Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Board - Members

Current Board Members:

Steven Christopherson, LPC-Chair
Term expires 2/1/2019 
BHEC Incubation Task Force Representative
BHEC professional member delegate, expires 2022

Sarah Abraham, Public Member 
Term Expires 2/1/2019 
BHEC public member delegate, expires 2021

Loretta J. Bradley, LPC-S 
Term Expires 2/1/2021 

Brenda S. Compagnone, LPC-S 
Term Expires 2/1/2021 

Steven Hallbauer, Public Member
Term Expires 2/1/2023

Leslie Pohl, Public Member 
Term expires 2/1/2019 

Roy Smith, Public Member 
Term expires 2/1/2023

Carolyn Janie Stubblefield, LPC-S
Term Expires 2/1/2023

Christopher S. Taylor, LPC-S
Term expires 2/1/2021 

Last updated December 4, 2019