ACS Trauma Assessment Documents 2010


American College of Surgeons (ACS) is going to do an assessment of the Texas Trauma Systems in May. The assessment will take place at the Omni Southpark in Austin in rooms adjacent to the GETAC meetings. ACS has asked the Office of EMS/Trauma Systems Coordination (OEMS/TS) to gather supporting documentation in the form of a Prereview Questionnaire (PRQ) to educate ACS surveyors about the Texas Trauma System. The PRQ was sent to ACS in early April.

Prereview Questionnaire (PRQ)

Redball Final Print Quality TSC Guide

Redball Section 1:  Trauma System Assessment

Redball DSHS Injury Epidemiology
Redball DSHS Indicators as a Tool for System Assessment

Redball Section 2:  Trauma System Policy Development

RedballStatutory Authority and Administrative Rules
RedballSystem Leadership
RedballCoalition Building and Community Support FY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001

RedballCBCS Attachment 1.0.A  Strategic PlanFY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment 1.1  Texas EMS & Acute Care FoundationFY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment 1a.0 Governor's EMS and Trauma Advisory Council and CommitteesFY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment 1a.1 Governor's EMS and Trauma Advisory Council Procedural RulesFY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment 2a.0 Top 5 Causes of Injury Hospitalizations by TSA FY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment 2b.0 MTG Executive Summary FY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment 2b.1 Registry Solutions WorkgroupFY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment 2b.2 Figure 25 TAC 157.23 FY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment 2b.3 A Strategic PlanFY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment 2b.4 The Texas TribuneFY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment BSV.0a Governor's EMS and Trauma Advisory Council and CommitteesFY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment BSV.0b RAC Contact ListFY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001
RedballCBCS Attachment BSV.0c RAC Contacts Email Distribution List FY09DTF_EMSApp_clip_image001

RedballLead Agency and Human Resources Within the Lead Agency

RedballAttachment 1.0 PandP
RedballAttachment 4.0 Org Chart 
RedballAttachment 4.1 Job Description

Redball Trauma System Plan

RedballTSP Response
RedballTSP Attachment 1.0  Texas Trauma System
RedballTSP Attachment 1.1  NHTSA Technical Assist Recomendations
RedballTSP Attachment 1.2  EMS Plan & Status 2001
RedballTSP Attachment 1.3  Policy Brief
RedballTSP Attachment 1.4  Primer
RedballTSP Attachment 1.5  A Strategic Plan
RedballTSP Attachment 1.6  Appendix G
RedballTSP Attachment 1.7 J RAC (frontier)
RedballTSP Attachment 1.8 Piney Woods RAC G (rural)
RedballTSP Attachment 1.9 RAC P (mixed)
RedballTSP Attachment 1.10 RAC E (urban)
RedballTSP Attachment 1.11 RAC I (multi-state)
RedballTSP Attachment 2.0 Figure 25 TAC
RedballTSP Attachment 2.1 Annual Report Format 
RedballTSP Attachment 2.2  Contract
RedballTSP Attachment 2.4 Desktop Review Tool 
RedballTSP Attachment 2.5 Modification Letter
RedballTSP Attachment 2.6 Compliance Letter
RedballTSP Attachment 3a.0 Contracts
RedballTSP Attachment 3a.1 Annual Report Format
RedballTSP Attachment 3a.2 Desktop Review Tool
RedballTSP Attachment 3a.3 Modification Letter
RedballTSP Attachment 3a.4 Compliance Letter
RedballTSP Attachment 3c.0 TAC Trauma Facility Designation
RedballTSP Attachment 3c.1 Brazos Valley RAC N
RedballTSP Attachment 3c.2 Central Texas RAC L

RedballSystem Integration

RedballAttachment 1.0 Texas EMS & Acute Care Foundation
1a.0 Central Texas RAC-TSA L
1b.0 Central Texas RAC-TSA  L
1b.1 Heart of Texas-TSA M


RedballAttachment 3.0 EMS/TS Funding Programs
RedballAttachment 3.1 EMS/TS System Funding Streams
RedballAttachment 4a.0 EMS/TS Application
RedballAttachment DRB.1 Budget

Redball Section 3:  Trauma System Assurance

Redball Prevention and Outreach

RedballAttachment 2.0 Prevention and Outreach
RedballAttachment 2.1 EMS/TS System Funding Streams
RedballAttachment 2.2 Figure 25 TAC 157.123c
RedballAttachment 2.4 Contract
RedballAttachment 2.5 Annual Report Format
RedballAttachment 2a.0 Top 5 Causes of Injury Hospitalization by TSA
RedballAttachment 2c.0 Funding Programs
RedballAttachment 2c.1 Texas EMSTS System Funding Streams
RedballAttachment 3.0 Desktop Review Tool
RedballAttachment 3.1 Required Modification Letter Blank
RedballAttachment 3.2 Compliance Letter

Redball Emergency Medical Services

RedballAttachment 1a.0 Texas EMS History Timeline

Redball Definitive Care Facilities

RedballAttachment 1.0  Complete Application
RedballAttachment 3.0  Requirements
RedballAttachment 5.0 NCTTRAC Trauma System Plan
RedballAttachment 5.1 SETTRAC_MH Diversion
RedballAttachment 7a.1 Texas EMS and Acute Care Foundation
RedballAttachment 7a.2 TETAF Injury Prevention Symposium (TIPS)
RedballAttachment 7a.3 2009 Texas EMS Conference
RedballAttachment OSV.0 Designation Letter
RedballAttachment OSV.1 Designation Certificate
RedballAttachment OSV.3 Contracts
RedballAttachment OSV.4 Austin Trauma CCC
RedballAttachment OSV.5 Annual Texas EMS Conference
RedballAttachment OSV.6 CTRAC
RedballAttachment OSV.7 RAC F-G-H WebEOC-Final Brochure
RedballAttachment OSV.8 Harris County Trauma Brochure

RedballSystem Coordination and Patient Flow

RedballAttachment 1.4 CDC Field Triage Card
RedballAttachment 1.0 NCTRAC Trauma Triage Protocol 
RedballAttachment 1.1 NCTRAC Hospital Bypass Protocol 
RedballAttachment 1.2 NCTRAC Facility Bypass Protocol 
RedballAttachment 1.3 STRAC Prehospital Trauma and Bypass Algoithm 
RedballAttachment 1a.1 RAC G Triage Decision Scheme
RedballAttachment 1a.2 NCTRAC Traumatic Brain Injury Protocol 
RedballAttachment 1a.3 NCTRAC Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury

RedballDSHS Rehabilitation. Response

RedballAttachment BSV.1 Registry Hospital RAC Discharge Data
RedballAttachment BSV.2 THS list of Rehabilitation Hospitals
Attachment BSV.3 CARFAccreditation

Redball DSHS Disaster Preparedness Response

RedballAttachment 1.1 A Strategic Plan for the Texas EMS/Trauma System
RedballAttachment 1.2  Central Texas, TSA-L, Emergency Healthcare System Plan, 2009
RedballAttachment 1.3  TSA-Q, Pre-hospital Patient Triage and Facility Bypass Guidelines
RedballAttachment 1.4  TSA-Q, Air Medical Activation Guidelines 
RedballAttachment 1.5  SETTRAC response to Memorial Hermann Hospital Increased Diversion Time Post Ike
RedballAttachment 2.1  Hurricane Ike
RedballAttachment 2.2  Regional Hospital Exercise
RedballAttachment 2.3  Functional Pandemic Flu Exercise
RedballAttachment 3.1  EMS/Trauma System Plan
RedballAttachment 3.2  Piney Woods, TSA G, Trauma Plan
RedballAttachment 4.1  ESF Organization Chart
RedballAttachment 4.2  MACC Organization Chart 

RedballAttachment 5.1 HPP Hospital Communication Status
RedballAttachment 5.2 HPP Minutes
RedballAttachment 5.3 Texas WebEOC Interoperability Project
RedballAttachment 0.0  Description of Org Charts
RedballAttachment 0.1  State Plan
RedballAttachment 0.2  Texas Disaster Districts

Redball System-wide Evaluation and Quality Assurance

RedballAttachment 1.0 Figure 25 TAC 157.123c
RedballAttachment 1.1 Contracts
RedballAttachment 1.2 Annual Report Format 
RedballAttachment 1.3 Desktop Review Tool
RedballAttachment 1.4 Required Modification Letter Blank
RedballAttachment 1.5 Compliance Letter
RedballAttachment 2d.1 Responsibilities for Trauma Facility Designation 
RedballAttachment 2e.1 Health & Safety Code.Rehabilitation 
RedballAttachment 3.1 EMS Data Dictionary
RedballAttachment 3.2 Hospital Data Dictionary

Redball DSHS Trauma Management Information Systems Response
Redball DSHS Research Response


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