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Texas COVID-19 - Dashboard Changes over Time

At the time of initial publication by DSHS, all coronavirus data are provisional and subject to change. To document changes and explain data anomalies, DSHS publishes case notes accompanying data updates, when necessary. A listing of all available notes is available on the main Data Notes page

Dashboard Changes over Time


  • Updated county, TSA, and state population counts to the 2020 Census population for Texas and its counties.


  • Added additional hospitalization metrics for state and by TSA.


  • Added probable case counts.
  • Added antigen test positivity rate (by specimen collection date).
  • Reconfigured to consolidate all maps on one tab and use filters to view data by county for confirmed cases, probable cases, fatalities, active cases and recovered cases.
  • Reconfigured to filter case and fatality demographics on the same tab.
  • Retired Lab Test Reported Date and Case Reported Date (legacy method) positivity rates.


  • Updated recovered case estimate to account for the number of older cases reported by local jurisdictions. This estimated number of recoveries now more closely aligns to the timing of when these cases were likely first identified.

Last updated September 24, 2021