Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women requires specific documentation for the comprehensive visit and follow-up visits, the billable components of case management. All forms below are in Word DOC format, unless specified, and may be completed electronically or can be printed.  All case management activities must be documented and maintained in a client record. Providers must ensure that documentation for case management activities comply with the requirements of Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women Rule and Policy, Medicaid Policy, HIPAA and all other applicable state and federal rules and regulations. 

CM Forms and Instructions
Case Management Forms
Form Title of Form Instructions
CM-01 Initial Prior Authorization Request [85KB]  Instructions [50KB]
CM-01A Referral and Intake [85KB] Instructions [45KB]
CM-02 Family Needs Assessment [203KB] Instructions [73KB]
CM-02A Migrant Information Form [114KB] Instructions [47KB]
CM-03E-S Service Plan-English/Spanish [88KB] Instructions [47KB]
CM-03ConE-S Service Plan Consent-English/Spanish [79KB] Instructions [46KB]
CM-04 Follow-Up Form [66KB] Instructions [51KB]
CM-04A Follow-Up Documentation [60KB] Instructions [48KB]
CM-05 Progress Notes [76KB] Instructions [44KB]
CM-06 Prior Authorization Request for Additional Visits [76KB] Instructions [48KB]
CM-06A Request to Change Authorization to Another Case Manager [71KB] Instructions [49KB]
CM-07E-S Referral Form-English/Spanish [78KB] Instructions [45KB]
CM-08E-S Case Closure Form-English/Spanish [51KB] Instructions [45KB]
CM-09E-S Case Transfer-English/Spanish [80KB]   Instructions [45KB]
CM-10 Notification of Significant Provider Changes [84KB] Instructions [52KB]
CM-11 Record of Billed Services (Optional) [106KB] Instructions [46KB]
CM-12 Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information - English [93KB]   Instructions [46KB]
CM-12S Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information - Spanish [94KB] Instructions [46KB]


Case Management Forms-Vietnamese
Case Management Forms-Vietnamese
Form Title of Form Instructions
CM-03E-V Service Plan-English/Vietnamese [74KB]  Instructions [47KB]
CM-03ConE-V Service Plan Consent-English/Vietnamese [763KB]  Instructions [46KB]
CM-07E-V Referral Form-English/Vietnamese [78KB] Instructions [45KB]
CM-08E-V Case Closure Form-English/Vietnamese [68KB] Instructions [45KB]
CM-09E-V Case Transfer-English/Vietnamese [66KB] Instructions [45KB]
CM-12V Authorization to Disclosure Protected Health Information-Vietnamese [96KB] Instructions [46KB]


Quality Assurance Forms
Quality Assurance Forms
Form Title of Form
CM-15 Provider Systems Review [44KB]
CM-16 Record Review Tool for Providers [48KB]
CM-17 Case Manager Observation Tool [99KB]
CM-18 QMS Client Referral Log [XLS 12KB]
  HIPAA Example [PDF 24KB]


Texas Health Steps Referral Forms
Texas Health Steps Referral Forms 
Form Title of Form
CM-Referral Referral for Case Management [96KB]
  Texas Health Steps Provider Outreach Referral FormRevised April 1, 2013
Last updated August 04, 2015