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View a list of medical directors who have volunteered to be a resource for or mentor to current medical directors.

Sample protocols

Houston Fire Department:   Patient Care Guidelines and Standing Orders for BLS and ALS Units (Effective November 1, 2014)

Montgomery County EMS: The Office of the Medical Director is charged with overseeing all aspects of patient care for the EMS unit.   This includes protocol development, management, and implementation, oversight of the electronic PCR, quality management process, professional development and education, provider credentialing, and integration of all clinically related services.  Current Version

Williamson County:  The Williamson County EMS System Scope of Care (2017)

Texas Medical Board Rules

Link to view Emergency Medical Service §§197.1-197.6 rule related to providing medical director services

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Resource Documents

Pediatric EMS Recognition Program(5/5/2015)
NAEMSP ACS Position Statement on EMS spinal precautions and the use of the long backboard (11/23/13)
GETAC Medical Director’s Position Statement on Mental Health Emergencies and Their Effect on EMS and EDs (11/25/13)
GETAC Medical Directors Position Statement on the Medical Director’s Responsibility for Students Operating Within an EMS System (8/19/13)
GETAC Medical Directors Committee Position Paper- EMS transport to Freestanding Emergency Medical Care Facilities (2/25/13)
The Next Steps for Prehospital Care Evidence-Based Guidelines (2/25/13)
Pediatric Prehospital Protocols Grant- Post-Resuscitation Management Evidence-Based Practice Summary (2/25/13)
Pediatric Prehospital Protocols Grant- Cervical Spine Immobilization Evidence-Based Practice Summary (2/25/13)
Pediatric Prehospital Protocols Grant- Pediatric Non-Transport Evidence-Based Practice Summary (2/25/13)
Pediatric Prehospital Protocols Grant- Children presenting with Non-Trauma Shock (hypovolemic, septic) Evidence-Based Practice Summary  (2/25/13)
FEMA Handbook for EMS Medical Directors (8/20/2012)
Medical Directors Committee's Position Paper on Patient-Specific Medications and Protocols (9/7/2010)
Medical Directors Committee’s Position Paper on Prehospital Drug Assisted Intubation (3/31/2009)

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