Public Health Planning Guidance

To assist public health preparedness planners, the DSHS Community Preparedness Planning Team, in conjunction with Public Health Region Preparedness Planners, have developed Planning Resources for Public Health Preparedness Capabilities, Version 1.0. This document is based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Public Health Preparedness Capabilities: National Standards for State and Local Planning document, dated July 2011.

Highlights of the Planning Resources document include:

  • A suggested planning structure that better aligns with the existing State-level planning structure.
  • Planning considerations and resources for addressing and incorporating the CDC Priority Planning Resource Elements into new or existing public health preparedness plans.
  • Instructions for requesting technical assistance on plan development.

Questions, comments, or additional suggestions regarding Planning Resources for Public Health Preparedness Capabilities can be sent to:

Last updated February 26, 2021