is divided into short chapters so that it can easily be used in training.
  • Welcome to Holland: Resiliency in Families Raising Children with Special Needs (closed captioned) - DD0464
    DVD   48    min.  2010 Adult
    This program follows the journey of three families who have children with special needs. Two families have a member with Down syndrome. One family has a child with 22Q13 Deletion (Phelan-McDermid) syndrome. Viewers learn how these three families have successfully met the challenges of raising a child with special needs. These resilient families understand the importance of structure and predictability in the home and have learned the value of rules, rituals and routines. These families experience the stress and joys of raising a child with special needs, and not only survive, but thrive. 

Rehabilitation Titles

  • Beyond Barriers: Coaching Customers on Job Retention and Earnings Gains - DD0478
    DVD   107     min.  2007 Professional
    Presenter Jodie Sue Kelly uses a healthy dose of humor to examine the post-placement services needed to help consumers retain and advance in jobs. She offers practical techniques for building job retention into placement as well as techniques that get results after consumers get a job. Viewers will also learn how to sell post-placement services to consumers so they will want to participate.  She teaches how to write effective retention and advancement case notes.
  • Beyond Barriers: Helping vs. Empowering - DD0477
    DVD   107  min.  2007 Professional 
    This lecture provides case managers with practical concepts and strategies they can easily transfer to their everyday work with consumers. Human service professionals will learn to empower consumers to build mutually developed plans and to share responsibility for solving problems.
  • Body Language I: Beyond Words - DD0473
    DVD   24 min.  2008 Senior High-Adult
    Viewers will learn how culture, gender, and age can affect non-verbal behavior. They will learn about the zones of personal space, the unwritten rules of eye contact, and the role context plays in reading a person’s non-verbal messages.
  • Body Language II:  Reading People - DD0474
    DVD   24 min.  2008 Senior High-Adult
    Viewers will learn how gestures we use and faces we make send signals. The volume, speed and inflections of our voices communicate in ways that we may not intend. Tone of voice, pitch and volume can overrule the literal meaning of spoken words. Touch can have a variety of meanings. Culture and gender also play a role in the signals people send.
  • Credit Basics: Simple Strategies for Smart Credit - DD0475
    DVD   25 min.  2009 Senior High
    Credit can be a valuable financial tool, but it can also be trouble. In this DVD, you will learn why you need it, how to build it, and what it can do for you (both good and bad). You will also learn about credit card use and the different credit card options available.
  • Solid Interview Skills: Your Journey to a Job Offer - DD0479
    DVD   24 min. 2011 Senior High-Adult
    Experts and job seekers offer practical first-hand advice for before, during and after the interview. Viewers learn about the types of interviews, as well as the basics of body language, appropriate attire and answering tips. Although young adults are featured in the program it is relevant to any age group.
  • Workplace Communication Skills - DD0476
    DVD   50     min.  2012 Senior High-Adult
    This DVD teaches the importance of good communication in the workplace and how to improve these skills. Viewers receive guidance for developing their verbal, listening, nonverbal, and written skills. The program depicts scenarios of good and poor communication skills in action and includes expert interviews on workplace communication. This DVD also addresses communication through e-mail, voicemail, cell phones, video conferencing, and online sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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iconNew Titles @ the Library - October 21, 2011

The following items are new to the Texas Department of State Health Services Audiovisual Library Health and Safety Collection.  In the list are items on school health including hygiene, drugs, abuse, bullying, sexting, and STD’s. Also on the list are items for nursing homes and healthcare facilities including nutrition, dementia, HIPAA, diabetes, and end of life care. If you would like to borrow materials from this list or if you have any questions about the library please call the library toll free at (888) 963-7111 ext. 7260.  The full library catalog can be found at

  • Bullying There’s Always a Way Out - DV0673
    DVD   color   30 min.  2011   Junior High-Senior High
    Junior High and High School students present real-life scenarios of bullying, including bullying through the internet, texts and video. Difficult and distressing situations in a variety of settings are addressed, followed by both unproductive actions and resolutions that work. This program covers bullying from its painful beginning to its peaceful end. 
  • Cocaine and Heroin: Still Here, Still Deadly - DV0652
    DVD   color   21 min.  2007 Senior High-Adult
    This DVD recounts the stories of two teens who became cocaine and heroin addicts. Both teens describe how they became addicted, and how incredibly difficult it is to recover from their addictions. It includes strategies for recognizing the dangers of and avoiding these destructive drugs. A counselor in Dallas discusses a heroin derivative called cheese which led to a rash of overdoses by teens in Texas.
  • Cutting: Addicted to Self Injury - DV0667
    DVD   color   11 min.  2006   Adult
    Self-injury starts as a way of coping with emotional pain, but cutting, the habit of self-injury, is a sign of deep-seated anxiety. This DVD examines the behavior and explores how parents, friends, guidance counselors, and those who cut themselves can work together to stop it. It goes inside a support group for young women struggling with the habit, showing them engaging in group discussions, self-expression exercises, and role-play that helps them let go of negative emotions and confront their behavior.
  • Dementia Care:  Aggressive Behaviors - DV0645
    DVD   color   37   min.  2004  Adult, Professional
    This DVD identifies many of the root causes of aggression, while giving practical ways caregivers can help to reduce aggressive behavior. It covers the signs of agitation, aggression triggers (and how staff may unwittingly contribute to them), the importance of allowing residents to communicate, and techniques to maintain safety when an aggressive episode occurs. It teaches caregivers to remain respectful of residents' personal space when providing assistance.
  • Don’t Stress About It: Stress Management for Teens - DV0661
    DVD   color   45 min.  2005  Junior High-Senior High
    This stress management program provides youth with the tools necessary to identify and manage the stresses of everyday life including disruptions at home, problems at school, community violence, difficulties with friends and more.
  • Eating and Feeding Issues in Older Adults with Dementia - DV0647
    DVD   color   39 min.  2009   Adult, Professional
    Older adults with dementia often have an added risk of poor nutrition and hydration, due to cognitive loss.  The Edinburgh Feeding and Dementia Scale equips caregivers to observe the older adult for eating or feeding difficulties, and target specific interventions that increase nutritional intake. It includes suggestions on when and how often to do an assessment to ensure accuracy.  Caregivers will also find helpful insights on how an older adult's ability to eat is affected by late-stage Alzheimer's disease.
  • End of Life Care in Dementia - DV0649
    DVD   color   29 min.  2008  Adult
    Caregivers will learn how to tailor care to the changing needs of the resident, establish communication about care preferences, support the family members, other residents, and fellow staff, as well as, what to do immediately after a resident death.  This program encourages flexible care plans, and discussion of issues related to pain management, active dying symptoms, and comfort levels. 
  • Ethical Issues in Nursing Introduction (closed captioned) - DV0654
    DVD   color   23 min.  2006   Professional
    This program provides an introduction to the fundamental ethical terms and concepts that students and nurses need to know. Through scenarios and expert interviews, the program clearly defines justice, fidelity, autonomy, and moral distress. It explores the vital role that personal values play in ethical situations. It also discusses the importance of nurse self-regard and the key steps to sound ethical decision making.
  • Marvel and Friends Staying Clean and Healthy - DV0651
    DVD   color  14 min.  2005  Kindergarten-Elementary
    This program teaches young children that they need to wash their hands even when they don’t look dirty, how to keep their bodies clean and how cleanliness relates to personal health. Friendly, animated characters introduce various hygiene skills. Peer actors model skills for washing hands, taking a shower, washing hair, brushing teeth and more in step-by-step presentations.
  • Minding the Baby (closed captioned) - DV0670
    DVD   color   15 min.  2005   Adult
    This animated program was produced in England. It shows the fears, joys, and misunderstandings of five couples as they plan, expect, and start to live with their babies. The program illustrates practical ways to improve communication and negotiating skills between couples. It also shows the benefits of looking after the adult relationship as well as taking care of the baby.
  • Pain Management: The Fifth Vital Sign - DV0658
    DVD   color   16   min.  2000   Professional
    Viewers will learn how to conduct an initial assessment and regular re-assessment of pain, utilize age-appropriate pain scales, provide patient and family education regarding their roles in pain management and recognize barriers to effective pain management. They will also be able to identify methods of pain control to relieve and prevent pain.
  • Privacy and Security: The New HIPAA Rule - DV0657
    DVD   color   15 min.  2008   Professional
    This DVD reviews the main points of existing and new regulations and identifies who must comply with them. It discusses the legalities and their everyday application in healthcare and defines Protected Health Information (PHI). It identifies strategies for compliance. It also highlights the many patient rights under HIPAA.
  • Sex Facts: Teens and STDs - DV0675
    DVD     30 min.  2011   Senior High
    Viewers watch as high school students deal with having an STD. Real-life scenarios present male and female points of view through the initial discovery, the subsequent fear and embarrassment, the doctor's check-up, and the sexual partner confrontation. Realistic STD prevention methods are presented, while differences between birth control and STD inhibitors are identified.
  • Sexting: Sex Plus Text Equals Trouble - DV0674
    DVD    30    min.  2011  Junior High-Senior High
    Sexting is a combination of sex and text messaging. Junior High and High School students demonstrate the threat of texted sexually explicit or suggestive photographs, messages and videos. Real life scenarios are presented along with the resulting consequences affecting a teenager's personal, social and future life. Follow students through a variety of sexting situations stemming from careless fun to cyberbullying along with their painful effects.
  • Sexual Abuse: It’s Not Your Fault - DV0672
    DVD color   12 min.  2011   Intermediate
    Elementary aged students present real-life scenarios of sexual abuse as well as the resulting emotional impact. Watch as children take an uncomfortable situation and address the problem to make it stop. Follow the children from the beginning to end to identify what sexual harassment is, how to handle this serious issue and establish available age-appropriate solutions.
  • Sexual Harassment: It’s Your Body: You’re in Charge - DV0650
    DVD   color  20   min.  2006  Kindergarten-Primary
    This program helps children differentiate between good and bad touches. They learn to say no to a touch that makes them feel uncomfortable and to speak up if they experience a bad touch. Young viewers will learn to trust their feelings about touches, learn what parts of their bodies are private and differentiate between good and bad secrets.
  • Understanding Diabetes - DV0648
    DVD   color   20 min.  2006  Adult
    This DVD will equip caregivers to understand what diabetes is, and how they can assist residents to manage their diabetes and reduce further complications.  It covers Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, and Pre-Diabetes.  It gives suggestions on assisting with insulin, including, maintaining adequate supplies, disposing of insulin needles safely, and proper storage of insulin.  Caregivers will also learn the importance of monitoring the condition of a diabetic resident's skin and feet, making sure medications are taken as prescribed, and reporting any other sudden or unusual changes. 
  • Your Body Your Health and Drugs - DV0671
    DVD   color 30   min.  2011   Elementary
    Medicine can be a tricky thing for children to understand. It can be taken to make yourself feel better, but be extremely harmful when taken the incorrect way. Elementary aged kids present a real-life scenario of a child prescribing her medicine to another child. The situation is identified as dangerous and the kids work out a better, safer solution by calling an adult.

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iconNew Titles @ the Library - September 29, 2011

The following items are new to the Texas Department of State Health Services Audiovisual Library Health and Safety Collection and the DARS ECI/Rehabilitation Collection.  Included in the health and safety list are items on back safety, stress, weight control, heart failure, bloodborne pathogens, organ donation, and home health care issues. The DARS collection has added items on age appropriate play, parenting, brain development, being a companion homemaker, job searching, and workplace etiquette. If you would like to borrow materials from this list or if you have any questions about the library please call the library toll free at (888) 963-7111 ext. 7260.  The full library catalog can be found at

DSHS Health and Safety Collection

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Protection in the Home Care Setting (English/Spanish) (closed captioned) - DV0655
    DVD   color   17 min.  2010   Adult, Professional
    As a home healthcare provider, you can be exposed to blood and potentially infectious body fluids - regardless of your specific responsibilities. This program outlines the proper precautions that you should follow to ensure your safety on the job. This DVD covers OSHA 1910.1030 workplace transmission, standard precautions, HBV vaccination, work practice controls, housekeeping and laundry.
  • Combating the Obesity Epidemic: Treatment Options - DV0668
    DVD   color   59 min.  2008   Professional
    Professor Jack H. Wilmore delivers a lecture on the primary approaches employed to address the obesity epidemic. Using a slideshow presentation, he looks at the results of several of the studies in the scientific literature on each of the treatment options and discusses the relative effectiveness of each alternative. He discusses exercise, physical activity, behavioral treatment, combination interventions, pharmacotherapy, and gastric bypass surgery. He details energy balance-related and genetic factors that can affect weight loss efforts.
  • Easing the Adjustment to a Nursing Home: Strategies for Families - DV0646
    DVD   color   12   min.  2010  Adult
    This DVD provides strategies to make the adjustment to a nursing home or assisted living facility easier for the resident and the family members.
  • Fire Safety in Home Health: Ten Burning Questions (English/Spanish) (closed captioned) - DV0653
    DVD   color   25   min.  2008  Adult, Professional
    This program emphasizes the basic facts about fire, steps to take to assess fire hazards in patients' homes, and ways to teach families how to prevent, control and escape home fires. It explains the PASS method for the proper use of fire extinguishers. It also explains the RACE method for protecting lives and property after a fire has started. Bonus features include a leader’s guide, quiz and a customizable PowerPoint® presentation (DVD-ROM drive required for leader’s guide and PowerPoint).
  • Heart Failure Managing Day to Day (closed captioned) - DV0660
    DVD   color   18 min.  2011   Adult
    This program helps patients understand that by becoming active participants in their heart failure management, they can feel better and do more. It recommends patients take their medications, reduce sodium intake, quit smoking, and stay active. It emphasizes monitoring for heart failure symptoms daily, recognizing flare-ups, getting emotional support, and planning for the future by filling out an advance directive.
  • Into the Other Lane: Driving and Dementia - DV0669
    DVD   color   56   min.  2010   Adult
    This two-part program presents a compassionate, yet realistic, portrait of the many issues faced by persons with dementia and their caregivers when a decision has to be made about giving up driving. In the first part of the program, viewers see the real-life stories of five people with dementia who can no longer drive. In the second part, experts offer advice on how to talk to family members about not driving.
  • It’s Your Back Don’t Break It: Back Safety for Home Care Workers (English/Spanish)(closed captioned) - DV0656
    DVD   color   20   min.  2008   Adult, Professional
    Designed specifically for home care workers, this program explains how to lift and move patients safely. It also describes how employees can protect their backs with good posture, diet and exercise.
  • Life Goes On: The Joys and Sorrow of Organ Donation - DV0662
    DVD   color   28 min.  2005   Adult
    The limited supply of human organs makes donation a priceless gift. Jan and Richard Rodgers never thought seriously about the issue of organ donation, not until their fourteen-year-old son died in a tragic accident. Witness how the hardest decision these parents ever made became the gift of life that restored another family.
  • Managing Stress: Five Strategies for How to Handle Stress - DV0663
    DVD   color 15 min.  2009  Adult
    Viewers will learn how to tackle stress in five easy steps. They will be able to identify the source of stress, eliminate or avoid stress whenever possible, rethink unavoidable stress and learn how to cope with it. They will also be urged to seek support.
  • One Foot at a Time - DV0665
    DVD   color   18 min.  2011   Adult
    This DVD explains the newborn screening process. Viewers learn the benefits of screening, how tests are conducted, and what to do if the results of the screen are positive for any one of a variety of genetic disorders. This program profiles families whose lives have been affected by newborn screening. Also available in Spanish (DV0666).
  • Stress, Weight Control, and Emotional Eating - DV0664
    DVD   color   16 min.  2009  Adult
    Over eating can cause stress while stress can cause over eating. It's a vicious cycle that if left unchecked, can lead to all kinds of health problems including insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. This program follows four people as they learn seven strategies for overcoming emotional eating.
  • What is Heart Failure (closed captioned) - DV0659
    DVD   color   19 min.  2011   Adult
    This DVD covers risk factors, symptoms, medications, sodium and fluid guidelines, balancing activity and rest, and daily monitoring of symptoms. Colorful animation shows viewers what happens to the heart and how heart failure affects the body. Types of medications are explained along with cautions about side effects, and the importance of taking medications exactly as prescribed.

Early Childhood Intervention Collection

  • Age Appropriate Play Volume 1: The First 12 Months - DD0443 (English); DD0446 (Spanish)
    DVD   color   24   min.  2002   Senior High-Adult
    This program teaches age-appropriate activities that stimulate gross and fine motor skills, language skills, socialization, and problem solving. Examples of fun activities for each developmental milestone are provided along with information on how to make toys and play spaces safe. This DVD gives tips on how to create play opportunities that foster bonding and self awareness.
  • Age Appropriate Play Volume 2: Twelve to Twenty-four Months - DD0444 (English); DD0447 (Spanish)
    DVD   color   17   min.  2002   Senior High-Adult
    This program teaches age-appropriate activities that stimulate gross and fine motor skills, language skills, socialization, and problem solving. It teaches fun toddler activities that nurture language, imagination, exploration, and sensory development.
  • Age Appropriate Play Volume 3:  Two and Three Year Olds - DD0445 (English);  DD0448 (Spanish)
    DVD   color   15   min.  2002  Senior High-Adult
    This DVD shows how fine motor skills, language skills, and positive social behavior can be enhanced through art and play.
  • ECI Teleconference: Brain Development - DD0461 (New in DVD)
    DVD   color  44  min.  2000  Adult, Professional
    This program is the fifth in a series from a June 9, 2000 teleconference in San Antonio. Neil Boris discusses what information on infant brain development means for ECI personnel in the field. 
  • The Pre-K Promise - DD0450 (English); DD0451 (Spanish)
    DVD   color   28 min.  2006   Adult
    This DVD provides guidance to help parents understand: how preschool programs can benefit young children; what a quality preschool program looks like; what questions to ask when evaluating a preschool; and how to help make quality, affordable preschool programs more widely available.
  • Solve Parenting Problems: The Toddler Years - DD0449 (New in DVD)
    DVD   color   40 min.  2002   Senior High-Adult
    A step-by-step tool to help parents handle toddler misbehavior. Developed by Ann Corwin, the SoOoLoVoEo formula (for children ages 1-3) is a flexible problem-solving process that parents can apply to any number of behavioral issues. This DVD shows families using the SoOoLoVoEo formula in three common toddler challenges: temper tantrums, sharing, and toilet learning.

Rehabilitation Collection

  • Career Plans and Goals (closed captioned) - DD0457
    DVD   color   15   min.  2007   Senior High-Adult
    This DVD offers encouragement and concrete strategies for finding a meaningful career. Viewers learn the importance of mentors in helping them to match their strengths and skills with their ideal jobs.
  • Complete Job Search System: Interviewing for a Job (closed captioned) - DD0455
    DVD   color   12   min.  2007 Adult
    This program covers preparing for an interview, dressing for an interview, using body language to good advantage, articulating skills and abilities, answering difficult questions, and handling salary and benefits issues. Emphasis is placed on being prepared and relaxed during the most important step of the job search process.
  • Complete Job Search System: Succeeding on the Job (closed captioned) - DD0456
    DVD   color  10   min.  2007  Adult
    This program shows viewers not only how to survive on the job, but how to get ahead, too. Attitude, timeliness, dress, ethics, grooming, teamwork, conflict resolution, and getting along with co-workers are among the topics discussed in this video. Interviews with employers are interspersed with commonsense narration to provide solid advice for any newly hired employee.
  • A Guide to Being a Companion Homemaker: Roles and Responsibilities - DD0459
    DVD   color   22 min.  2008   Adult, Professional
    This program teaches personal care attendants about positive communication techniques, ethics, integrity, and professional behavior. Viewers will also learn about avoiding ageism, the importance of a neat appearance and good hygiene, cultural sensitivity, phone etiquette, escorting and transporting your client, observation skills, and handling medical emergencies.  
  • A Guide to Being a Companion Homemaker: Safety and Housekeeping - DD0460
    DVD   color   22 min.  2008   Adult, Professional
    This program teaches personal care attendants how to ensure safety in the home, how to perform housecleaning tasks efficiently and how to do laundry and ironing correctly. Correct handwashing and infection control are also covered.
  • The Principles and Practices of Building Community: Instructional Strategies - DD0458
    DVD   color   49   min.  2005   Professional
    Dr. Thomas Pomeranz lectures direct support professionals on how to teach skills needed for daily living and full participation in the community. He talks about how best to provide verbal and physical prompts, physical queuing, backward chaining, graduated guidance, successive approximations, proximity control, and environmental engineering. His lecture also reinforces the idea that the essential responsibility of all support staff is to emancipate the individuals they support from unnecessary dependence.
  • Rediscovering MAPS Charting Your Journey New MAPS Training Video - DD0454
    DVD   color  128   min.  2004  Adult
    This DVD demonstrates the 8-step MAPS tool used to collect information about a person, family, or organization and design a person-centered plan. It contains 3 segments. ReDiscovering MAPS Charting Your Journey (74 min.): After 15 years of MAPS experiences, the founders return to rediscover the MAPS process. Shafik's Map (45 min.): Shafik Asante, a human rights activist from Philadelphia discusses his life and uses the MAPS process. Judith Snow on Dreaming: Ms. Snow describes dreaming, which is the heart of the process.
  • Workplace Etiquette - DD0442
    DVD   color   24 min.  2009   Adult
    Common workplace scenarios are dramatized to show the wrong way and the right way for employees to conduct themselves. Topics include: dressing properly; treating customers and fellow employees with respect; using appropriate language; respecting personal boundaries; being punctual; using proper telephone manners; using voicemail and email properly; avoiding gossip; responding appropriately to constructive criticism; and being a good listener.

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iconNew Materials @ the Library - July 27, 2011

The following titles are new at the DSHS Audiovisual Library and the DARS Rehabilitation and ECI Library. Exciting new items include DVD training on American Sign Language, service dogs, preparing for disasters, child development,  infants in childcare, challenging behaviors, and school health.  If you would like to borrow materials from this list or if you have any questions about the library please call the library toll free at (888) 963-7111 ext. 7260.  The full library catalog can be found at

DSHS Health and Safety DVDs

  • Surviving Disaster: How Texans Prepare (English/Spanish) (closed captioned) - DV0617
    DVD   color   Eng 53  min., Span 53 min.  2011   Adult
    This program describes how to prepare for a disaster and shows stories of disaster survivors. Business owners, families, government officials and communities share their stories of preparation and rebuilding in the face of wildfires, flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • We’re Growing Up - DV0644
    DVD   color  12   min.  2010  Elementary-Intermediate
    This program is intended for a combined audience of  4th to 7th grade boys and girls. The narrator talks about human growth patterns from a baby’s rapid growth in the womb to adolescence. The program reviews male and female anatomy and sexual development.
  • We’re Just Around the Corner - DV0643
    DVD   color   15 min.  2011  Intermediate-Junior High
    This program is intended for a combined audience of 5th through 8th grade boys and girls. It presents information on the physical and emotional changes of puberty, the maturation of the male and female reproductive systems, conception, pregnancy, and fetal development. It also covers the importance of reliable information as vital to good decision making and the importance of good hygiene and healthy habits.

Early Childhood Intervention DVDs and Kit

  • ASQ-3 Scoring & Referral - DD0426
    DVD   color   18   min.  2009   Professional
    Viewers first get a brief overview of the ASQ-3 questionnaires and the screening process. Then they'll watch a home visitor guiding a mother as she fills out a questionnaire for an infant and tries the ASQ-3 tasks with her child. Through footage of specific tasks and close-ups of sample questions and scores, ASQ-3 users will discover how to use the revised third edition scoring sheets convert parent responses into point values, compare the results with the cutoff scores, use the ASQ-3 monitoring zone to determine if a child's progress should be monitored in one or more areas, interpret parent responses on the overall section of ASQ-3 and decide if a referral for further assessment is needed.
  • Guiding Behavior in Young Children: Expert Approaches for Caregivers and Parents (closed captioned) - DD0427
    DVD   color   30 min. 2011  Adult, Professional
    Viewers learn why misbehavior occurs, common reactions by caregivers, ways to stop it, and how to create and enforce a plan to bring about desired behavior.
  • The Happiest Toddler on the Block (English/Spanish) - DD0410
    DVD   color  69 min.  2006  Adult
    Pediatrician Harvey Karp teaches parents how to cope with their toddlers' challenging behaviors. This program includes tips on how to calm outbursts, stop most tantrums before they start, and build a loving and respectful relationship with a child. The main program lasts 38 minutes. A 31 minute bonus track shows Dr. Karp answering common parent questions.
  • Infants: Cognitive Development (closed captioned) - DD0429
    DVD   color   28 min.  2010   Adult, Professional
    Viewers will examine how newborns fit into the sensorimotor stage, tracing cognitive development from simple reflexes to beginnings of thought. Infant intelligence, information processing and memory are explored. Infants are shown progressing from crying, to giggling, to babbling, to their first words. Caregivers are shown using infant-directed speech to foster cognitive development.
  • Infants: Physical Development (closed captioned) - DD0428
    DVD   color   30   min.  2010   Adult, Professional
    Viewers will learn how a baby’s brain develops and what activities help stimulate healthy brain growth. They will witness the development of reflexes, gross and fine motor skills in typically developing children as well as those with challenging conditions.
  • Infants: Social and Emotional Development (closed captioned) - DD0430
    DVD   color 23 min.  2010   Adult, Professional
    This program examines the different stages of emotional development and explains how children form attachments. Babies are observed as they begin to distinguish the expressions of others and mimic them. It shows how personality and temperament affect an infant’s social and emotional growth and how caregivers handle various situations.
  • It’s Not Just Routine: Feeding, Diapering and Napping Infants and Toddlers 2nd ed. (closed captioned) - DD0408
    DVD   color   24 min.  2006  Professional
    Child care workers learn how to properly carry out the daily routines of napping, feeding, and diapering. This program explains how these routines are rich in opportunities for learning and one-to-one contact between caregiver and child.
  • Learning Happens (English/Spanish) - DD0411
    DVD   color 113 min.  2007   Professional
    This DVD features 30 short video clips that show parents and children, aged birth to 3 years, interacting during playtime and everyday routines. These vignettes capture how learning unfolds through loving interactions with parents and caregivers, and highlights the critical role that adults play in supporting children's healthy development and school readiness. Some of the clips are in Spanish with English subtitles.
  • Learning Happens II - DD0412
    DVD   color   29   min.  2010   Professional
    This DVD features 25 short video clips that show parents and children, aged birth to 5 years, interacting during playtime and everyday routines. These vignettes capture how learning unfolds through loving interactions with parents, teachers and caregivers. They highlight the critical role that adults play in supporting children's healthy development and school readiness. The clips are provided without commentary or narration. 
  • Learning Through Observation - DD0407
    DVD   color     65 min.  2003  Professional
    This DVD shows five practitioners in the infant and family field interacting with very young children and their families in a range of service settings. These vignettes, each 10 minutes long, are presented without narration so students, teachers, practitioners, and supervisors can learn through observation. Questions and a filmed discussion among three Zero to Three board members follow each vignette.
  • Observing Kassandra - KT0079
    kit  2010  Professional
    This new edition of the Transdisciplinary Play-Based assessment (TPBA2) contains a 50 minute DVD of an actual play session to help early childhood professionals practice their observational and note-taking skills, a tablet of blank TPBA2 forms and a CD-ROM with sample completed TPBA2 and TPBI2 forms to use as models for assessment and intervention. A workbook with guidance for professional development is also included. It is intended for use for children from birth to age 6. It assesses sensorimotor, emotional, social, communication and cognition domains. 
  • Preschoolers: Cognitive Development (closed captioned) - DD0432
    DVD   color  24   min.  2008   Adult, Professional
    This program delivers an overview of the cognitive development that takes place between the ages of three and five. It shows how to encourage cognitive development and characteristics of preoperational thought. Also covered are areas of language development, how children use symbolic thought and how theory of mind helps preschoolers understand what the mind is and how it works.
  • Preschoolers: Physical Development (closed captioned) - DD0431
    DVD   color   21  min.  2008 Adult, Professional
    Viewers will learn how gross and fine motor skills are developed in children between the ages of two and five. They will also see the physical milestones that most children reach during this stage. Children are shown participating in activities that foster their physical development. Teachers are provided with strategies to encourage these activities. This DVD examines the importance of good nutrition and the proper amount of sleep. It also shows activity modifications to help children with physical challenges.
  • Preschoolers: Social and Emotional Development - DD0433
    DVD   color   23 min.  2008   Adult, Professional
    Viewers will learn the skill set that makes up social and emotional development. They will learn the value of encouraging creativity and risk taking; activities that foster initiative and positive self-esteem; how culture and gender affect development; the different levels of social participation; examples of pro-social and antisocial behaviors and ways caregivers can develop those skills.
  • Space to Grow: Creating a Child Care Environment for Infants and Toddlers 2nd ed. (closed captioned) - DD0409
    DVD   color  34   min.  2004  Professional
    The environment has a powerful influence on infants and toddlers. Very young children are limited in their ability to move away from an environment or change an environment to their liking. Child care providers have more control over the space where toddlers are infants are cared for. This program shows qualities to consider when setting up care to make it more effective for child care providers and the children in their care.
  • Toddler Behavior and Development (closed captioned) - DD0434
    DVD   color  60   min.  2009 Adult, Professional
    The 16 clips on this DVD highlight daily routines and show how adults tune into the needs of children from ages 18 months to 3 years of age with responsive strategies. It features toddlers at home with parents, in centers, and family child care settings. Each two to five minute non-narrated clip is a brief case study. Discussion questions follow each clip.

Rehabilitation DVDs

  • ASL: Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons 1-4 - DD0416
    DVD   color   120 min.  2005   Adult
    These lessons teach an introduction to sign language, signs you already know, more signs you already know and basic conversation.
  • ASL: Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons 5-8 - DD0417
    DVD   color   120 min.  2005   Adult
    This DVD contains the following lessons: Review of First Four Lessons, Weather Part 1, Weather Part 2 and Family Part 1.
  • ASL: Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons 9-12- DD0418
    DVD   color   120 min.  2005   Adult
    This DVD contains the following lessons: Wonderful Baby, Review of Previous Four Lessons, Time Part 1 and Time Part 2.
  • ASL: Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons 13-16 - DD0419
    DVD   color   120 min.  2005  Adult
    This DVD contains the following lessons: Time Part 3, Numbers, Review of Previous Four Lessons, and Sports.
  • ASL: Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons  17-20 - DD0420
    DVD   color   120 min.  2005   Adult
    This DVD contains the following lessons: Colors, Family Part 2, Family Part 3, Review of Previous Four Lessons.
  • ASL: Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons 21-24 - DD0421
    DVD   color   120 min.  2005   Adult
    This DVD contains the following lessons: Golf, Fruits and Colors, Emergency Signs and Furniture.
  • ASL: Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons 25-28 - DD0422
    DVD   color   120 min.  2005   Adult
    This DVD contains the following lessons: Review of Previous Four Lessons, Decoder, TTY/Telephone, Vehicles.
  • ASL: Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons 29-32 - DD0423
    DVD   color   120 min.  2005   Adult
    This DVD contains the following lessons: Beauty Parlor/Occupations, Review of Previous Four Lessons, Family Vacation, Vacationing.
  • ASL: Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons 33-36 - DD0424
    DVD   color   120 min.  2005   Adult
    This DVD contains the following lessons: Megan's 2nd Birthday, Food, Review of Previous Four Lessons, House Cleaning.
  • ASL: Sign Language Made Easy: Lessons 37-40 - DD0425
    DVD   color   120 min.  2005   Adult
    This DVD contains the following lessons: Holiday and Seasons, General Health, Emotions, Final Review of Material.
  • Doing Our Best Work: 10 Ingredients of Quality Support - DD0413
    DVD   color   17 min.  2008  Adult
    This program is designed as a discussion starter for training and conversations with people providing or coordinating direct support. Peter Leidy, a personal care attendant, uses humor to look at the essential components of quality direct support. He urges attendants to build community relationships, use people first language, support people through relationships and question the structures that limit people.
  • Self-Determination Tools for Direct Support Staff (closed captioned) - DD0415
    DVD   color    66 min.  2009  Adult
    This program teaches specific skills and strategies direct support staff can use to promote self-determination. Twenty four video exercises give staff the opportunity to rehearse and practice. The DVD is segmented into five sections that can be viewed individually or the program as a whole can be viewed.  
  • Through a Dog’s Eyes (closed captioned) - DD0414
    DVD   color   60 min.  2010  Adult
    This documentary, narrated by Neil Patrick Harris, follows the inspiring stories of people with disabilities as they experience the heartwarming and sometimes challenging process of being matched with and receiving a service dog. Trainer Jennifer Arnold offers advice on training a service dog.

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iconNursing Home In-Service Training Videos - June 28, 2011

The following DVD titles are available for borrowing from the Texas Dept. of State Health Services Audiovisual Library. These items are loaned free of charge for two week periods.  If you would like to borrow materials from this list or if you have any questions about the library please call the library toll free at (888) 963-7111 ext. 7260.  The full library catalog can be found at


• Advanced Medical Directives: Something to Think About - DV0309
• Aging: The Natural Process - DV0075
• Bathing without a Battle: Creating a Better Bathing Experience for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders - DV0416
• Bloodborne Pathogen Safety Part 3 - Work Practices (long term care version) - DV0251
• Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Part 1 – Bloodborne Infections and Transmission of Bloodborne Infections - DV0249
• Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Part 2 – Exposure Control and Personal Protective Equipment - DV0250
• Chronic Care - DV0543
• Cultural Competence -  DV0550
• Comfort Care in Long Term Care - DV0500
• Dementia and Nutrition: Prevent Nutritional and Fluid Deficiencies - DV0640
• Dementia and Your Care Giving Decisions - DV0642
• Dementia with Dignity - DV0224
• Developing Cultural Competence - DV0169
• Elder Abuse: The Real Definition: Neglect - DV0418
• Ethical Issues in Nursing Series: Protection Privacy Safety and Standards - DV0381
• Family Guide to Long Term Care - DV0633
• Hand Hygiene for Hands That Care - DV0060
• Handle with Care: Preventing Foodborne Illness in Nursing Homes - DV0507
• HIPAA: Privacy in Long Term Care (English/Spanish) (closed captioned) - DV0320
• Infection Control - DV0307
• Infection Control Skills for the Care Provider - DV0563
• Measuring Vital Signs - DV0628
• Medication Management: You Can Prevent Errors - DV0275
• Moving and Turning - DV0562
• Nursing Documentation (English/Spanish) (closed captioned) - DV0412
• Ostomy Urinary Drainage and Catheter Care - DV0079
• Patient and Resident Rights and Communication - DV0306
• Patient :Lifting: Safe Strategies - DV0466
• Patient Rights: Keep Them in Focus - DV0480
• Personal Care - DV0565
• Pressure Sores Tips for the GNA - DV0419
• Pressure Ulcers - DV0548
• Preventing Health Care Associated Infections - DV0245
• Preventing Unsafe Wandering and Elopement - DV0078
• Protecting the Caregiver - DV0191
• Providing Evidence Based Care: Avoiding the Use of Restraints - DV0390
• Range of Motion Exercises - DV0564
• Ready or Not - DV0192
• Resident Abuse: Prevention and Protection - DV0641
• Resident Rights: An Introduction for Staff - DV0523
• Residents' Rights Today - DV0341
• Restraints, Seclusion and The 1 Hour Face to Face Evaluation - DV0389
• Safe Medical Devices Act - DV0084
• Straight Talk about Dementia: Caregiver's Perspective - DV0313
• Strategies for Nurturing the Emotional Well-being of the Alzheimer's Patient - DV0501
• Techniques in Bathing (Revised) - DV0626
• To Care Always: Quality Care at the End of Life - DV0384
• Transfer and Ambulation - DV0566
• What Every Caregiver Needs to Know about Alzheimer's Disease - DV0549 

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iconNew Audiovisuals - May 13, 2011

The following are new audiovisual titles in the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Audiovisual Library and the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) Rehabilitation and ECI Libraries. The new DSHS titles include the topics of cyber bullying, childbirth, dementia, long term care, mental health, first aid, and workplace safety. In the DARS collection you’ll find items on premature infants, multiple births, Aspergers syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, and employment issues.  To borrow any of the materials listed, please call the DSHS Audiovisual Library toll-free at 1-888-963-7111 ext. 7260 or e-mail Please include your name and contact information in your e-mails. For additional titles or information about the library see our online catalog at

DSHS Health and Safety Audiovisual Library Collection

  • Cyber Bullying: Real Life Teens - DV0632
    DVD   color   18 min.  2008   Senior High
    Cyber-bulling is any form of harassment that occurs via the Internet. This program explains why teens cyber-bully, what can be done about it, and how bullies can be stopped. It deals with forums, chat rooms, and help for victims of bullying. 
  • Delivery Self Attachment (open captioned) (English/Spanish) - DV0635 (New in DVD)
    DVD   color   11   min.  2008   Adult, Professional
    This DVD depicts newborns placed on the mother's abdomen crawling up to self-attach to the breast. Footage is from a study published in The Lancet, which looks at how the use of labor medications and separation of mother and baby affect initial breastfeeding. Dr. Lennart Righard provides a 5 minute introduction.
  • Dementia and Nutrition: Helping Prevent Nutritional and Fluid Deficiencies - DV0640
    DVD   color   25 min.  2008   Adult
    Long term care staff will learn how to prevent nutritional and fluid deficiencies, how dementia changes residents' ability to nourish themselves, and how to help residents get the nutrition, hydration and fluids that they need. 
  • Dementia and Your Care Giving Decisions - DV0642
    DVD   color   27 min.  2010   Adult
    Long term care staff will learn about some of the common forms of dementia and the Global Deterioration Scale, or GDS, which assesses the progression of dementia. Staff will learn about their role in providing care and the effects that dementia can have on care giving. The importance of structured programs is emphasized.
  • Family Guide to Long Term Care - DV0633
    3 DVDs   color   184 min.  2005 Adult
    This program explains when a loved one needs long term care. It helps viewers understand the many care options available. It also covers legal issues, living wills, durable power of attorney, financial planning and long-term care insurance.
  • First Aid Safety - DV0639
    DVD   color  15   min.  2008  Adult
    This DVD is intended for adults in an occupational setting. It demonstrates to employees that knowledge of basic first aid can often limit the severity of any type of injury, or even prevent a death. It illustrates first aid for objects in the eye, burns, cuts, blisters, chemical burns, strained muscles, falls, fractures, shock, heat-related illnesses, choking, use of Automated External Defibrillation (AED), and briefly summarizes CPR.  
  • Forklift Powered Industrial Truck Safety: A Refresher Program - DV0636
    DVD   color   19 min.  2006   Adult
    This DVD renews employees' knowledge of OSHA's forklift regulation while teaching about the seven classes of industrial trucks, equipment checkout, the stability triangle, equipment maintenance, lifting loads and loading docks.
  • Late-Life Depression - DV0631
    DVD   color   28 min.  2003  Adult
    Three senior citizens describe how they coped with depression. Medical commentary is provided by psychiatrists. They all agree that late-life depression is a treatable disease, not an inevitable part of aging.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: A Refresher Program - DV0637
    DVD   color   17   min.  2006   Adult
    This DVD will refresh employees' knowledge of OSHA's PPE regulation to reinforce mindfulness of hazards in work areas, familiarity with PPE available, and how to select the appropriate equipment for the job.
  • Resident Abuse: Prevention and Protection - DV0641
    DVD   color   25   min.  2010   Adult
    Long term care staff will learn what constitutes abuse, how to identify risk factors that can increase the likelihood of abuse, how to distinguish different types of abuse and how to report abuse.
  • Safety Orientation Updated - DV0638
    DVD   color   13 min.  2007   Adult
    This comprehensive DVD covers hazard evaluation, safe housekeeping, tool use and maintenance, fire prevention and safety, and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

DARS Rehabilitation Services Collection

  • Asperger Syndrome at Work - DD0389
    DVD   color  103 min. 2009 Adult
    Employees with Asperger syndrome and their supervisors, co-workers, and job coaches reveal their secrets to getting and keeping a job.  The program covers job coaching, personal assessments, choosing careers based on interests and strengths, applying, interviewing, disclosure, supports, accommodations, interacting with bosses and coworkers, and modifying behaviors. Employers describe the benefits of hiring employees with Asperger syndrome and the accommodations that make them as productive, or more productive, than their coworkers. 
  • Deafblind: A World without Sight and Sound - DD0402
    DVD   color     60 min.  2003  Adult
    In this DVD, originally a BBC broadcast, viewers explore the world of two 12-year-old boys who were born deaf and blind. Their families explain how they have learned to communicate with the boys. It also describes the experiences of two adults who are both deaf and blind after they lost their hearing after childhood. This program, by using special effects that simulate sensory deprivation and compensation, illustrates how the adults who are deaf and blind lead fulfilled, even adventurous lives.
  • Job Application: Looking Good on Paper (open captioned) - DD0392
    DVD   color 24 min.  2008   Adult
    A job interview is a crucial opportunity to shine -- but before that happens, a would-be employee needs to sell his or her abilities in writing. This program helps students identify, organize, and promote their skills and experience during the application phase of a job hunt. Starting with a period of personal reflection and goal-setting, the video guides viewers through the critical components of cover letters and resumes, with emphasis on clarity, simplicity, appropriate formats and styles, and the best ways to make up for lapses in work history or experience. Using the STAR method to answer selection criteria questions is another important topic. Contains brief references to Australian employment websites.
  • Off the Hook: Workplace Fashion Secrets for All Ages Shapes and Sizes - DD0386
    2 DVDs   color   107   min.  2004   Adult
    This program reveals how to develop and sustain a professional wardrobe regardless of a woman’s age, shape, size, and budget. It only has grooming tips for women not men.
  • Oops Wrong Planet! Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome - DD0403
    DVD   color   55 min.  2008   Adult
    Einstein, Beethoven, Mozart, Van Gogh: all displayed symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome. But not every person with Asperger’s is a genius. This Australian program follows a self-described eccentric who, after discovering he matches up with the general Asperger’s profile, sets out on a quest to learn all he can about the disorder. Along the way, he speaks with Temple Grandin, Tony Attwood, Wired magazine’s Steve Silberman, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, and a number of children and adults with AS about topics ranging from Asperger’s traits, to possible causes of the condition, to Geek Syndrome and the AQ Test.
  • Right Job for You - DD0394
    DVD   color   22 min.  2010   Adult
    This program teaches viewers how to set short and long term goals, methods for researching job objectives that fit their skills and interests, and develop a career plan for achieving these goals.
  • Social Skills Training and Frustration Management - DD0383
    DVD   color   270 min.  2007   Professional
    Viewers will learn how to de-escalate meltdowns, prevent problems with comprehensive behavior plans, increase motivation to learn social skills, develop strategies to teach and generalize skills and create accepting peer environments.
  • Touch Wood - DD0388
    DVD   color   46 min.  2006  Adult
    This program was filmed in New Zealand. Viewers meet Nellie, who fears becoming someone else and uses repeating rituals to keep those fears at bay; Margaret, a hoarder and a hand-washer; and Mark, who must check every single thing in his house when he leaves and returns. In addition, two psychologists and a researcher shed light on the diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder subtypes and management of the disorder through exposure-and-response therapy and cognitive therapy.
  • You’re Hired: Job-Winning Interview Strategies (closed captioned) - DD0393
    DVD   color   26 min.  2010  Adult
    Job seekers will learn how to define personal employment goals; research a company of interest; do mock interviews, for practice; dress for success; make a good first impression; communicate strengths, skills, accomplishments, and more; ask and answer a wide variety of pertinent questions; and follow up strategically via phone, mail, or e-mail.

DARS Early Childhood Intervention Collection

  • Attachment Relationships (closed captioned) - DD0404
    DVD   color   29  min.  2010   Adult
    Attachment is the ability to form and maintain healthy relationships. This program follows the journey from prenatal bonding to a baby’s phases of attachment from birth to age two. It explores the theories of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth and shows examples of how parents and caregivers can foster healthy attachment relationships.
  • Multiples More of Everything: Volume 1 Prenatal and Birth - DD0396
    DVD   color   26 min.  2009   Adult
    This DVD teaches parents what to expect from a multiple pregnancy and shows different delivery scenarios through four personal birth stories. Examples of a vaginal birth and a cesarean birth are included.
  • Multiples More of Everything: Volume 2 Postpartum Breastfeeding - DD0397
    DVD   color 29 min.  2009   Adult
    This DVD prepares parents for life with multiples from the NICU to the first birthday. It includes information on establishing a routine, taking time for yourself and breastfeeding.
  • Promoting Language and Literacy (closed captioned) - DD0405
    DVD   color   29   min.  2003   Adult, Professional
    Caregivers listen and respond to children’s’ communication and discuss the use of signs to enhance communication. They suggest ways to assist children who may show language delays and whose home language is different than English. They demonstrate sharing books from early infancy through the second year. To prepare for later literacy, caregivers use pictures and photos and introduce materials for scribbling and representation.
  • Your Premature Baby: Volume 1 Preemie Basics and Medical Care - DD0398
    DVD   color   26 min.  2008   Adult
    This volume is intended to be shown to high-risk pregnant women or to parents who have just had a premature baby. Topics include defining prematurity, preemie appearance and behavior, the neonatal intensive care unit and its equipment and common medical problems.
  • Your Premature Baby: Volume 2 Interacting with and Feeding Your Preemie - DD0399
    DVD   color   26 min.  2008   Adult
    This DVD educates parents of premature babies about communication and touch cues, interaction, over-stimulation, kangaroo care, feeding, benefits of breastmilk, pumping, and learning to breastfeed. The video also instructs parents on how they can take care of themselves so as to enjoy good emotional and physical health and cope with postpartum depression.
  • Your Premature Baby: Volume 3 Going Home - DD0400
    DVD   color 26    min.  2008   Adult
    This volume is designed to be shown to parents as their baby nears discharge. Topics include preparing for discharge, gaining confidence, rooming-in, training for baby care, car seat/bed. Parents learn about SIDS, preventing infections, responding to crying, pre-crying signals, feeding, and sleep cycles. Early Development is also covered along with corrected age, physical growth, and ways to promote healthy development. Also covered are possible Long-Term Complications – hearing impairment, vision problems, muscle tone, learning disabilities.

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iconAutism Awareness Month - April 20, 2011

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Below is a list of DVD titles on Autism from the DARS Rehabilitation and ECI Library collection.  To borrow any of the materials listed, please call the DSHS Audiovisual Library toll-free at 1-888-963-7111 ext. 7260 or e-mail Please include your name and contact information in your e-mails. 

  • At the Gates of Autism: Emerging into Life - DD0244
    DVD   60  min. 2000  Adult
    Temple Grandin, a woman with autism, talks about her childhood and professional life. She offers insights into the motivations behind the behavior of people who have autism. She gives advice on how parents, teachers, and therapists can better work with children who have been diagnosed with autism.
  • Autism: Now What Do I Do? - DD0050
    DVD   color   35  min.  2003  Adult
    This program is designed for parents of a child just diagnosed with autism who want a step-by-step roadmap for medically necessary autism treatment. This DVD provides concise and practical information that parents can use in setting up
    a science-based treatment program.  
  • Autism is a World  - DD0099
    DVD   color   40 min.  2004  Adult
    This documentary shows the everyday reality of Sue Rabin, a college student who is autistic. Sue did not begin to communicate until she started using a keyboard at age 13. This program takes the viewer on a journey into her mind, her daily world and her life with autism.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder in Young Children: A Visual Guide - DD0381
    DVD   color   90 min.  2008   Professional
    This DVD contains video clips of children with autism along with clips of children who are developing typically so that viewers can compare them. It presents an overview of issues in detecting ASD in young children, and a review of the three symptom domains of social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (closed captioned) - DD0354
    DVD   color   39  min.  2007  Adult
    Educational psychologist and author Glenis Benson presents a comprehensive overview of autism spectrum disorders.  Her developmental perspective covers major issue areas: cognitive style, diagnostic characteristics, communication skills and deficits, social behaviors, support strategies and challenging behaviors.
  • Avoiding the Turbulence: Guiding Families of Children Diagnosed with Autism - DD0351
    DVD   color   12 min.  2005  Adult
    This DVD informs professionals and parents about the importance of early intervention and diagnosis in a case of Autism. Mothers tell about their experiences with their primary care providers. Parents are encouraged to be advocates for their children.
  • Children with Autism - DD0353
    DVD   color   27 min.  2008  Adult
    Dr. Robert Nickel offers insight into Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) based on his many years of experience as a developmental pediatrician. This DVD examines the core deficits of autism: communication, social skills, and play.
    Also covered are developmental delay, the Functional Behavior Assessment, Asperger syndrome, and medical issues commonly experienced by children with Autism.
  • Come Back Jack  - DD0385
    DVD   color  55  min.  1999  Adult
    This documentary chronicles the ups and downs of the therapeutic journey of two parents responding to their son's diagnosis of autism. It covers a six- year period. This journey ultimately led them to the Language and Cognitive Development Center in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.
  • Difficult Moments for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders - DD0080
    DVD   color   25 min.  2005   Adult, Professional
    For individuals with autism spectrum disorders every life can be challenging.
    When not addressed early on, stress can quickly escalate, culminating in full blown rage. Fortunately, there are signs to look for. Viewers will learn about the rage cycle along with interventions for each stage, including recommendations for adult behavior.
  • Echoes of Autism (closed captioned) - DD0084
    DVD   color   23 min.  2006   Adult
    This ABC News program asks the question: Can people with autism feel love and heart-break the same way non-autistic people do?  It profiles a 36-year old man living with the disorder who is drawn to a female acquaintance.  A second segment examines the disorder in the context of sibling connections.
  • Family to Family - DD0083
    DVD   color   90   min.  2004   Adult
    This program is designed to assist families in dealing with the daily challenges of autism spectrum disorders. Alyson Beytien is a parent/teacher trainer and a mother of three children with autism. Her knowledge of the latest intervention theories combined with her twelve years of practical experience is shared in front of a live parent audience.
  • Second Look: Adults with Autism - DD0255
    DVD   color  30  min.  2008  Adult
    The film features interviews with people on the autism spectrum from age 17 to 77, nationally recognized autism experts and providers of services.
  • Understanding Brothers and Sisters on the Autism Spectrum - DD0274
    DVD   color   94 min.  2007 Kindergarten – Adult
    This DVD contains 4 segments: Program One: features puppets and explains autism to siblings 4 through 7 years. Program Two: Includes interviews with siblings and narration for siblings ages 7 through 12 years. Program Three:
    for siblings 12-adult. Program Four: Includes interview with parents of children on the autism spectrum and narration.
  • The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism and Asperger’s - DD0243
    DVD    color    90 min.  2008   Adult
    In this DVD Temple Grandin, who has autism herself, explains how to relate to people with autism. She explains how and why people with autism think differently. She discusses early intervention programs that work. She covers sensitivities and which behaviors are caused by a disability. The program gives employment ideas for adults with autism.

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iconNew Audiovisuals - February 28, 2011

The following are new DVDs and Kits at the DSHS Audiovisual Library and the DARS Rehabilitation and Early Childhood Intervention Library. The topics covered include workplace safety, diabetes, brain injury, domestic violence, vital signs, social media, career evaluation, autism, and inclusion.  To borrow any of the materials listed, please call the DSHS Audiovisual Library toll-free at 1-888-963-7111 ext. 7260 or e-mail Please include your name and contact information in your e-mails. The items will be reserved for the first available dates. Borrowed materials can be shipped anywhere in the state of Texas free of charge. Please limit your selection to 3 items at this time. For other library selections, please visit the library catalog at or call the Audiovisual Library at 1-888-963-7111 ext. 7260.

DSHS Health and Safety Programs

  • Advance Directive: Taking Control (closed captioned) - DV0627
    DVD   color   17   min.  2010  Adult
    This program details the living will and the healthcare power of attorney. It discusses both medical and emotional choices to be made about future care. While emphasizing the benefits of an advance directive, including how easy it is to fill one out, the DVD talks about the peace of mind family members will get  knowing that an advance directive has been created.
  • Back Safety: Safe in 8 (English/Spanish) - DV0630
    DVD   color  Eng 8 min.; Span 8 min  2006  Adult
    A healthy back is the basis of employees' activities at work or home. This program illustrates simple steps to make sure that this vital foundation is in perfect shape and free from any injury and damage. It discusses the concepts of staying within the safety zone, proper grasping and lifting, load awareness, reverse stretching and mechanical advantage. Bonus features include a leader’s guide, quiz and a customizable PowerPoint® presentation (DVD-ROM drive required for leader’s guide and PowerPoint).
  • Confined Space Entry: Safe in 8 (English/Spanish) - DV0629
    DVD   color   Eng 8 min.; Span 8 min 2005  Adult
    This DVD teaches viewers about common confined space hazards, personal protective equipment (PPE), and rescue. Bonus features include a leader’s guide, quiz and a customizable PowerPoint® presentation (DVD-ROM drive required for leader’s guide and PowerPoint).  
  • Diabetes Skin and Foot Care: In Step 4th ed. - DV0625
    DVD   color   13 min.  2008  Adult
    This program provides patient education for diabetics on the care of their skin and feet. It suggests a daily routine to check for redness, flaking, callouses, or cuts that won't heal. It includes guidance on shoe selection and other tips to help people prevent problems before they occur. The monofilament test to detect neuropathy is also covered. 
  • Fuerza Positivia: Còmo Satisfacer Las Necesidades Especiales De Person Con Lesiòn Cerebral (closed captioned) -  DV0620
    DVD   color  97  min.  2008  Adult
    This DVD is comprised of ten modules that illustrate the neuro-anatomy of a brain injury and the everyday difficulties experienced by survivors of brain injury. It offers useful tips for effective communication and for directing individuals, families and loved ones to needed supports and services. It includes interviews with survivors and a special section on the needs of veterans with brain injury.  
  • Making a Difference: Meeting the Special Needs of Individuals with Brain Injury (closed captioned) - DV0620
    DVD   color   97 min.  2008  Adult
    This DVD is comprised of ten modules that illustrate the neuro-anatomy of a brain injury and the everyday difficulties experienced by survivors of brain injury. It offers useful tips for effective communication and for directing individuals, families and loved ones to needed supports and services. It includes interviews with survivors and a special section on the needs of veterans with brain injury. 
  • Measuring Vital Signs - DV0628
    DVD   color  28 min.  2009  Professional
    This program instructs in the measurement of vital signs including temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and pain. It identifies the three stages of measuring vital signs: preparation, the procedure itself, and completing care. 
  • OSHA Lab Standard Refresher Program - DV0624
    DVD   color   14 min.  2007   Adult
    Viewers will renew their knowledge of OSHA's regulations regarding chemical hazards in the laboratory. They will also learn about physical and health hazards, common types of hazardous chemicals, and container labels. 
  • Techniques in Bathing (Revised) - DV0626
    DVD   color   31 min.  2010   Professional
    This program demonstrates how to provide a tub bath and how to assist with a shower and shampoo and perineal care. It identifies each of the three stages of the procedure: preparation, the procedure itself, and completing care. 
  • Telling Amy’s Story (closed captioned)(Spanish Language captions) - DV0622
    DVD   color 75 min.  2010  Adult
    Actress and advocate Mariska Hargitay and Detective Deirdri Fishel present an emotional story about America's pervasive and largely unreported epidemic, domestic violence. Telling Amy’s Story is based on a timeline of events leading up to a domestic violence homicide that occurred in central Pennsylvania in 2001. 
  • WIC and Social Media - DV0618
    DVD   color   10  min.  2010  Adult
    This program without dialog explains the advantages of using social media to reach the tech savvy millennial mom generation. This DVD can be played on a computer or a DVD. 
  • WIC and Social Media - DV0619
    DVD   color   10  min.  2010  Adult
    This program without dialog explains the advantages of using social media to reach the tech savvy millennial mom generation. This DVD can only be played on a computer. It will not play with a DVD player. 
  • Workplace Safety 101: A Guide for New Employees - DV0623
    DVD   color   35 min. 2009   Adult      
    This DVD gives new hires the tools to develop solid safety habits and hazard perception skills from the start with training on workplace violence, slips, trips and falls, lifting techniques, housekeeping, lockout/tagout, hazard communication, personal protective equipment, machine guards, first aid and bloodborne pathogens.

Rehabilitation Programs

  • Celebrating the Achievement - DD0375
    DVD   color   58 min.  2005   Adult
    Short clips give managers examples of how to present performance awards and service awards in a group setting. Viewers will learn what to say to bond employees to the team and how to avoid common presentation mistakes. 
  • Individual Employment Plan - KT0077
    Kit   2007   Professional
    This assessment pinpoints 84 employability assets and barriers and is organized into seven major employability areas. You can record information about an individual’s assets and liabilities in seven categories, such as personal issues and considerations, work orientation, education and training. Worksheets are included to develop a training and services plan and to summarize the individual’s progress and recommended changes.  
  • Work Preference Match - KT0078
    Kit   2007   Adult
    This assessment is designed to help career decision makers identify priorities and evaluate career or job choices based on those priorities. It is a structured self-exploration and career exploration tool.

Early Childhood Intervention Programs

  • ADHD, ADD & ODD - DD0384
    DVD color  47 min.  2006  Adult
    Dr. James Kagan offers insights and positive strategies for resource parents coping with kids diagnosed with ADHD, ADD or ODD. He discusses symptoms, diagnosis, medication, power struggles, and keeping a positive attitude. 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder in Young Children: A Visual Guide - DD0381
    DVD   color   90 min.  2008  Professional
    This DVD contains video clips of children with autism along with clips of children who are developing typically so that viewers can compare them. It presents an overview of issues in detecting ASD in young children, and a review of the three symptom domains of social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors. 
  • Be Your Child’s Best Play Partner - DD0387
    DVD   color   174 min.  2004 Adult, Professional
    Dr.  Richard Solomon presents a workshop based on the DIR theory of Dr. Stanley Greenspan. Parents and their children with autism demonstrate effective play-based interventions such as floor time. Dr. Solomon discusses research on autism and suggests techniques and strategies for home and school. He explains how children with autism perceive their world and compares children on different ranges of the autism spectrum. 
  • Come Back Jack - DD0385 (New in DVD)
    DVD   color  55  min.  1999  Adult
    This documentary chronicles the ups and downs of the therapeutic journey of two parents responding to their son's diagnosis of autism. It covers a six-year period. This journey ultimately led them to the Language and Cognitive Development Center in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.
  • Development and Discovery - DD0382
    DVD   color   30 min.  2005  Professional
    This DVD presents research on newborn brain development including speed, reaction and pain sensitivity. Methods of assessing the newborn through techniques such as the APGAR scale, random mass spectrometry and the revised Brazelton Neonatal Assessment Scale are shown. Information on newborn reflexes along with information on changes in care of low birth weight, premature and small for date newborns is included. 
  • Inclusion: Focus on Toddlers & Pre-K (closed captioned) - DD0391
    DVD   color   35 min.  2009   Professional
    Viewers will learn how to create opportunities for all children to interact and enjoy the same activities. From supporting the independence of children with orthopedic impairments to intervening and supporting children through an extreme emotional outburst, the eight engaging, instructive video clips offer a wealth of strategies that meet individual needs and foster interactions and friendships.
  • Substance-Exposed Infants - DD0390
    DVD   color   55   min.  2010   Adult
    This program sheds light on the physical and mental challenges faced by children who were prenatally exposed to illegal substances. It gives an honest view of their long-term prognosis and straightforward advice on nurturing these infants in a way that helps them thrive. 

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