Binational and Border Coordination


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Build strong, sustainable partnerships with key border and binational organizations at federal, state, and local levels to facilitate and promote communication, coordination and collaboration

Essential Public Health Service 4: 

Mobilize partnerships to identify and solve border health problems

Activities Include:

  • Coalition building
  • Partnership (New and Existing) to solve health problems
  • Advocacy and budget justification (legislative hearings)
  • Technical assistance to facilitate mobilization of binational health councils, local agencies, or community groups 

Outcomes (short term):

  • Increased capacity to effectively address and solve border issues and problems
  • Increased interest in border issues and needs
  • Increased motivation to mobilize border communities

Outcomes (medium term):

  • Increase % of reach, influence and impact of public health services along the Texas Mexico border.
  • Increase % of funds leveraged for public health activities along the Texas Mexico border 

Outcomes (long term):

Contributes to Improved health of populations along the Texas Mexico border

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Last updated September 26, 2014