First Responder Organization Registration




Texas Administrative Code 157.14, Requirements for First Responder Organization Registration   



Initial Application
Online Licensing (Renewal Only)
Initial License
Renewal License
Licensing forms
Administrator Information Form
Medical Director Information Form     
Personnel Form
Notification / Change Form

Please use the cover sheets listed below when submitting FRO fees and/or documnentation. Note: Money mailed is to be submitted to a different address than submittals without payment.

Mailed Fee Payments

Use/Submit the below linked cover sheet and address for mailed fee payments:

Cover Sheet - Mailed Documents Containing Fee Payments


Overnight Delivery, (or parcels or express)Etc. with Fee Payments

Use/Submit the below linked cover sheet and address for overnight delivery(or parcels or express) with fee payments:

Cover Sheet - Overnighted Documents Containing Fee Payments

Submissions With No Fee

Use one of the links below for the appropriate cover sheet and address for any submission with no fee payment:
Cover Sheet - General mail with no fee payments
Cover Sheet - Overnighted mail with no fee payments


For help or questions about EMS First Responder forms or processing contact EMS Certification at; 512-834-6700 (phone); or 512-834-6714 (fax).  

For technical assistance contact your local field office you can find a list of offices at: Regional Office Contact Information.


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Last updated October 23, 2015