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GETAC Council resources
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Resource Documents

GETAC Operational Plan 2016-2017This plan was formerly known as the GETAC Strategic Plan.  It was updated on OCT 21, 2015 and is pending final the approval from the GETAC Council.
Governor’s EMS and Trauma Advisory Council Strategic Plan for January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2015 (Posted October 2015)

GETAC Standard Operating Procedures (Edited October 2015)- These procedures were updated on OCT 21, 2015 are pending final approval of the GETAC Council.
GETAC Procedural Rules

GETAC Medical Director’s Position Statement on Mental Health Emergencies and Their Effect on EMS and EDs (PDF 254KB, November 2015)

Strategic Plan for the Texas Emergency Healthcare System (PDF 1237KB, November 2015)
1992-1996 EMS State Plan
75th (1996) Legislature recommendations
Advisory councils timeline
BEM Systems information
Bureau regulatory information
Current mission and vision
Development of Trauma Systems Facility Appraisals
Draft Strategic Plan for Texas EMS/Trauma Systems (16 KB)
EMS Provider Annual Salaries Survey  (30 KB)
EMS Provider Hourly Salaries Survey  (44 KB)
EMS Provider Survey, Part A  (55 KB)
EMS Provider Survey, Part B  (144 KB)
EMS/Trauma System History  (13 KB)
EMS & Trauma Regulatory Structure Task Force final report 8-24-2007
First Responder Survey, Part A  (26 KB)
First Responder Survey, Part B  (71 KB)
GETAC Procedural Rules
GETAC Responsibilities: Senate Bill 330, 79th Legislature, 2005
Hospital Survey, Part A  (32 KB)
Hospital Survey, Part B  (93 KB)
Medical Director Survey, Part A  (41 KB)
Medical Director Survey, Part B  (35 KB)
NHTSA assessment and status recommendations - 1990
Priority Areas for Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee Hearing (6 KB)
Public Hearing Comments Summary  (30 KB)
Reference Materials  (184 KB)
Senate Bill 330, 79th Legislature, 2005
State Emergency Medical Services System: A Model (December 2007) 
Strategic Plan for the Texas EMS/Trauma System (2002)
Strategic Planning Process handouts  (21 KB)
Texas Health and Safety Code, Title IX, Chapter 773, Section 773.012-Advisory Council
Trauma history
EMS/Trauma Registry Resource Documents
Iowa’s EMS Agenda for the Future
NHTSA’s EMS Agenda for the Future

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