Parents, It's Up To You! Oral Health Manual for Pregnancy, Education, and Parenting (PEP) Program


What is the P.E.P. Program?

Parent, It's Up To You! is an oral health curriculum that is designed for use in a classroom setting for teen parents, parents-to-be and as a prep for parenting classes. The educational curriculum consists of three lesson plans and contains information on:

  • Dental care during pregnancy.
  • Dental care for infants including information on tooth decay.
  • Dental care for preschoolers.

The major goal of the program is to provide knowledge as well as teach skills that will enable students to enhance personal hygiene and overall self-esteem. The curriculum includes a videotape (English and Spanish) and a poster illustrating tooth decay. A copy of Parent, It's Up To You!, the oral health curriculum and the video can be obtained by e-mailing the Oral Health Program.

E-mail the Oral Health Program

Last updated March 10, 2011