Fiscal Year 2016 Operating Budget

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Table of Contents (261 kb, pdf)

II. A Summary of Budget by Strategy (140 kb, pdf)

II. B Summary of Budget by Method of Finance (184 kb, pdf)

II. C Summary of Budget by Object of Expense (103 kb, pdf)

II. D Summary of Objective Outcomes (127 kb, pdf)

III. A Strategy Level Detail (350 kb, pdf)

III. B Substrategy Detail (1,689 kb, pdf)

IV. A Capital Budget Project Schedule (199 kb, pdf)
         Capital Budget Allocation to Strategies (163 kb, pdf)

IV. B Federal Funds Supporting Schedule (228 kb, pdf)

IV. C Federal Funds Tracking Schedule (159 kb, pdf)

IV. D Estimated Revenue Collections Supporting Schedule (170 kb, pdf)

IV. E Homeland Security Funding Schedule (Part A & Part B) (136 kb, pdf)

IV. F Budgetary Impacts Related to Federal Healthcare Reform Schedule (136 kb, pdf)

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Last updated October 24, 2016