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In October 2011, DSHS EMS went live with a new online certification system that will ultimately speed up the way applications are processed. When the system is fully operational, staff should not have to manually enter every application as they do now. Each certified or licensed EMS person will be able to register in the system and make changes to his or her own files and submit their renewal application, which will then be automatically uploaded into the DSHS system. In addition, volunteer personnel can now renew online. (Personnel will still be able to submit renewal applications by paper as well.)

Initial applications are still be handled through TexasOnline, the current system, although the plan is to eventually use the new system for initial applications.

EMS personnel will be notified when the application is approved or when more information is needed to approve the application, e.g., questions on the criminal history. (Remember that all criminal history not previously disclosed must be disclosed and that all applicants are subject to a criminal history check through Texas Department of Public Safety.) Those with clean applications (no criminal history or criminal history that has already been looked at by DSHS) will be processed much faster. This new system replaces the TexasOnline system we have been using.

So unless you submit a paper Renewal application, the way you do things will be changing.

Who should create a user registration?
Everyone who wants to use the new electronic system to renew should register as a user. This will allow you to apply for renewal online and to change your address online when renewing. Go to http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/emstraumasystems/recertinfo.shtm for the new link. 

Can a third party pay my license fee?

At this time, the "third party" payment feature is not available for renewals but will be available in the future.

What if I lose my user password?
Click on Forgot Password on the home page and a new password will be emailed to you.

What if I forget my user id?
If this happens, you’ll need to register again with a different email address and create a new user.  You may not register with the same email address twice.  If you have license(s) attached to your original registration, you will need to contact EMS certification and request that those licenses be detached from the original registration.  You will be notified once that task is complete, and you can then go into your new registration and add the license(s) to the new registration.  You will need to follow this same process if you forget your user id whether the user id is your email account or another user id.

What if I lose access to the email account associated with my user registration?
If this happens, you’ll need to register again with a different email address.  You may not register with the same email address twice.  If you have license(s) attached to your original registration, contact  EMS Certification and request that those licenses be detached from the original registration.  Once you are notified that task is complete, and you can then go into your new registration and add the license(s) to the new registration. 

Who is eligible to renew online through this system?
If you were previously eligible to renew through Texas Online, you are eligible. You need to create a user registration to renew. Or you can still use the paper application.

How long will my renewal period be?
Licenses and certifications are renewed every four years.

How does the online renewal process work?
The online renewal process is a two-step process. First, you will create a user registration. Then, if you have one or more licenses, you will add those licenses to your user registration. If you are eligible to renew, you will be given an option to renew at this time. A change of address can also be completed in conjunction with the renewal. To complete your renewal, you will need to answer required questions, review information entered, and then proceed to the payment page. After providing payment information, you will view and print the transaction receipt that has your renewal option and the information you provided to DSHS. A payment receipt will also be sent to you by email. Your renewed license or registration will be mailed to you. You can have up to 4 copies of your payment receipt emailed to anyone of your choice.

If I renew online, will I get my license/registration faster than if I renew by mail?

Online renewals and change of addresses are submitted daily to EMS Certification; therefore, the mailing time to the agency is eliminated. Plus, their data is no longer entered by hand by EMS Certification staff, so yes, the time is greatly reduced.

Can I change my name as part of the online renewal?
No, name changes must be submitted in writing to DSHS. You must provide any documentation required by the licensing board or program. Find that form on the Forms and Resources page.

Can I change my address at the time of renewal?
Yes, you can change your mailing address at the time of renewal.

What about the requirements for renewing my license/registration?
You will be asked to answer truthfully about which method you used to renew your certification, whether by continuing education accrual, current National Registry card, assessment exam or formal refresher course. By submitting the application, you are attesting that they have met the requirements for that option.  CE audits are conducted every year, and National Registry certification and test results is verified.

Can I print a copy of my entire license/registration renewal information?
Yes, there is a printer friendly version of the renewal information available.

What are the online available payment options?
Payments can be made using credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX) and Electronic checks (ACH) .

What information do I need to make a payment online?
License and registration renewals require a valid credit card number, expiration date, billing name, and billing address. If paying by ACH, you will need a bank routing number and account number. DSHS does not store or have access to credit card information that you provide for payment.

Can I print the payment receipt after completing the online process?

Are there any penalties associated with late payments?
Late penalties are added if the renewal is not paid by the license/registration expiration date. For many licenses, a penalty is added for 1-90 days after the expiration date and another penalty is added for 90+ days after the expiration date. For most licensing programs, a license expired for more than one year may not be renewed. And if you submit your application after the expiration date, you will have to have your skills verified by a certified EMS Coordinator, and the signed Skills Verification for Late Renewal form will need to be submitted separately. Your Renewal application will not be approved until the signed form is received by EMS Certification.

Can I use my printed payment receipt as a temporary license/registration?
No, your license/registration renewal is not issued until all renewal requirements are met and the application is approved. The printed payment receipt only verifies payment of your renewal. If your license renewal is complete, you may verify it online through the Live Online Search Verification.

Can I renew online any time?
Yes, the system is available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day except for routine maintenance down time.

If I am unable to login to the site, whom do I contact?

First, look at the expiration date on your license to ensure that you are eligible to renew. EMS personnel are allowed to renew up to a year in advance. However, at this time DSHS does not automatically open your application (which allows you to renew) until three months before expiration. If you would like to renew earlier than three months, call EMS Certification and they will manually release your account so you are able to renew.

The online renewal process allows only eligible licensees/registrants to renew online.

What browser versions does the application support?
Internet Explorer 6 and higher, and FireFox 2 and higher.

What about provider renewals?

EMS Providers will receive separate information about renewing online.

Whom do I contact with technical difficulties in operating the site?
Contact vo@dshs.state.tx.us and please provide detailed information about your issue(s), including a description of your problem(s).  Please insert or attach relevant screenshots, of possible.


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Last updated October 25, 2013