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Table 44 Race Ethnicity Computation

Table 44

Race/Ethnicity Computation for Texas Birth and Death Events

Texas began use of a new and expanded birth certificate for 2005 data. The new certificate included major changes in the way mothers' and fathers' races were allowed to be collected as multiple races. The way race and ethnicity were combined was also changed beginning with 2005 birth and death data in order to be more in agreement with national procedures.

Race and ethnicity are two separate items of information collected on all birth and death certificates. Race information is provided by the parents for a birth certificate or by the informant for a death certificate.

There is no question concerning the race/ethnicity of an infant on the Texas birth certificate. The questions on race and Hispanic origin on the Texas birth certificate apply to the mother and father. Each parent is asked to provide his or her racial/ethnic identity and the questions are answered as the parent desires. Self-identification of parental race/ethnicity is the guiding principle and stated policy of the Vital Statistics Unit. For statistical reporting, births are tabulated by the self-stated race and Hispanic origin status of the mother.

Race and Hispanic origin status of the decedent, as reported on the Texas death certificate, is provided by the informant, usually a family member. The decedent's race/ethnicity may or may not be the same race/ethnicity reported on the decedent's birth certificate 1 .

The questions on race and Hispanic origin are on the Texas birth and death certificates solely for the purpose of developing aggregate public health statistics for constituent groups of the Texas population 2 .

The following chart explains how the Texas Department of State Health Services, Vital Statistics Unit, classifies individuals based on their self-reported race and ethnicity information.

If Race Is Reported as: And Hispanic Origin Is Reported as: Then Race/Ethnicity Is Computed as:
White Non-Hispanic, not classifiable White
Black Non-Hispanic, not classifiable Black
Any single race or multiple races Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, other Hispanic
Asian, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, other, multiple races, blank, or unknown Non-Hispanic, not classifiable Other/Unknown
Race/Ethnicity Computation for Texas Birth and Death Events

1. NCHS Procedures for Multiple-Race and Hispanic Origin Data.

2. Estimates of the Total Population of Counties in Texas by Age, Sex and Race/Ethnicity for July 1, 2004.

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