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In the center is the Texas State Arms that includes the five point star that was first used when Texas declared independence from Mexico bordered by a live oak branch and olive branch representing peace and strength. Below the State Arms is the Roman numeral CCLIV. This represents the 254 counties that comprise the state of Texas and serve as essential partners in preparedness and response activities. These symbols are placed on a white image of the state.

The color white represents the healthcare community of Texas (e.g. doctors and other providers in white coats). The blue background represents the depth and stability of the state. In the colors of the Texas flag, blue symbolizes loyalty, white stands for purity, and red represents bravery. This is balanced by the prominent display of our agency name, the Department of State Health Services.

In the outer ring, the Community Preparedness Section name is displayed at the bottom while at the top, the four phases of emergency management are displayed representing the framework for how we coordinate our programs. The state image is bordered in the outer circle by eight stars representing the Health Service Regions across the state that are also essential to all preparedness and response activities. Outlining the design is a gold rope. This represents a lifeline for the health and safety for the people of Texas. This rope outline, as well as the State Arms, the CCLIV, and the stars representing the Regions, are in gold conveying the overall value of our partnerships and the state we serve.


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Last updated March 04, 2013