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Texas COVID-19 Additional Data Notes

At the time of initial publication by DSHS, all coronavirus data are provisional and subject to change. To document changes and explain data anomalies, DSHS publishes additional data notes accompanying data updates, when necessary. A listing of all available notes is available on the main Data Notes page


  • In observance of Thanksgiving, the COVID-19 dashboards and data files will not be updated Nov. 25 – 28. Regular updates will resume Monday, Nov. 29.


  • There were 219 older COVID-related fatalities included in the day's newly reported fatalities count. These fatalities occurred between 9/29/20 and 10/31/21 and were identified during a review of unclassified death certificates.


  • During a review process of the fatalities data, the counties of 11 fatalities (where county was previously unknown due to errors in zip codes included in the death certificates) were identified. Nine historical fatalities for Bexar County, 1 additional historical fatality for El Paso County, and 1 additional historical fatality for Hidalgo County were identified. Additionally, Hardin County has 1 fewer fatality, which has been moved to Unknown due to an incorrect zip code. 


  • There has been some volatility in the number of recovered and active cases due to changes in the source of data for Region 1.
  • Today’s low count of lab tests is due to an issue with the electronic lab record importer. The issue has been resolved, and reporting is expected to return to normal tomorrow.


    • There were 2 changes for the reporting of active and recovered cases:
      • Region 1 no longer uses DSHS estimates but has begun to report observed recovered and active case numbers.
      • Region 4/5N now reports both its observed recovered and active cases. It had previously reported just recovered case numbers.


    • A technical issue caused fewer lab results to be reported today. The issue has been resolved, and reports are expected to catch up tomorrow. 


    • A technical issue caused fewer lab results to be reported today. The issue has been resolved, and reports are expected to catch up tomorrow. 


    • Reporting of hospitalizations data was significantly lower than usual for Saturday, January 9, 2021.


    • DSHS shifted the date of all reported hospital data back one day to reflect the day that the data was reported to DSHS. Previously, the data was displayed with the date it appeared on the DSHS dashboard.


    • DSHS is reporting incomplete hospitalization numbers 7/23-7/28 due to a transition in reporting to comply with new federal requirements.
    Last updated November 24, 2021